Today is March 20, 2013 a written news story at the Washington Examiner touts the headline

Michael Moore declares war on Harry Reid: ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ But better yet it really is Michael Moore, ” Who the hell do you think you are?”

For many years Michael Moore created documentaries as an outspoken proponent defending We The People in the United States. Moore’s Capitalism A Love Story and many other great documentaries shared Moore’s views in exposing terrible governmental situations.   I was a fan but not anymore because Michael Moore has sold his soul to the media world of cover-ups and shams that is harming countless American families.  Moore allegedly has chosen to collude with the U.S. Government and with U.S. media stations for his own media exposure.

In fact Moore’s Capitalism A Love Story has been being played non-stop on the newly purchased Current TV by Al-Jazeera.  In fact crooked Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband Richard C. Blum have investments with that news station. A huge problem in the United States is the colluding by U.S. Media stations with the U.S. Government which have aided and abetted an American Holocaust.  There is NO FREEDOM WITHOUT FREE PRESS.

On another note not one Senator or Congressperson truly represent the American people at all, most members of the U.S. Congress must be ousted.  MOST ARE FRAUDSTERS!  The corruption is immense throughout the U.S. Court system and all government operations.  Moore rather dispute guns, when I  myself and countless other Americans rights are violated. Wake Up Michael Moore, no protections exist for Americans.  All American’s must defend themselves with the 2nd Amendment.  Not one member of the U.S. Congress, Governor or State Legislature should violate the 2nd Amendment or vote for anything for the American people while they are harming and robbing million and millions American families. These are crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy’s besides countless other crimes.

In fact for years Michael Moore was added as an interested party by me on matters related to court corruption. But Michael Moore chose to ignore and cover-up that topic overall.  Michael Moore did share one story about the Pennsylvania Judge violating children’s rights by locking them up in detention centers for kickbacks in Capitalism A.L.S.  but that was one story out of millions.

Michael Moore rather hang out with Piers Morgan, a British redcoat who rather aid Britain’s reign over the American people.  Michael Moore you sold your soul it’s obvious.  Many Americans are being brutalized daily from the corrupted subverted U.S. Government.  If you want to be a traitor Michael Moore go back to Britain with Piers Morgan.  Your obviously ignoring the abuses, tyranny, genocide and treason Michael Moore.  I vow to never watch any of your movies ever again, you turncoat.

Cheryl Kennedy

Update: CNN was provided this response to Piers Morgan and Michael Moore, it was not entered on their blog.  CNN colludes extensively with the U.S. Government and of course rather support a British agenda over the harm to millions of Americans.


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