Pets are so important because they give us unconditional love.  They become a huge part of the family structure and can bring much joy. Not to say they can’t be pains at times too, but they still are our best buddies. 

The other day after passing an animal shelter I thought why are so many people lined up at the door?  I realized how after Hurricane Sandy many pets probably got lost and their families are searching for them.  Ah, a more than likely reason for the long line.  It’s terrible to lose or have destruction to your home but to have a family member or pet die or be lost only increases the trauma in this type of tragedy.

Some pets are so beloved to their owners that pet loss can cause tremendous pain and suffering for many years.  The saying Man’s Best Friend has a very deep meaning.

As a bird owner, I myself was saddened over the death of my cockatiel bird Romeo this week.  His mate Phoenix, sorry no Juliet and other pal Elvis are hanging in there, I can tell they wonder where he has gone. Phoenix is definitely looking for more of my attention, though she hasn’t mourned like I’ve heard some birds do.  I think it’s because Elvis is around. These three birds have been the best buddies a girl could ever have asked for.

Over the last four years we all have driven so many miles together in the car, my bird trio are my merry squawking joyriders. Three cross-country trips alone! They must wonder where is she taking us next? This driving has been due to my nomad lifestyle the last few years. You got to do what you got to do.  Going through a snow tunnel six to seven feet high had to be the topper in their journeys. If they could only talk.

Romeo loved to play tug of war with a paper towel.  He was a mad dog bird, the most vocal and bickering of the three.  If he saw food he hardly could contain himself from flying off the cage, a true vulture at heart.  His cat call whistle a favorite. He’d hiss the most when placing a cover over the cage, he hated it.  I never knew birds could be so smart.

As I told a friend about Romeo dying he informed me his cat Jake was missing or ran away over the last week.  I hope Jake comes home because he is missed too!

Pets, our best buddies!

We miss and love you Romeo!  R.I.P.  

In memory to all the pets out there missed, loved or lost. May they find their ways home!


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  1. Can you tell us more about this? I’d care to find out more details.

    1. Not sure what type of information you are looking for!

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