Never in my life could I fathom my getting divorced would turn into a major conspiracy in the U.S. Court system, with politicians involved.  I’ve dealt with more cover-ups than most. The U.S. Government are the kings of cover-ups.   Many other families are also in conspiracy’s in the U.S. Court system.  I know many other court crime victims in sadistic deranged conspiracies.

The dealings within these conspiracies reveal tons of criminal acts and insanity by judges, attorneys, sheriffs, politicians, bankers, etc.   Law schools are pumping and dumping sociopaths into courts, medical schools another part of the story. How much money are you paying for your childs college education to violate laws and rights of the American people or to turn your child into a criminal?   I’ve never encountered so many sociopaths and criminally insane parties as I have in courts of corruption.  Dens of thieves! Beware Americans! Americans who enter a U.S. Court may not come out alive, many deaths occur yearly. Never, ever bring your child into a U.S. Court and work amicably in divorces for your family’s safety.

U.S. Media has aided and abetted these courts of Holocaust horrors along with the inoperable stooges and crooks who’ve been at the helm of the U.S. Government for years on end. Conspiracies exist in all home foreclosures too!  More and more American’s are under siege living or should I say held hostage in conspiracies.

Jesse Ventura of the show Conspiracy Theory move over. Lawless America has just filmed close to 2000 victim families of U.S. Court conspiracies. Believe me the numbers are much higher than that. Millions and millions of homes have been blatantly stolen in the foreclosures alone. The U.S. Court system is a shambles to steal property, children, the elderly and the lives of millions of Americans as injustice reigns.

Many people question was 9-11 a conspiracy?  What do you believe?  The U.S. Government wants you to believe the Muslims are solely responsible.  Think again!  President George W. Bush made comments that 9-11 is not a conspiracy.  Look at film footage, Bush’s face reveals he is a liar.

Well let me tell you something about conspiracies.  If someone wants you to believe it’s not a conspiracy, how would they know without a huge investigation? Investigations tainted in 9-11. When anyone states an event is not a conspiracy, I guarantee it will be a conspiracy.

U.S. Media has more and more British accents telling the news.  Most of U.S. Media reflects more news stories overseas than on U.S. soil. All diversions since the U.S. Government has been subverted and has not been an American government for many years now.

As I just came back to finish writing this article the news story on the screen was about children killed in the Gaza strip. Tragic, but what about all the children and families harmed from Hurricane Sandy?  What about the children’s lives being destroyed in the U.S. Court system as they are pimped out to pedophiles, for the sex trade or are kidnapped by crooked CPS agencies in kickback schemes with U.S. Courts stolen for gain.  Supply chains have been created in unlawful seizures to steal children, the elderly and the lives of many American families for gain?

Why will U.S. Media not report these crimes?  Because of their own fears, payoffs and the money for political stooge ads in election campaigns.  When you have a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, many children will get taken away from their families, especially when homes are not rebuilt. Just more land to steal too!  Wake up to conspiracies and the tragedy of what is happening to the American people.  Wake Up Americans!

Please copy this message and write President Obama at the White House and tell him you expect authority and truth of these horrors, not cover-ups. All American Rights better be honored immediately especially to court crime victims.  Free the American Hostages!


2 responses

  1. What precisely truly stimulated you to compose “CONSPIRACY IS ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA!
    ARE YOU AWARE MEDIA”? I personallyreally adored the post!
    Thanks for your effort -Edna

    1. Edna, Thanks! If all Americans truly understood how corrupt the U.S. Government really was and the criminals that exist in every county, state, and Congress its frightening.
      Obama has been taking authority behind the scenes, but still at this juncture no indictments are cover-ups and ommissions of truth.

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