Mr. President what an outrage sir, that at this juncture you still omit material facts and truths about U.S. Court and U.S. Governmental Corruption.    I am a person who knows without a shadow of a doubt the nightmare, American Holocaust and TREASON you picked up from the Bush Administration.  But enough is enough!  Where are indictments?  How much longer do you plan to keep violating my American rights and those of countless other American families, because you can’t admit the problems of your offices.

I am fully aware U.S. Courts behind the scenes are being taken apart as witnessed with San Mateo Superior Court in California which shows responsiblity on your part.  But still main crooks sit in their positions daily to harm other individuals and families.  In San Mateo County Commissioner Richard Dubois a major crooked judge was promoted to a judge by Governor Jerry Brown in 2012, an outrage, but it  revealed crooked Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s husband, now an ex-husband was an attorney in private practice with that crook Dubois.  Congresswoman Anna Eshoo a turn a blind eye crook allowed immeasurable harm to residents of that county for over twenty plus years.  Last year I was unlawfully seized by that other crooked Congresswoman Jackie Speier and her representative Brian Perkin defending my rights and that other of victims in that community.  Law enforcement threatened my person that in order to get my freedom I’d have to agree to a police escort out of the county. The police backed down when it came time for my release, but those two crooked Congresswomen wanted me out of the area to run in their own fraudulent elections.  In essence Speier aided and abetted this twenty plus year sham of Eshoo’s.  I was robbed and heinously brutalized by the crooks running that county, I want those Congresswomen indicted.  Meanwhile Congresswoman Jackie Speier created a major conflict of interest with corrupt  crooked Judge Robert Foiles for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) when I was unlawfully seized.  In May 2008, Judge Robert Foiles violated my jury trial when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was subpoenaed to a trial against Attorney Eileen Avila whom defrauded me.

The corrupt can change their tunes, but they must be ousted. For this American Holocaust of genocide, tyranny, terrorism,  treason, irresponsible, ignorant and the dissociative behavior of turn a blind eye fraudulent U.S. politicians whom are stooges this cannot continue.  Election fraud  has occurred because of the cover-ups in Feinstein’s, Boxer, Speier, Eshoo and countless other political arena’s, even your own Mr. President plus that of  Governor Brown and Governor Cuomo, plus how many other election campaigns. Someone has to curtail this horror and you better do it Mr. President.

Now sir, you did pick up many major problems but keeping the same crooked lowlifes in office continually without Justice even violates all taxpayers rights for legitimate government.  Who in their right minds keep crooks running a country.  It appears only the U.S. Government.  Not one of the members of the U.S. Congress has ever represented the American people due to the firewall to the Judicial Branch of Government.  All Honest Service Fraud,  rampant organized crime and TREASON.  I want every politician in the U.S. Government removed over four years in office for this heinous fraud including Congresswoman Jackie Speier or others determined to be a crooked.  No honest services have existed in State or County governments either, it’s a free for all of crooks. The uncivilized underhanded criminality in U.S. Courts and by the U.S. Government, American law and rights violations under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, Treason during times of war and crimes against humanity will not be tolerated.  Every American has a right to defend their safety, homes and families lives.

Due to this corruption and still no authority removing crooks by your office Mr. President I am issuing my own executive order as an American.  This executive order is issued due to my American rights still being violated in U.S. Court’s and from this U.S. Governmental criminal conspiracy with many politicians involved.   In addition a week ago I discovered criminal trespass and breaking and entering in my New York Property of a business Safeguard Properties from Ohio, this is about the fourth criminal trespass incident in over four years and still no authority exists by Attorney General Eric Holder, Governor Andrew Cuomo or anyone. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s offices couldn’t protect a flea. With the criminal activity taking place in New York Courts and Governmental offices, Governor Cuomo should be IMPEACHED  for his recent new gun laws! In fact all New Yorker’s should be able to buy hand guns which is a rights violation to all New Yorker’s. I am done with it Mr. President, NO Protections Exist anywhere.  Americans have the right to defend themselves when the U.S. Government is a terrorist organization internally.

I, Cheryl Kennedy nullify and void by my own executive order as an American any and all acts to make changes to 2nd Amendment Rights related to guns by yourself Mr. President, that crook Senator Feinstein, whose a true American Terrorist and/or by Governor Andrew Cuomo or any other party in the Congress, any Governor’s office in any state, by the U.S. Military, in any U.S. Court or by any party.  There are No Protections for any American in this country.  You better take authority sir, the same with Attorney General Holder.  Why has the U.S. Military not protected American Rights?  The foreign governance that has existed in this country better have been removed, Americans are under siege.  This is an American country!

Since no one can administer Justice and crooked Bankers, Debt Collectors, The Federal Reserve, Judges, Attorneys, State , County and Federal Government employees keep stealing American homes if you do not halt this tyranny immediately I will seek you be IMPEACHED, Mr. President.

Many victims of Judicial Corruption are in Washington, D.C. right now on February 6, 2013 from Lawless America.  I hope you have the guts to meet with these victims instead of the chronic cover-ups, plus the propaganda media from U.S. Governmental control that does not report the news.  There is NO FREEDOM WITHOUT FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!

Do American’s need civil unrest and Justice on the street, because you still don’t indict U.S. Government crooks?  You better Honor my American Rights immediately, along with the American rights of many other victims and all Americans.  Return my property, return the property of others, free children, free the elderly where families have fought for years on end in corrupted courts so  JUSTICE is restored and served. We seek our Redress of Grievances as under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Step to the plate Mr. President, I rather pat you on the back for a job well done, but I am done with B.S.


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