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Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a day when families and friends come together to share food, drink, laughs, memories, family fights or just about anything can happen. Giving thanks and gratitude for our food or harvest part of this special holidays meaning. A holiday rich in tradition and history.

My day was spent in a long family tradition of going to a relatives in the hills on Staten Island.  I’ve gone to this home since I was a small child and am blessed to have shared many wonderful Thanksgiving’s there.

Rejoice! Yeah! No Traffic! Luckily, traffic was all going in the opposite direction.  Since Staten Island is an island, bridges are the only way onto this New York island.  Sitting in traffic can be a norm so cruising right there was smooth sailing. What a relief, that alone was truly joyous.

From this home in the hills, my favorite room at the back side of the house has an expansive window so you can view the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, some of New York, the Atlantic Ocean and other scenery. It’s a fabulous view from on Staten Island.  My other favorite room is the library filled with lots and lots of books.

Staten Island was hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. Looking straight out the window it just looks like scenery but beyond the mirage comes neighborhoods destroyed not viewed by the naked eye from this room.  My relatives were blessed to be in the hills. They had between seven to twelve days with no electricity, that’s a long time plus some other minor damage.  Some proclaimed how they never experienced anything as tragic as this event. Food, gas, electricity, heat and a roof over our heads are needed by everyone.  Compassion is strongly felt for those who suffered most from Hurricane Sandy’s wrath.

Knowing many families just down the road were suffering is sad and tragic.  It made this Thanksgiving all the more memorable in some ways, the devastation equally  terrible in other areas of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, etc.  People never truly understand an event until they experience or witness something firsthand.

An older Japanese man spoke of how you never know what will happen in your life.  Yup, that is the truth!  His home was destroyed, burnt to the ground during the war in Japan. His memories of planes flying with bombs and the destruction must have been terribly tragic. Seeing this local devastation from Hurricane Sandy, brought back his thoughts and memories to more difficult and sadder times in Japan.

When we relive old memories of grief, loss and trauma we experience triggers also called landmines.  There are three types of triggers: 1.) Memory triggers – which are from any type of memory 2.) Time Triggers – are memories from special days or occasions, holidays or any other particular time event 3.) Sensory Triggers – a memory occurs from something sensory.  An example of a sensory trigger could be the smell of perfume that reminds you of someone you loved whose now deceased.

Memories of absent or deceased loved ones come to the holiday dinner table too, to share in the meal.  A toast or prayer, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, creamed spinach, a special cousin’s cheesecake and an assortment of other yummy goodies.  I gobbled a bit too much, that second piece of cheesecake did me in.

With love and gratitude for being safe, warm and feed this Thanksgiving Holiday! Amen!



Life has a way of taking us where we do not always want to go.  Our desires, wants or needs can be shattered in a second.  But deep down we generally always have something on our minds we’d like to accomplish or do.  For instance it took me almost a year to begin writing this blog, but guess what I am finally writing it.  Our dreams can become realities even if they get sidetracked for months or years on end.  The movie the Bucket List is a prime example of fulfilling  life’s dreams before one dies.  We never know how much time we have in our lives, some dreams may never materialize.

Over the last few years my life lives in a daily randomness.  I see something and it may or may not prompt a response. A door of opportunity may present itself, but do I step though that door or not?  Since I never lived this way before its hard to explain this existence in entirety.  But I feel it is a nothingness that materializes into something.  It is empowering, I seldom plan and instead that day’s life unfolds right in front of my eyes.  It is faith in a greater existence, the universe of life leads the way.  In fact this very blog was just written while being at the library and a note is posted on the computer Dream Big Read!  So please consider your dreams and how you can empower your life to be greater than you ever thought possible and  read along the way of your fabulous life.


Never in my life could I fathom my getting divorced would turn into a major conspiracy in the U.S. Court system, with politicians involved.  I’ve dealt with more cover-ups than most. The U.S. Government are the kings of cover-ups.   Many other families are also in conspiracy’s in the U.S. Court system.  I know many other court crime victims in sadistic deranged conspiracies.

The dealings within these conspiracies reveal tons of criminal acts and insanity by judges, attorneys, sheriffs, politicians, bankers, etc.   Law schools are pumping and dumping sociopaths into courts, medical schools another part of the story. How much money are you paying for your childs college education to violate laws and rights of the American people or to turn your child into a criminal?   I’ve never encountered so many sociopaths and criminally insane parties as I have in courts of corruption.  Dens of thieves! Beware Americans! Americans who enter a U.S. Court may not come out alive, many deaths occur yearly. Never, ever bring your child into a U.S. Court and work amicably in divorces for your family’s safety.

U.S. Media has aided and abetted these courts of Holocaust horrors along with the inoperable stooges and crooks who’ve been at the helm of the U.S. Government for years on end. Conspiracies exist in all home foreclosures too!  More and more American’s are under siege living or should I say held hostage in conspiracies.

Jesse Ventura of the show Conspiracy Theory move over. Lawless America has just filmed close to 2000 victim families of U.S. Court conspiracies. Believe me the numbers are much higher than that. Millions and millions of homes have been blatantly stolen in the foreclosures alone. The U.S. Court system is a shambles to steal property, children, the elderly and the lives of millions of Americans as injustice reigns.

Many people question was 9-11 a conspiracy?  What do you believe?  The U.S. Government wants you to believe the Muslims are solely responsible.  Think again!  President George W. Bush made comments that 9-11 is not a conspiracy.  Look at film footage, Bush’s face reveals he is a liar.

Well let me tell you something about conspiracies.  If someone wants you to believe it’s not a conspiracy, how would they know without a huge investigation? Investigations tainted in 9-11. When anyone states an event is not a conspiracy, I guarantee it will be a conspiracy.

U.S. Media has more and more British accents telling the news.  Most of U.S. Media reflects more news stories overseas than on U.S. soil. All diversions since the U.S. Government has been subverted and has not been an American government for many years now.

As I just came back to finish writing this article the news story on the screen was about children killed in the Gaza strip. Tragic, but what about all the children and families harmed from Hurricane Sandy?  What about the children’s lives being destroyed in the U.S. Court system as they are pimped out to pedophiles, for the sex trade or are kidnapped by crooked CPS agencies in kickback schemes with U.S. Courts stolen for gain.  Supply chains have been created in unlawful seizures to steal children, the elderly and the lives of many American families for gain?

Why will U.S. Media not report these crimes?  Because of their own fears, payoffs and the money for political stooge ads in election campaigns.  When you have a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, many children will get taken away from their families, especially when homes are not rebuilt. Just more land to steal too!  Wake up to conspiracies and the tragedy of what is happening to the American people.  Wake Up Americans!

Please copy this message and write President Obama at the White House and tell him you expect authority and truth of these horrors, not cover-ups. All American Rights better be honored immediately especially to court crime victims.  Free the American Hostages!


On November 16, 2012 as reported by Peter Yost of the Associated Press and other news media, “The Justice Department sued and alleged that ex-CEO of Ebay Meg Whitman was involved in an anticompetitive agreement that prohibited Ebay and Intuit, Inc. from hiring each others employees. The Justice Departments antitrust division views this as unlawful under antitrust laws.”  Not stated word for word, more information on this story can be found online.

Now, I don’t know if the U.S. Justice Department or the California Justice Department, Attorney General Kamala Harris have a real case but I do not doubt for a moment Meg Whitman is being scapegoated.

Meg Whitman, who is now CEO of Hewlett Packard knows without a shadow of a doubt that her 2010 Election Campaign for Governor in the State of California was tainted by fraud of now elected Governor Jerry Brown.  How do I know that, I informed Meg Whitman personally.

In 2008 due to excessive organized crime and judicial corruption in San Mateo Superior Court in San Mateo County, Meg Whitman is also a resident of this county, I subpoenaed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to my jury trial against an attorney whom defrauded me.  My Constitutional Right to a jury trial was violated by a Judge Foiles, I have a fraud ruling against an attorney.  Instead my case was assigned to a bench trial with a Judge John Schwartz.  I left the court demanding a jury and then allegedly the defense counsel appeared to make a payoff to Judge Schwartz to enter a fraudulent judgment in the matter. My property rights still denied to this day, plus I sustained many other harms. When I sought to vacate the judgment I subpoenaed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a second time and for the first time Attorney General Jerry Brown.

During the 2010 Election campaign of Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown, a Deputy Attorney General Nathan Barankin was assigned to me.  In addition a U.S. Marshall became assigned to me after President Obama took office in 2009.

Not only were my personal American rights being violated by Attorney General Jerry Brown who never sought to protect me, but judicial corruption also began to explode in a case of Attorney Richard Fine. At one time Attorney Fine was a Justice Department antitrust attorney, Meg Whitman.  Attorney Richard Fine represented a Marina Del Ray Homeowners group when he uncovered a huge $300 million dollar kickback scheme between Los Angeles Superior Court and the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.  Attorney Fine’s case has had involvement from Judicial Watch and internet media coverage by Leslie Dutton of Full Disclosure.

Attorney Richard Fine was jailed in coercive confinement for almost eighteen months by a bunch of crooked judges, sheriffs, etc.  Attorney Richard Fine filed writs of Habeas Corpus even to the Supreme Court in D.C. and no one would release him from jail. Finally Attorney Richard Fine was released from jail in September 2010 during the Brown/Whitman 2010 Election Campaign.  In August 2010, Deputy Attorney General Barankin was terminated from my case probably paid off to keep his mouth shut.

During the whole 2010 Election campaign California Attorney General Jerry Brown covered-up the heinous corruption that existed in California Courts and agencies plus Brown is in direct violation of my inalienable American rights plus Attorney Richard Fine’s inalienable American rights and many other California Court crime victims inalienable American rights.

Governor Jerry Brown’s election fraud has carried into other political campaign election frauds of other parties as these cover-ups continue.  Who allowed this corruption to get to this level?  Irresponsible aiding and abetting turn a blind eye, treasonous crooks in the U.S. Congress, states and county governments.

Laws and rights are being violated throughout the United States in droves with unlawful tyrannical violations to the American people.  No politician should be violating the rights of any American.

Scapegoating Meg Whitman in this matter shows the pathetic nature of how Attorney General Eric Holder, Governor Jerry Brown & Attorney General Harris are handling the criminal activity in the country.  American tax dollars are being used to keep crooks running the government instead of arresting many countless crooks, no one takes authority.  Perhaps one of these named parties should learn to take authority and admit the truth of the American Holocaust they have on their hands.

Meg Whitman just ask and I will show you what media persons knew about these circumstances. You might have recourse for your paid 2010 Election campaign ads to advertisers who bamboozled you.

My settlement just went up due to this action to scapegoat you Meg Whitman. I hope your settlement does too along with the other political hopefuls who’ve been defrauded in their 2010 & 2012 election campaigns from the cover-ups of judicial, political and governmental corruption.  The Truth Sets Us Free, not scapegoats and cover-ups.

This blog message will be given to varied parties named.


Hello reader do you have debt?  Most Americans do, especially those living paycheck to paycheck or leveraged to the hilts. Credit cards our plastic savior for those purchases we want but cannot afford. Easy credit too for many, many years. You borrowed money from a bank or institution with the intent to pay the money back. Guess what, you were sucked in, we all were. Rights and laws are violated in droves, corruption in all its foulest glory.

But this recession and the banking derivative debacle revealed the total fraud of how debt is artificially created in the monetization process by The Federal Reserve, “The Fed.”  The Fed waves their magic wand Abracadabra and $1.00 becomes $60.00 or $80.00 in this pull money out of the hat trick. Just this process alone has allowed the banks, The Fed and I believe it is used at the county and state levels to create money. Select groups benefitted tremendously on that fraud alone.  This monetized debt, phony money was then lent out to borrowers such as yourself, a big fraud. How much interest have you paid?

This economic, banking and brokerage firm collapse also allowed how many billions of dollars in bailouts?  These plotted and perpetrated fraud scams were created to not only harm Americans but to harm World Nations.  Why?  Not just for greed and money but to create the World Banking System.

The fraud and hype used to artificially create a real estate market bubble of inflated home prices would eventually collapse, this was inevitable. Fraud at the Inception exists in the debt structure and the poor lending practices including predatory lending, all intentional. How much money did American families pay in mortgage costs, down payments and payments plus other losses from this fraud?

The next ruse was to steal millions of American homes in these fraudulent foreclosures. The State of New York created a non-judicial foreclosure process to expedite these thefts.  I am not sure how many states enacted a non-judicial foreclosure process with the U.S. Court system but I don’t doubt many others exist.  These frauds aided and abetted not only the banks but the U.S. Court system, county and state governments. Countless crooked attorneys, judges and these administrative courts benefit from this debt collector part of the sham.  A systematic breakdown from these scenarios arose from the U.S. Congress, other U.S. Government offices and especially U.S. Courts.  All homeowners were bamboozled in one way or another, but still the frauds have gone on and on.

Let’s then add in the recession which caused job losses which brought more debt collectors into the scenario.  Unfortunately arrests were made of those whom were unable to pay their debts in states where Debtors Prisons still exist. Now if you understood the kickback schemes with the prisons and the U.S. Courts, that’s another sham.  Millions and millions of Americans harmed from these fraudulent tyrannical land grabs. It’s all about the land and stealing as much land as possible.  This is U.S. Government terrorism.

The emotional trauma and stress to the lives of millions of families.  Suicides, deaths, physical injuries, divorces, loss of homes, assets, livelihoods are all intentional acts. These are forms of genocide against American families.  Forced impoverishment, poverty and homelessness too. Heinous!

I am court crime victim fully aware of the organized crime and major breakdown of all U.S. Government agencies under the Bush Administration. Having personally fought so many sociopaths and crooks plus a foreclosure filled with so many frauds, Americans must rely on themselves since no general assistance or protections exist.

Debt collector fraud by attorneys is rampant.  When a bank sells off a debt it writes it off, another bank perk.  These banks with the bailouts included have been paid out over and over again on the same fraudulently created debt.  It’s astonishing!

Debt collectors have no right to your debt and they have no contract with you.  The selling of the mortgages by the banks also broke contracts often leaving homeowners with a new bank as their service provider only.  No contracts exist with any new lender.  This scenario is just another big part of this fraud.  I have used a Debt Collector letter to blow off many crooked debt collectors that sought to harass me for funds.  The letter I use tells the debt collector to cease and desist plus reads sections cited under a U.S.C. code under a section of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  You may search online for information.  Once this letter is sent to an attorney debt collector they usually head for the hills.  The debt collector may sell the debt again but state, ” Do not sell this debt, No Contract Exists.”  This debt collector letter is the best defense against these frauds. My own debts have been sold over and over again by attorney debt collectors but eventually it ends. Its better to respond then to allow an attorney debt collector to file a judgment against you, which can happen easily with a crooked judge.  The one problem is your credit report will suffer from not paying any debt.  But for me at least I no longer have any debt. This was never my plan, these events happened due to being a victim in a court crime.

So with all the fraud that exists and this rampant criminal activity do you believe all U.S. Debt should be forgiven?  Yes, Yes, Yes, these frauds are immeasurable. It’s about time the American people get a break and many crooks that created, aided and benefitted from these frauds are arrested.

The American people need a U.S. backed dollar/currency and Treasury not a phony fraudulent Federal Reserve dollar.  The American people not only deserve a break they deserve the truth with restitution for any foreclosure or crimes they encountered by the countless crooks running rampant in society from these frauds.  Abracadabra! All U.S. Debt Is Forgiven!


Pets are so important because they give us unconditional love.  They become a huge part of the family structure and can bring much joy. Not to say they can’t be pains at times too, but they still are our best buddies. 

The other day after passing an animal shelter I thought why are so many people lined up at the door?  I realized how after Hurricane Sandy many pets probably got lost and their families are searching for them.  Ah, a more than likely reason for the long line.  It’s terrible to lose or have destruction to your home but to have a family member or pet die or be lost only increases the trauma in this type of tragedy.

Some pets are so beloved to their owners that pet loss can cause tremendous pain and suffering for many years.  The saying Man’s Best Friend has a very deep meaning.

As a bird owner, I myself was saddened over the death of my cockatiel bird Romeo this week.  His mate Phoenix, sorry no Juliet and other pal Elvis are hanging in there, I can tell they wonder where he has gone. Phoenix is definitely looking for more of my attention, though she hasn’t mourned like I’ve heard some birds do.  I think it’s because Elvis is around. These three birds have been the best buddies a girl could ever have asked for.

Over the last four years we all have driven so many miles together in the car, my bird trio are my merry squawking joyriders. Three cross-country trips alone! They must wonder where is she taking us next? This driving has been due to my nomad lifestyle the last few years. You got to do what you got to do.  Going through a snow tunnel six to seven feet high had to be the topper in their journeys. If they could only talk.

Romeo loved to play tug of war with a paper towel.  He was a mad dog bird, the most vocal and bickering of the three.  If he saw food he hardly could contain himself from flying off the cage, a true vulture at heart.  His cat call whistle a favorite. He’d hiss the most when placing a cover over the cage, he hated it.  I never knew birds could be so smart.

As I told a friend about Romeo dying he informed me his cat Jake was missing or ran away over the last week.  I hope Jake comes home because he is missed too!

Pets, our best buddies!

We miss and love you Romeo!  R.I.P.  

In memory to all the pets out there missed, loved or lost. May they find their ways home!


I’m Back!