On November 16, 2012 as reported by Peter Yost of the Associated Press and other news media, “The Justice Department sued and alleged that ex-CEO of Ebay Meg Whitman was involved in an anticompetitive agreement that prohibited Ebay and Intuit, Inc. from hiring each others employees. The Justice Departments antitrust division views this as unlawful under antitrust laws.”  Not stated word for word, more information on this story can be found online.

Now, I don’t know if the U.S. Justice Department or the California Justice Department, Attorney General Kamala Harris have a real case but I do not doubt for a moment Meg Whitman is being scapegoated.

Meg Whitman, who is now CEO of Hewlett Packard knows without a shadow of a doubt that her 2010 Election Campaign for Governor in the State of California was tainted by fraud of now elected Governor Jerry Brown.  How do I know that, I informed Meg Whitman personally.

In 2008 due to excessive organized crime and judicial corruption in San Mateo Superior Court in San Mateo County, Meg Whitman is also a resident of this county, I subpoenaed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to my jury trial against an attorney whom defrauded me.  My Constitutional Right to a jury trial was violated by a Judge Foiles, I have a fraud ruling against an attorney.  Instead my case was assigned to a bench trial with a Judge John Schwartz.  I left the court demanding a jury and then allegedly the defense counsel appeared to make a payoff to Judge Schwartz to enter a fraudulent judgment in the matter. My property rights still denied to this day, plus I sustained many other harms. When I sought to vacate the judgment I subpoenaed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a second time and for the first time Attorney General Jerry Brown.

During the 2010 Election campaign of Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown, a Deputy Attorney General Nathan Barankin was assigned to me.  In addition a U.S. Marshall became assigned to me after President Obama took office in 2009.

Not only were my personal American rights being violated by Attorney General Jerry Brown who never sought to protect me, but judicial corruption also began to explode in a case of Attorney Richard Fine. At one time Attorney Fine was a Justice Department antitrust attorney, Meg Whitman.  Attorney Richard Fine represented a Marina Del Ray Homeowners group when he uncovered a huge $300 million dollar kickback scheme between Los Angeles Superior Court and the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.  Attorney Fine’s case has had involvement from Judicial Watch and internet media coverage by Leslie Dutton of Full Disclosure.

Attorney Richard Fine was jailed in coercive confinement for almost eighteen months by a bunch of crooked judges, sheriffs, etc.  Attorney Richard Fine filed writs of Habeas Corpus even to the Supreme Court in D.C. and no one would release him from jail. Finally Attorney Richard Fine was released from jail in September 2010 during the Brown/Whitman 2010 Election Campaign.  In August 2010, Deputy Attorney General Barankin was terminated from my case probably paid off to keep his mouth shut.

During the whole 2010 Election campaign California Attorney General Jerry Brown covered-up the heinous corruption that existed in California Courts and agencies plus Brown is in direct violation of my inalienable American rights plus Attorney Richard Fine’s inalienable American rights and many other California Court crime victims inalienable American rights.

Governor Jerry Brown’s election fraud has carried into other political campaign election frauds of other parties as these cover-ups continue.  Who allowed this corruption to get to this level?  Irresponsible aiding and abetting turn a blind eye, treasonous crooks in the U.S. Congress, states and county governments.

Laws and rights are being violated throughout the United States in droves with unlawful tyrannical violations to the American people.  No politician should be violating the rights of any American.

Scapegoating Meg Whitman in this matter shows the pathetic nature of how Attorney General Eric Holder, Governor Jerry Brown & Attorney General Harris are handling the criminal activity in the country.  American tax dollars are being used to keep crooks running the government instead of arresting many countless crooks, no one takes authority.  Perhaps one of these named parties should learn to take authority and admit the truth of the American Holocaust they have on their hands.

Meg Whitman just ask and I will show you what media persons knew about these circumstances. You might have recourse for your paid 2010 Election campaign ads to advertisers who bamboozled you.

My settlement just went up due to this action to scapegoat you Meg Whitman. I hope your settlement does too along with the other political hopefuls who’ve been defrauded in their 2010 & 2012 election campaigns from the cover-ups of judicial, political and governmental corruption.  The Truth Sets Us Free, not scapegoats and cover-ups.

This blog message will be given to varied parties named.


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  1. I don’t know the specifics of Meg’s campaign, but I do have personal knowledge that frauds are committed against good, honest people who run for public office and the actions covered up by those in office. See documents and first-class mailings at

    1. Thanks! I will check it out. Gov. Jerry Brown can redeem himself with the truth. Brown’s omissions of material facts and his own direct involvement with court crime cases, rights violations to Americans etc. only denies other political candidates a fair election process. These omissions compound into more fraudulent elections aiding the existing corruption. If the truths were told, the long term political crooked bozo’s would be viewed differently and many would want them arrested. U.S. Media a joke!

  2. Lucky for us…we can expose it here!

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