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Dr. Ben Carson adds a new freshness to the usual crew of political colluders.  A man that makes common sense the norm instead of concealing inhumanity with a bunch of colluding U.S. Media muzzleheads. As Dr. Carson expressed one day it is WE THE PEOPLE who should be running the U.S. Government not the other way around, to which I most certainly agree.  If the American people truly understood the inoperable shambles and corruption from within the U.S. Government harming, robbing and violating Americans rights and laws under the U.S. Constitution many more would be outraged.  But that’s what happens when the U.S. Government and U.S. Media collude for their own gain with NO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

President Obama’s juggling of the Bozo Brigade U.S. Congress is the Greatest Show On Earth!  A third grade politically treasonous show of stooges who do not even truly represent the American people.  Step right up to witness the greatest bunch of fraudsters.  For all the money stolen by banks, courts, counties and states in the U.S.A. plus overseas there should be NO POVERTY anywhere in the world.  But then the U.S. Government forces impoverishment, homeless and tremendous trauma onto the American people.  All proposed gun law changes are unlawful due to this tyranny and barbarism.  Americans have a right to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment and pink slips need to come down on many U.S. Government stooges and crooks.

Dr. Ben Carson recently spoke about the breakdown of the family and family values.  Dr. Carson truly needs to understand how WE THE PEOPLE have been thrown under the bus and how the U.S. subverted criminal Government has intentionally destroyed the lives of millions and millions of  families. These criminal acts are absolutely an outrage and are acts of genocide and terrorism by U.S. Government employees.  Politically correct in my view is to haul out many from within this Bozo Brigade U.S. Congress and countless other crooks running the U.S. Government.  Where are indictments?  A society that can’t reveal the truth and exhibits INJUSTICE is a country on the verge of collapse.

President Obama get some guts and authority!  President Obama’s use of Ex- President Clinton as a Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist act has to come to an end.  If you truly review the Clinton Administration stats they are almost as poor as the Bush Administration in creating the present debacle.  President Obama has to stop juggling the Bozo Brigade and better start cracking the whip as a lion tamer. Roar Obama, roar!

I am a court crime victim and corruption freedom fighter in a U.S. Government criminal conspiracy and cover-up which grew to deranged proportions after my April 1, 2008 subpoena of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to a violated jury trial where I believe a payoff was made to a judge.  The five-year anniversary is right around the corner of that subpoena and instead of criminals being arrested I still pay the price daily with my American rights being violated by a bunch of questionable politicians who can’t get their act together.  President Obama put down the game of Tiddly Winks and Attorney General Holder put down the bologna sandwich.  Governor Clown Brown’s lips better start flapping right along with your own Mr. President and Holder’s.

The Greatest Show On Earth better free countless American children, adults and families being harmed from this U.S. Government American Holocaust.  This lying fraud show better come to an end.  Crack That Whip!  Whip It Good!  Redress the grievances of countless American’s as under the 1st Amendment.  Free the American Hostages, now that will be one show under the Big Top of the three ring circus in Washington D.C.!  Is this writing politically correct, you betcha!



Governor Andrew Cuomo has without a shadow of a doubt sold American’s out with his newly proposed unlawful gun laws.  He is a treasonous lowlife running the State of New York who needs to be marched out of office in handcuffs.  The State of New York has countless money laundering schemes taking place in U.S. Courts with no doubt the biggest money laundered beneficiary being the Vatican Bank.  Who is running New York banking and Wall Street, the Vatican? Guess who colluded extensively with the banks crimes Governor Andrew Cuomo?

Governor Cuomo is the dapper don of robbing and defrauding American homeowners beginning during his days under the Clinton Administration.  The following excerpt is taken from Wikipedia: “During Cuomo’s tenure as HUD Secretary, he called for an increase in home ownership.[9] He also pushed government-sponsored lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy more home loans issued to poor homeowners, in an attempt to end discrimination against minorities.[6] Some believe that this helped lead to the current subprime mortgage crisis.[6][9][10] Edward J. Pinto, former chief credit officer at Fannie Mae, said “they should have known the risks were large. Cuomo was pushing mortgage bankers to make loans and basically saying you have to offer a loan to everybody.”[9] But others disagree with the assessment that Cuomo caused the crisis. Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, said Cuomo “was a contributor in terms of him being a cheerleader, but I don’t think we can pin too much blame on him.”[9]”

Believe me Cuomo is to blame plus he had no oversight or control and has only aided and abetted many countless corrupt foreclosures while as Attorney General and as Governor in the State of New York.  Governor Cuomo’s State, County & U.S. Courts, plus oversight of the U.S. Banks are only a bunch criminals running the State of New York.   Governor Cuomo is a rotten apple and worm who has colluded extensively with New York banks in the Big Apple against American family homeowners.  The State of New York created a non-judicial foreclosure process to steal homes easier and faster.  Senator Charles Schumer is a major crook along with crook ex-Congressman Maurice Hinchey.

While Cuomo was Attorney General he had NO jurisdiction to the U.S. Courts which is a disgrace to aid and collude in Judicial corruption. But Cuomo did have jurisdiction to file major lawsuits to halt fraudulent practices by U.S. Banks headquartered in New York.  His lawsuits were few and not with any true merit to halt or arrest these fraudster bankers.  No one in the Federal Government took any authority either. This is what you get when all aspects of the U.S. Government are perpetrating this harm and frauds to steal the private property of homes.  Cuomo was in his Attorney General position to aid these crimes which he also created when he was HUD Secretary under the Clinton Administration.

As a native New Yorker and New York Property owner its unbelievable the extensive organized crime and corruption that exists from my experience in the Ulster County Supreme Court and Albany Supreme Court with a repulsive corrupt Judge Gerald Connolly.  Judge Connolly was so intent in passing off a money laundering scheme with a business Auto Factors and New York’s  Department of  State Taxation in a scam of a woman and man who had no relevance to my person which was unreal.  This literally went on for months and NO protections or oversight existed anywhere, just more crooks ruling the roost. This couple had a judgment in the Ulster County Clerks office and the Head Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack was a pull the string stooge asking, “How can I help you?”  Meanwhile this crooked lowlife Postupack still tried to pass off identity theft of my person. NO FIDUCIARY DUTY ANYWHERE! But then the whole county of Ulster County Crooks from Head Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack, her assistant Alice Lawless and Ulster County Supreme Court clerk Claudia Jones and D. Brewster plus Albany Supreme Court clerks  too tried to pass off identity theft of my person.  A sheriff deputy served all these Ulster County crooks named with Misprision of Felony by me personally.  Meanwhile no one in Ulster County is any authority the county is run by a bunch of crooks.  They are ex-County Attorney Joshua Koplovitz, now Head County Attorney County Beatrice Havranek, County Attorney Johnson & County Executive Mike Hein add in Head District Attorney Holley Cartwright another stooge.  That’s what happens when you have thirty year employees running a county. Many other crimes exist and even the office of  Attorney Thomas Emerson in the Third Appellate Division informed me it was alright to use identity theft of my person.  That took the cake as I fought continually back at these ludicrous crooks.

Ulster County, Albany County and all New York residents should stop paying PROPERTY TAXES TO A BUNCH OF MONEY LAUNDERING COUNTY CROOKS.  Ulster County taxes keep going up why? To steal more property when people default and for money laundering schemes.

Albany Supreme Court & Ulster Supreme Court are a shambles of law and rights violations plus were totally inoperable.  I sued many of these crooks and they only seek to cover-up their own crimes.  JP Morgan Chase, CEO Jaime Dimon, Safeguard Properties, Head County Clerk Nina Postupack and Ulster County, Rosicki, Rosicki & Assoc. and other crooks are named.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is rotten at the core.  There are NO protections in any of Cuomo’s offices run by crooks so his NY SAFE ACT is a joke.  NO ONE IS SAFE UNDER CROOK CUOMO.   Any gun laws passed by any crook in New York State are null and void.  In fact Judge Crook Connolly and the whole New York Court system is a shambles of crooks.   A few times I literally had to tell Judge Connolly I was going to need to subpoena Cuomo because that judge was a deranged money launder. The same shoe fits Governor Andrew Cuomo too, a traitor!  Judge Connolly has also been involved with matters on the change to New York gun laws.  Crooks just keep staying in their positions the American way of NO AUTHORITY ANYWHERE!

Immense mafia ties to the NY/NJ Port Authority exist for money laundering and with the Dutch, British, Zionists and whoever else too!  Dens of thieves!



The Securities Exchange Commission S.E.C. has been completely irresponsible and colluded for years extensively in the frauds and unbelievable crimes of U.S. Banks to harm countless American families.  Will the new S.E.C. Chairwoman take authority or better yet President Obama or Attorney General Holder?  Let’s see!   Update 4/6/13 – I guess not but the S.E.C. sent me a questionnaire, wow!  They just keep letting banker crooks continue their rampage against homeowners.  All attorneys for the S.E.C. should be reviewed and arrested who’ve allowed bank stocks to trade publicly while banker crooks commit crimes daily and cash out their own insider shares of stock.

The remainder of this letter is an actual excerpt written for claim SEC Response – File HO::~00290769

Ms. Garner and S.E.C. Chairwoman Elisse Walter,
Included in this email is only attached Attorney Deborah Bain for Attorney General Harris and Gov. Brown in California and Attorney General Eric Holder.
As stated in June 2012 this issue is not over home mortgages and it is not a mortgage complaint as it is continuous crimes by JP Morgan Chase and other corporations along with county and state governments since 2008 throughout the nation besides my issue alone.  The S.E.C. passing off jurisdiction to another agency is not relevant by re-delegating delegated authority to an agency created at the end of 2011.
My actual mortgage was written off by JP Morgan Chase and sold to a debt collector in 2007.  Serious accounting irregularities still seem to exist to this day.  These banks take countless over and over write-offs, steal homes and are involved with insurance scams to torch homes. There has been chronic colluding, criminal conspiracy and crimes that the S.E.C. has allowed by numerous banks.  These matters also include crooked politicians,  corrupted courts, money laundering schemes, identity theft of my person plus countless colluding with other businesses by JP Morgan Chase.  There are frauds and countless criminal acts by JP Morgan Chase and the S.E.C has continued to allow insiders to sell their companies publicly traded securities to benefit insiders from these criminal acts.
The S.E.C. is now notified by this email they are included in my lawsuit in the District of Columbia in D.C. for organized crime and racketeering in these crimes with the banks and other charges.  In addition the S.E.C. colluded and aided and abetted other crimes with First Mercury Insurance Co. now owned by Fairfax Financial Holding by not halting those companies stocks in 2010 filed under a different claim number in my own court corruption case.  My claim against the S.E.C. is undisclosed.  If the S.E.C. does not halt the stock of JP Morgan Chase on Monday morning 3/25/13 to cease all crimes by JP Morgan Chase immediately my claim will go to undisclosed.
If the S.E.C. obstructs justice in this matter I seek all decision makers who do not HALT JP Morgan Chase be  brought up on a host of criminal charges along with OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.  I hope Ms. Walters is smarter than Ms. Schapiro.
President Obama and Attorney General Holder better address these crimes immediately instead of letting crook CEO Jaime Dimon, ex-CFO Cavanagh and new CFO Braunstein plus other JP Morgan Chase employees to keep committing criminal acts.  I do not care if this stock is halted a day, a week, a month or how long, but the crimes by JP Morgan Chase will be addressed before that stock trades publicly again.
Thank you,
Cheryl Kennedy


Because the U.S. Congress should make no decisions for the American people because most are crooks.  Not one representative of the U.S. Congress  fully represents the American people.  There has been no oversight of the Judicial Branch of Government it is overrun with criminals and terrorism, an American Holocaust exists.  Banking and money another shambles.  If President Obama and Attorney General Holder still can’t admit the truth and serve justice on the crimes that have harmed countless American families it will be an outrage. The U.S. Government must be shutdown now in March 2013.

The mail fraud through the U.S. Post Office and U.S. Postal Service have caused immense corruption throughout the whole U.S. Government infrastructure. Saturday delivery re-instated by a crooked U.S. Congress just shows irresponsibility once again.   The U.S. Postal Service must be shutdown instead of going into the clothing business, what a joke.

Passing any budget by the U.S. Congress continues these crooks frauds and a broken shambles of a government and country.  Better stop impoverishing Americans!  This tyranny & treason must end!


President Obama let’s see some authority.  Get out of my life and countless other Americans’ lives due to these frauds.

Gandhi said, “Untruth corrodes the soul; truth nourishes it.”

The American people deserve the Truth, Freedom and Justice!


Today is March 20, 2013 a written news story at the Washington Examiner touts the headline

Michael Moore declares war on Harry Reid: ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ But better yet it really is Michael Moore, ” Who the hell do you think you are?”

For many years Michael Moore created documentaries as an outspoken proponent defending We The People in the United States. Moore’s Capitalism A Love Story and many other great documentaries shared Moore’s views in exposing terrible governmental situations.   I was a fan but not anymore because Michael Moore has sold his soul to the media world of cover-ups and shams that is harming countless American families.  Moore allegedly has chosen to collude with the U.S. Government and with U.S. media stations for his own media exposure.

In fact Moore’s Capitalism A Love Story has been being played non-stop on the newly purchased Current TV by Al-Jazeera.  In fact crooked Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband Richard C. Blum have investments with that news station. A huge problem in the United States is the colluding by U.S. Media stations with the U.S. Government which have aided and abetted an American Holocaust.  There is NO FREEDOM WITHOUT FREE PRESS.

On another note not one Senator or Congressperson truly represent the American people at all, most members of the U.S. Congress must be ousted.  MOST ARE FRAUDSTERS!  The corruption is immense throughout the U.S. Court system and all government operations.  Moore rather dispute guns, when I  myself and countless other Americans rights are violated. Wake Up Michael Moore, no protections exist for Americans.  All American’s must defend themselves with the 2nd Amendment.  Not one member of the U.S. Congress, Governor or State Legislature should violate the 2nd Amendment or vote for anything for the American people while they are harming and robbing million and millions American families. These are crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy’s besides countless other crimes.

In fact for years Michael Moore was added as an interested party by me on matters related to court corruption. But Michael Moore chose to ignore and cover-up that topic overall.  Michael Moore did share one story about the Pennsylvania Judge violating children’s rights by locking them up in detention centers for kickbacks in Capitalism A.L.S.  but that was one story out of millions.

Michael Moore rather hang out with Piers Morgan, a British redcoat who rather aid Britain’s reign over the American people.  Michael Moore you sold your soul it’s obvious.  Many Americans are being brutalized daily from the corrupted subverted U.S. Government.  If you want to be a traitor Michael Moore go back to Britain with Piers Morgan.  Your obviously ignoring the abuses, tyranny, genocide and treason Michael Moore.  I vow to never watch any of your movies ever again, you turncoat.

Cheryl Kennedy

Update: CNN was provided this response to Piers Morgan and Michael Moore, it was not entered on their blog.  CNN colludes extensively with the U.S. Government and of course rather support a British agenda over the harm to millions of Americans.


Senator Feinstein its appalling you’re not already arrested along with many others from in the U.S. Congress. Actually I am stripping you of the title Senator in my writing because you are a traitor to the American people and the people in world nations. I seek your imminent arrest.

Traitor Feinstein I can have compassion to you with the shooting that placed you in the position of Mayor of San Francisco many years ago.  But that is truly what is so tragic about you. It is your lack of compassion to all Americans and all people for your own greed.  You are a sick, sick, demented dissociative sociopath.  Lie all you will, you are no leader in this country.

Traitor Feinstein causes of action for your treasonous crimes are as follows:

You are a 20 year political stooge that has defrauded the American people by never fully representing the American people due to NO oversight of the Judicial Branch of Government. You have conspired and committed massive crimes against humanity both in the United States and to world nations.  You have been a long-term turn a blind eye member of the Senate Judiciary where you allowed intentionally and knowingly that the U.S. Courts were not adhering to the U.S. Constitution plus American rights and laws were being violated.  You have allowed tyrannical trauma, harm, abuse, torturous conditions to harm countless American families in a U.S. Court system that is an absolute charade, run amouk with crooks.  You have allowed many criminal acts and terroristic forms of genocide to cause deaths, increase suicides, cause emotional trauma, physical injuries and destroy families to rob Americans of their lives and take them hostage in U.S. Courts of immense corruption.  You have allowed a systematic breakdown in society which increases gun violence and crime in society.  You have allowed the U.S. Government to become subverted by foreign corporate entities that are not American.  You have allowed crimes to steal and kidnap children plus the elderly in many types of human trafficking scams.  You have committed election fraud and have covered-up a National Security Breach to individual rights in California where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Governor Jerry Brown were brought into Judicial Cases due to exploding judicial corruption in the State of California.  This corruption exists because of you, Senator Boxer and countless others are at fault.  You have allowed this fraudulent banking foreclosure debacle which is further terrorism and genocide plus violated all Americans’s property rights so homes and money could be stolen. You rather impoverish and cause Americans to be homeless while you steal money and raise money in fraudulent political campaigns. May all your assets be seized and I hope you rot in a cell the rest of your miserable life.

The Senate Judiciary passed a bill when President Obama was coming into office to protect you all from prosecution for crimes during the Bush Administration.  That bill is null and void by my own executive order as an American due to your criminal acts.

You have used the U.S. Government for you and your husband Richard C. Blum  as a personal piggy bank.  There is no question you voted, I don’t even have to look it up, for the fraudulent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so you could get kickbacks from military contracts with investments in URS Corp., Tutor Perini and Grubb & Ellis in the real estate surge plus you benefitted from the foreclosures. The U.S. Media  colludes with the U.S. Government with cover-ups on this corruption of the U.S. Courts which has caused an American Holocaust.  In the news recently you and your husband’s investment colluded with Current TV, Al- Jazeera.  This questions how many other U.S. Media stations you have investments in plus I don’t doubt there are many other kickbacks through investments from this treason.  I do not doubt many other foreign dealings are involved too.

The blood of many American military, Iraqi’s, Afghani’s and countless American families are on your hands.  The fraud by you is immeasurable along with the honest service fraud to how YOU DO NO represent the American people or the U.S. Courts at all which allowed this American Holocaust.  You caused great National Security breaches in the cover-ups of 9-11.  You are a treasonous traitor, a 80-year-old disgrace, a 6 year old with a conscience could do a better job than you. You have committed treason and sedition during times of war.

As you are aware Secretary of State Debra Bowen received election fraud charges against you in November 2012 by me.  Since Governor Jerry Brown is colluding in this matter and is defrauding California residents to these events, he is now being removed from office  since he is directly violating my property rights and life. No Impeachment is necessary due to these violations and I seek Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom replace Traitor Brown immediately.  Due to the total infrastructure breakdown in government I authorize Attorney General Kamala Harris to arrest you Traitor Feinstein, Traitor Boxer, Traitor Eshoo and Traitor Speier as you all committed election fraud in the most recent California elections and many other crimes exist.  With my own executive order as an American all parties named election results are null and void due to fraud and treason by all named Traitor parties whom are violating my rights under the U. S. Constitution along with countless other Americans whose rights are being violated.

Attorney General Holder and the President should stop allowing you crooks to enter D.C. immediately.   Due to this treason and crimes against humanity any and all gun law changes are null and void with my own executive order and by bill of attainder.

This message will be provided to all named parties and to the public.  I do hope the President chooses to restore Justice instead of a civil war needed to remove many from office.  Traitor Feinstein admitting your crimes shows responsibility but then traitors don’t like to admit their crimes.  The corrupt can change their tunes but Justice in these matters must be restored.

I’ll make sure Senator Ted Cruz who didn’t lecture you gets this lecture about how you violated the U.S. Constitution. You are a treasonous traitor Feinstein as are the others named.

Cheryl Kennedy


Supreme Court Justices in Washington D.C. believe the recent budget cuts will put people’s lives at risk and Americans won’t get speedy trials.  American’s lives are at risk immediately when they enter the doors at one of these corrupt hell hole U.S. Courts.  Many predator lunatics in black robes deserve to be ousted!   There is nothing speedy about the U.S. Court system in fact its one of this country’s biggest frauds, charades and shams.   Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts and all these crooks should never be elected for life-term positions.  No life-term position should exist anywhere within the U.S. Government.  Every U.S. Court in this country needs to be shut down to free the Americans held hostages for years on end because these courts are administrative courts, absolutely inoperative plus they have not adhered to American laws and rights under the U.S. Constitution. Tyranny, barbarism, genocide and terrorism in these courts have caused an American Holocaust. Most judges couldn’t make a decision to save their lives and the only decisions generally are to rob and harm American families for judge slush funds and kickback schemes.

American families are the greatest victims throughout this nation with children paying the greatest price of this harm.  NO Senate or House Judiciary member or any member of the U.S. Congress  had any jurisdiction to the U.S. Court system nor has an Attorney General in any U.S. State.  A firewall to the Judicial Branch of Government has existed to aid and abet excessive organized crime.  Every member of the U.S. Congress along with all Supreme Court Justices in Washington D.C. are treasonous low life crooks. The newer members of Congress are uaware of the criminals they sit next to.

President Obama and all members of the U.S. Congress still in February 2013 would not even meet with hundreds of victims of judicial crimes for Congressional Testimony at a function sponsored by Lawless America   This reflects a country  still not fully operating as an American Government.  The U.S. Government has many corporate structures within their operation predominately they are British and Vatican based crooks who have subverted the U.S. Government along with Zionists and mafia galore. NO oversight and NO protections for any American for years.

The State Bar of California has been one of the biggest organized terrorist crime rings as well as all fraudulent Bar Associations I personally encountered in the State of New York along with those in other states.  Sociopathic predators are what truly exist in these courts in all different positions.  Safety, NO safety for anyone. The criminality by judges and attorneys alone is off the charts as is their terrorism in one of the most massive frauds in this foreclosure banking debacle plus the debt collector system.  All debt is a fraud too! Forgo your budget of pure garbage Mr. President.  TAKE ACTION!

President Obama, you picked up a horror by the Bush Administration but still rampant criminal activity by judges, attorneys, D/A’s, County Attorneys, bankers, corporations and the same crooked bozo brigade of the U.S. Congress continues.  State and County Governments also robbing American families in UNPROTECTED U.S. Courts.  I literally have never witnessed such irresponsible unethical deranged  morons as there are running this country.  Just keep running the country into the ground.

President Obama do you need to go to the Vatican to get approval to oust these crooked bastards?  Give us a break Mr. President take authority yourself.  When treason exists you kick them out not kiss their butts. It’s disgusting you still keep violating my American rights and that of many other American families daily.   Give your fraudulent bozo brigade stooge U.S. Congress the heave-ho out the door.  Many arrests are warranted.  Any changes to any gun laws in any court or in any state is null and void by my executive order due to the massive treason against the American people while U.S. Government criminals still run rampant.

President Obama I know you are working on these problems.  But allowing the same bullshit different day attitude only allows many crooks to sit in their same positions harming many other American’s daily.  With that said by tomorrow 3/15/13 if I do not receive some of my own personal funds, a RELIEF payment from Governor Jerry Brown or Attorney General Harris, Impeachment will commence. Will black or white smoke appear?  This statement is made publicly.  Not one of you should be violating my American rights and you’ve been doing it for years. I AM DONE WITH ANYONE VIOLATING MY AMERICAN RIGHTS!  The TRUTH better come out.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is especially treasonous with these proposed gun law changes when he can’t even run the State of New York legitimately. It’s time for Cuomo to be Impeached and ousted because the rampant criminal activity in New York is not addressed.

Peaceful solutions always the best solutions.  Violate my American rights one more day Mr. President you’re gonna have a serious problem.  The crooks in my case better be removed pronto and that includes Crook Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer, Congresswoman Speier, Congresswoman Eshoo and Senator Schumer, ex-Congressman Hinchey should be arrested too. Let’s see Mr. President if you or Attorney General Holder know how to take any authority for this American Country or do you have to pray with the new pope first?  Attorney General Harris is authorized by me to arrest and remove the crooked California fraudulent stooges I just named for election fraud not including countless other crimes  while my American Rights are violated along with many other court crime victims.

Many children and adults command their freedom.  Free the American hostages!  Arrest YOUR Government crooks! Your deranged psycho Supreme Court Justices got to go too!


President Obama rather allow crooked fraudster Senator Dianne Feinstein and other stooge politicians of the Senate Judiciary to vote to violate 2nd Amendment Rights when he can’t even address face to face hundreds of victims of Judicial Corruption. Disgusting and disgraceful Mr. President.  If President Obama had arrested crooks at The State of Union Address he would have looked like a hero but any allowance of a vote against the 2nd Amendment shows only a treason.  The Senate and House Judiciary DO NOT even have jurisdiction to the Judicial Branch of Government and they DO NOT represent Americans completely at all.  The U.S. Congress is a complete fraud all long-term members must be removed from office. The terrorism and treason from within the U.S. Government is so out of control a rampage of crooks are harming countless American families. Attorney General Holder keep scratching your head your lacking Justice is deplorable.  Denial is futile on these crimes and  injustices.
President Obama with his knowledge about this massive corruption and to continually allow votes by criminals in the U.S. Congress on the 2nd Amendment is a disgrace along with votes on any and all subjects. Frankly my American rights along with countless other Americans rights are being violated daily and President Obama does not have the guts to address the severity of these problems. Any 2nd Amendment rights violating gun vote is null and void due to treason by the U.S. Congress and treason by President Obama to even allow such a vote. President Obama has been  irresponsible for years on end. If President Obama does not stop the charade and take immediate authority to restore this American Republic his Impeachment must commence.  Do people’s militia’s and American’s need to bear arms to remove crooks in the U.S. Congress because Attorney General Holder is a coward? These crooks and fraudsters need to be removed at all costs.
Today a story exists in the news of a lawsuit against Al Gore which reveals how Richard C. Blum and his wife Senator Dianne Feinstein are colluding with media at Current TV. See attached story below. All media in the U.S. have been colluding with the U.S. Government to cover-up and aid and abet tremendous criminal acts to harm American families. The recent news with Bob Woodward of the Washington Post when he chose not to collude with information on the sequester was due to an article I wrote on 2/11/13 which can be viewed on this blog.  Attorney General Kamala Harris is also sought to remove Senator Dianne Feinstein immediately for election fraud and other crimes to California residents and all Americans.  The State of California does not need to wait for the Federal Government.  Election fraud has only grown substantially due to Governor Jerry Brown’s own election fraud along with cover-ups of judicial corruption.  Governor Brown is in direct violation of my American rights and countless other Californians American rights. Its time for TRUTH, FREEDOM & JUSTICE.

“Gore sued over Current TV sale to Al-Jazeera

Producer’s lawsuit claims Al Gore, others at Current TV stole his idea for sale to Al-Jazeera

Associated PressBy Paul Elias, Associated Press | Associated Press – 6 hours ago

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A television consultant claims that former Vice President Al Gore and others at Current TV stole his idea to sell the struggling network to Al-Jazeera.
Los Angeles resident John Terenzio is demanding more than $5 million in a lawsuit quietly filed in San Francisco Superior Court Tuesday.
Al-Jazerra announced Jan. 3 that it would pay $500 million for San Francisco-based Current TV.
Terenzio alleges he first brought the idea of the Qatar-owned Al-Jazeera’s purchase of Current TV to board member Richard Blum in July, and he expected to be paid if his plan was used. The lawsuit claims Blum was open to the plan, which Terenzio laid out with a detailed PowerPoint presentation but feared Gore would find such a deal with the oil-rich government of Qatar “politically unappealing.”
Neither Gore or Blum, nor their representatives, could be reached for comment late Wednesday.
Gore co-founded Current TV in 2005 with Joel Hyatt, with each receiving a 20 percent stakes in Current, a politically left leaning news and talk network. Comcast Corp. had less than a 10 percent stake. Another major investor in Current TV was supermarket magnate and entertainment industry investor Ron Burkle, according to information service Capital IQ.
Blum, a venture capitalist and husband of California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, is also an investor in Current TV.
Terenzio claims he presented to Blum “a step-by-step approach for making the sale of the liberal media outlet to Al-Jazeera palatable to U.S. lawmakers, pro-Israel factions, cable operators and, most importantly, the American public.”
Terenzio claims he created the English version of China Central Television and reprogrammed it for American audiences. He said he planned to use the same strategies in rebranding Current TV into Al-Jazeera America.
“Blum greeted Terenzio’s proposal with enthusiasm, indicating that he and other investors were eager to salvage their multi-million investment in the floundering cable network,” Terenzio claims in his lawsuit.
Terenzio said he believes Gore did turn down the deal in July and was “adamant” in rejecting it.
Terenzio’s attorney, Ellyn Garofalo, said an “insider” told her client of Gore’s rejection but refused to identify that person in a brief email interview Wednesday night. Garofalo represented Dr. Sandeep Kapoor when a jury acquitted him of illegally funneling prescription drugs to Anna Nicole Smith.
Terenzio said Al-Jazeera’s January announcement of the sale was the first he heard of it.”


Wow, now I heard everything. NO SODA FOR YOU!

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Nazi” dictatorship has reached new heights. Upon hearing of this new soda ban I could not help but think of the Seinfeld shows episode of the Soup Nazi. That is a funny Seinfeld episode when the cast are barred for their soup shenanigans by the soup chef whom shouts out “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” Now we got Mayor Michael Bloomberg putting the bottle cap back on the soda industry.

I agree soda is not the best drink in the world due to its sugary caffeine content. Youth and even adults may become addicted to soda or other sugary drinks, other problems can occur. It is not necessarily healthy but who is Mayor Michael Bloomberg to tell anyone what they can or cannot do, he is “The Soda Nazi” and he is violating the rights of New Yorker’s. This is not the first time Mayor Michael Bloomberg has violated American Rights either, he violates American rights often. Styrofoam is also under attack. Perhaps we do need less styrofoam for environmental reasons but once again Mayor Michael Bloomberg the Nazi dictator has ruled.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg should never have been allowed to violated term limits on the last New York mayoral election to keep him in office this term. Little do many New Yorker’s or Americans know this but Mayor Michael Bloomberg had assistance with an allegedly corrupt Judge Charles Sifton to approve the changes to term limits in the last mayoral election. Was a payoff made too who knows? Judge Sifton is now deceased but if he was investigated much would reveal he was allegedly a Brooklyn based mafia judge. The fix was in for Mayor Michael Bloomberg to violate the rules of term limits in the last election campaign. One of the biggest problems that exists as witnessed with the U.S. Congress is the lack of term limits which has allowed massive corruption to run this subverted U.S. Government and especially the corrupted U.S. Courts.

So why has Mayor Michael Bloomberg wanted to continue his Nazi reign? To keep a lid on parties in the U.S. tied to the tragic conspiracy and disaster of 9-11. Mayor Michael Bloomberg even reflected that no conspiracy on 9-11 existed when he ridiculed a FDNY Muslim Chaplain a few years ago. When anyone says no conspiracy exists believe me a big conspiracy exists. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the NYPD and FDNY don’t want to know the truth it must be questioned why? Big cover-ups exist for Larry Silverstein who only a few months prior took out insurance policies on the Twin Towers and why was it that WTC-7 collapsed? Insurance claims are always big red flags. What about cover-ups for Mayor Rudy Giuliani and good ole buddy Judge Michael Mukasey whom presided over the insurance claims of Larry Silverstein in court. New York Judge Michael Mukasey was used to create a major conflict of interest when crooked U.S. New York Senator Charles Schumer along with crooked President George W. Bush appointed Judge Michael Mukasey to the position of U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey. How was such a conflict of interest allowed to occur but then only a U.S. Congress of crooks, stooges and morons exists, how else. Many reasons exist to cover-up these events with Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the helm of New York still. Mafia, mafia, mafia!

Then Mayor Michael Bloomberg created a Stop and Frisk program with the NYPD. This Nazi based program violates the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment to unlawful search and seizure, racial profiling and privacy rights also exists. What kickbacks are New York jails and courts getting in these unlawful arrests? Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a Billionaire Nazi whose out of control committing crimes with American eyes wide open.

Since Bloomberg wants to control Americans lives with his billions he will no doubt purchase every toilet paper factory so he can control Americans bathroom habits. No doubt he’d be a stingy hoarder that Americans will be yelling out Spare A Square Mr. Mayor and Americans will get the response NO TOILET PAPER FOR YOU! Mayor Michael Bloomberg could then rejoice in all his glory.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, nor has Governor Andrew Cuomo taken any serious action to arrest New York crooked bankers or members of the Federal Reserve in New York or have they halted the stealing of New York homes in fraudulent foreclosures.  Tremendous violation of property rights exists with a free for all by crooked attorneys and judges.  Where is the JUSTICE? It is no wonder then why Bloomberg news along with most media do not report completely truthful news in the U.S. either.   Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new gun laws are unlawful and Unconstitutional as are all states trying to change laws especially during a time of extreme treason when states, county and the Federal Government are harming and robbing the American people. The 2nd Amendment stands!

The only thing that truly occurred with the extension of term limits in the election of Mayor Michael Bloomberg office was it showed how deranged this Nazi is at the helm of New York City. Since JUSTICE is absent throughout the United States while crooks and tyrants run rampant even the same political crooks keep walking back into Congress daily which is blatant ludicrous insanity but that’s what happens when no leadership exists anywhere in the U.S. Government.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg now wants Americans guns next his NO GUNS FOR YOU, Nazi campaign already is hitting the streets. The best move would be someone arrests this American Rights violating Nazi first on one of the above rights violations.  Ah, I am not a usual soda drinker but today calls for a root beer, my American right to choose. AMERICANS WAKE UP!