In 2011, when Pope Benedict XVI supported the World Banking System & the New World Order, politics and corruption appeared to be the Pontiff’s true agenda rather than the Catholic church or religion. After viewing two different documentaries about the Vatican on television, I feel the thievery and riches of the  church will always be the main power and control of Italy’s famed Vatican, unless real truths emerge.   Pope Benedict XVI has knowledge and concealed many crimes of the priests for years against countless victims who have received no justice. Justice in the form of arrests or removals of pedophiles priests from the church has been few. The churches lack of regard to many children victims shows the disgrace of the Vatican, a farce of the Catholic religion plus lacking compassion and inhumanity.

The Vatican, which I also refer to as The Roman Empire’s takeovers of other countries governments can be viewed in the corrupt U.S. Government, along with that of the British Empire, the Monarchy of the Queen.   I believe the Vatican and Britain are responsible for many heinous crimes not only against the American people but to the people of World Nations, plus add in the Zionists and excessive mafia.  An arrest court order by the International Court for Pope Benedict XVI and Queen Elizabeth  can be viewed on Youtube at http://youtu.be/ormOIlOi4Vc for Crimes Against Humanity in Canada.  Crimes against Humanity exist in many nations!

The Vatican’s crimes from pedophile priests, mafia ties and corruption, plus questionable money laundering and thievery by the Vatican bank show as do the many countless wars in the name of religion over the century’s total lack of regard to the people and inhumanity for sloth and greed.  Denial and cover-ups have reigned on for year by the priests, cardinals, archbishops and popes to only defy Catholicism.  Pope John Paul II acknowledged some of the disgusting truths that the Vatican has covered-up for years bringing to the limelight the pedophile priests, even making restitution to some victims but then the Archdiocese was bankrupted.  Pathetic! It is the denial of truth that harms many people for years while criminals get a free walk through the Papal, the U.S. Congress, Courts worldwide and similar events probably exist in other world nations.

In the United States statutes of limitations with age restrictions for pedophile or rape victims in lawsuits for restitution are discrimination and a violation of the U.S. Constitution.  Due process rights are so violated in the U.S. Court System while criminals run rampant through these corrupted courts of tyranny.  Statutes are not laws they are part of the corporate fiction created by the U.S. Government. I allege and believe these statutes were created initially to aid the Vatican in lawsuits to limit liability.  In addition CPS Agencies, Child Protective Services in the U.S. have been involved with the kidnapping and stealing of children, human trafficking and pedophile schemes another segment of these heinous crimes. Pedophilia and human trafficking are serious out of control crimes and problems harming many innocent children’s lives, these crimes must be prosecuted.  I allege the Vatican and other organized crime may have their unholy hands in these violations. Money has been laundered through the countless stealing of American homes in the banking foreclosure debacle. Since the Vatican sought the World Banking system it is questionable where money has  been laundered?  In addition anyone seeking the World Banking System seeks a War with Iran, which should be diverted at all costs.  No World Banking System is necessary and all countries should dump dealings with the IMF and re-instate their own countries money to better protect the people of their nation.

The U.S. Congress and the U.S. Government has been subverted for many years.  U.S. Politicians have not fully represented American families completely to aid and abet major organized crime in the Judicial Branch of Government.  Even the U.S. Military is subverted to cause wars that were unlawful by President George W. Bush.

President Obama should get a conscience and be a leader, Americans are done with this sham.  To continue the same farce and cover-ups of the stooge U.S. Congress with continual allowance of  criminals to keep running a country is absolute lunacy.   President Obama better remove these criminals pronto or IMPEACHMENT will commence.  The same bozo the clown U.S. Congressional stooge show must come to an end along with fraudulent elections and campaign financing.  Many members of the U.S. Congress should not be allowed back into office this week.  Justice must be restored in the U.S. and to World Nations.

Pope Benedict XVI should ban all pedophiles and priests whom violated vows of celibacy from his successor’s election and they should be ousted. Keep praying Pope Benedict, you to President Obama!  It is time for TRUTH & JUSTICE. Healing is so needed throughout the world.

May God Bless America & All World Nations!  May the Divine, Universe, All Heavenly Gods & Deities, Saints, Angels & Archangels truly intervene with love and light to banish this extreme evil and darkness.  Archangel Michael defend us in battle, please raise your sword!  My sword is raised! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!


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