Life has a way of taking us where we do not always want to go.  Our desires, wants or needs can be shattered in a second.  But deep down we generally always have something on our minds we’d like to accomplish or do.  For instance it took me almost a year to begin writing this blog, but guess what I am finally writing it.  Our dreams can become realities even if they get sidetracked for months or years on end.  The movie the Bucket List is a prime example of fulfilling  life’s dreams before one dies.  We never know how much time we have in our lives, some dreams may never materialize.

Over the last few years my life lives in a daily randomness.  I see something and it may or may not prompt a response. A door of opportunity may present itself, but do I step though that door or not?  Since I never lived this way before its hard to explain this existence in entirety.  But I feel it is a nothingness that materializes into something.  It is empowering, I seldom plan and instead that day’s life unfolds right in front of my eyes.  It is faith in a greater existence, the universe of life leads the way.  In fact this very blog was just written while being at the library and a note is posted on the computer Dream Big Read!  So please consider your dreams and how you can empower your life to be greater than you ever thought possible and  read along the way of your fabulous life.


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