On 2/11/13  I released a news story on my Are You Aware Media blog The Washington Post Media Treason & Colluding with the U.S. Government – Arrest Crooks.  My story  can be viewed on my website Corruption American Style  Since Bob Woodward recently came out in the news on issues over the U.S. Governments sequester the following statement is being made to both gentleman.

When President Barack Obama came into office he picked up an absolute horror from the Bush Administration.  I can understand it takes time to review the horror and whom is crooked, but still NO American should be violated during any investigation when the crooks are U.S. Government crooks.  The U.S. Government has been subverted by Britain, The Roman Empire of the Vatican, Zionists, Banking Cartels & Mafia galore.  The Bush Crime Family that’s another story.  The U.S. Court System has been an American Holocaust because no member of the U.S. Congress has been representing the Judicial Branch of Government now overrun by unbelievable criminality.  Many long-term members of the U.S. Congress must be arrested for these crimes against humanity and treason during times of war to the American people.  Every foreclosure in the United States has been a fraud, with money laundering to States, probably the Vatican, England, the Dutch and whomever else in this banking debacle.  Every U.S. State and County Government has been robbing and harming the American people.

Recently Pope Benedict XVI, Queen Elizabeth, the Canadian Prime Minister and others in Canada were indicted thus the reason for the Pope’s resignation.  A video can be viewed on Youtube at Thus NO media coverage in the United States has stated this fact. This reflects the chronic cover-up by American media with the U.S. Government and perhaps some of those parties named to control media to harm countless Americans.

Bob Woodward and many other media stations and persons have known my story the last few years but they have all covered-up my crime and the crimes to countless Americans.  The sequester and constant raising of the debt ceiling is to keep the same crooked U.S. Government operating and same fraud going. It is old President Obama.  New U.S.  money is needed not the Federal Reserves dollar, in fact new money was in banks two years ago. Why don’t we have it?  I do not know if it is U.S. Treasury backed dollars. Just yesterday fraudster and crook Senator Dianne Feinstein who has been a long-term Senate Judiciary member with no jurisdiction to the courts, a stooge position wants to ban assault rifles.  This crook needs to be marched out of office immediately along with many others.  Not one of these U.S. Congressional crooks should be allowed to keep operating but still President Obama & Attorney General Eric Holder want to keep biting their lips in fear of taking authority for these problems. Where are leaders in office and where are indictments? Fear and dragging this stuff out for years does not cut it while American rights and laws are violated daily.  All U.S. Congressional fund-raising money must be seized along with assets of  crooks running the U.S. Government similar to the Pope and Queen.  That goes for your funds to President Obama or is that why Americans are still sitting here being bamboozled!  Mr. President, you know I rather pat you on the back for a job well done but enough is enough!

NO U.S. Politician should be violating my American rights and life or other Americans rights or lives but still the lies and frauds continue with the Obama Administration.  I am done with it and I am done with media who cover-up true news.  President Obama should stop the cover-ups and take authority NOW.

This whole situation will go down much more peacefully than keeping the same sham going different day. The 2nd Amendment gun issue is moot since  THE JIG IS UP! Many Americans must be restituted as under the 1st Amendment for Redress of Grievances and many crooks running the U.S. Government must be arrested NOW, not next month Mr. President.  I realize Mr. President you have tons of crooks in office but you should have been removing them from positions the last four years.  Take this fraudulent government down and bring a new American government back up.

With that said Bob Woodward and to the Washington Post along with many other media stations you must also pay the price too for these crimes against humanity and the harm to countless American lives by not reporting the news.  There is No Freedom without Free Press!  MANY ARE GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Do I need to nullify and void your election to Impeach Governor Jerry Brown, Governor Andrew Cuomo and you, Mr. President? I now nullify and void for voter fraud and other crimes by Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer, Congresswoman Eshoo, Congresswoman Speier and seek they are arrested along with Senator Schumer immediately. You better honor my American rights immediately along with the rights of many other victims.  I expect child and adult victims freed NOW!

Do you understand me, President Obama and Bob Woodward?


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