Hello reader do you have debt?  Most Americans do, especially those living paycheck to paycheck or leveraged to the hilts. Credit cards our plastic savior for those purchases we want but cannot afford. Easy credit too for many, many years. You borrowed money from a bank or institution with the intent to pay the money back. Guess what, you were sucked in, we all were. Rights and laws are violated in droves, corruption in all its foulest glory.

But this recession and the banking derivative debacle revealed the total fraud of how debt is artificially created in the monetization process by The Federal Reserve, “The Fed.”  The Fed waves their magic wand Abracadabra and $1.00 becomes $60.00 or $80.00 in this pull money out of the hat trick. Just this process alone has allowed the banks, The Fed and I believe it is used at the county and state levels to create money. Select groups benefitted tremendously on that fraud alone.  This monetized debt, phony money was then lent out to borrowers such as yourself, a big fraud. How much interest have you paid?

This economic, banking and brokerage firm collapse also allowed how many billions of dollars in bailouts?  These plotted and perpetrated fraud scams were created to not only harm Americans but to harm World Nations.  Why?  Not just for greed and money but to create the World Banking System.

The fraud and hype used to artificially create a real estate market bubble of inflated home prices would eventually collapse, this was inevitable. Fraud at the Inception exists in the debt structure and the poor lending practices including predatory lending, all intentional. How much money did American families pay in mortgage costs, down payments and payments plus other losses from this fraud?

The next ruse was to steal millions of American homes in these fraudulent foreclosures. The State of New York created a non-judicial foreclosure process to expedite these thefts.  I am not sure how many states enacted a non-judicial foreclosure process with the U.S. Court system but I don’t doubt many others exist.  These frauds aided and abetted not only the banks but the U.S. Court system, county and state governments. Countless crooked attorneys, judges and these administrative courts benefit from this debt collector part of the sham.  A systematic breakdown from these scenarios arose from the U.S. Congress, other U.S. Government offices and especially U.S. Courts.  All homeowners were bamboozled in one way or another, but still the frauds have gone on and on.

Let’s then add in the recession which caused job losses which brought more debt collectors into the scenario.  Unfortunately arrests were made of those whom were unable to pay their debts in states where Debtors Prisons still exist. Now if you understood the kickback schemes with the prisons and the U.S. Courts, that’s another sham.  Millions and millions of Americans harmed from these fraudulent tyrannical land grabs. It’s all about the land and stealing as much land as possible.  This is U.S. Government terrorism.

The emotional trauma and stress to the lives of millions of families.  Suicides, deaths, physical injuries, divorces, loss of homes, assets, livelihoods are all intentional acts. These are forms of genocide against American families.  Forced impoverishment, poverty and homelessness too. Heinous!

I am court crime victim fully aware of the organized crime and major breakdown of all U.S. Government agencies under the Bush Administration. Having personally fought so many sociopaths and crooks plus a foreclosure filled with so many frauds, Americans must rely on themselves since no general assistance or protections exist.

Debt collector fraud by attorneys is rampant.  When a bank sells off a debt it writes it off, another bank perk.  These banks with the bailouts included have been paid out over and over again on the same fraudulently created debt.  It’s astonishing!

Debt collectors have no right to your debt and they have no contract with you.  The selling of the mortgages by the banks also broke contracts often leaving homeowners with a new bank as their service provider only.  No contracts exist with any new lender.  This scenario is just another big part of this fraud.  I have used a Debt Collector letter to blow off many crooked debt collectors that sought to harass me for funds.  The letter I use tells the debt collector to cease and desist plus reads sections cited under a U.S.C. code under a section of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  You may search online for information.  Once this letter is sent to an attorney debt collector they usually head for the hills.  The debt collector may sell the debt again but state, ” Do not sell this debt, No Contract Exists.”  This debt collector letter is the best defense against these frauds. My own debts have been sold over and over again by attorney debt collectors but eventually it ends. Its better to respond then to allow an attorney debt collector to file a judgment against you, which can happen easily with a crooked judge.  The one problem is your credit report will suffer from not paying any debt.  But for me at least I no longer have any debt. This was never my plan, these events happened due to being a victim in a court crime.

So with all the fraud that exists and this rampant criminal activity do you believe all U.S. Debt should be forgiven?  Yes, Yes, Yes, these frauds are immeasurable. It’s about time the American people get a break and many crooks that created, aided and benefitted from these frauds are arrested.

The American people need a U.S. backed dollar/currency and Treasury not a phony fraudulent Federal Reserve dollar.  The American people not only deserve a break they deserve the truth with restitution for any foreclosure or crimes they encountered by the countless crooks running rampant in society from these frauds.  Abracadabra! All U.S. Debt Is Forgiven!


2 responses

  1. Certainly money has to have meaning and ‘fiat’ currencies are worth only the faith their users have in them. It’s the same all over so the collapse will be worldwide when it comes; soon.
    We have to work out what to replace our present systems with—but sadly people will opt for more of the same …

    1. I agree it will be worldwide and I hope soon! All countries should probably go back to their orginal currency. Let’s hope the governments of impoverishment/poverty to the people withdraw those tactics and respect life.

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