The Securities Exchange Commission S.E.C. has been completely irresponsible and colluded for years extensively in the frauds and unbelievable crimes of U.S. Banks to harm countless American families.  Will the new S.E.C. Chairwoman take authority or better yet President Obama or Attorney General Holder?  Let’s see!   Update 4/6/13 – I guess not but the S.E.C. sent me a questionnaire, wow!  They just keep letting banker crooks continue their rampage against homeowners.  All attorneys for the S.E.C. should be reviewed and arrested who’ve allowed bank stocks to trade publicly while banker crooks commit crimes daily and cash out their own insider shares of stock.

The remainder of this letter is an actual excerpt written for claim SEC Response – File HO::~00290769

Ms. Garner and S.E.C. Chairwoman Elisse Walter,
Included in this email is only attached Attorney Deborah Bain for Attorney General Harris and Gov. Brown in California and Attorney General Eric Holder.
As stated in June 2012 this issue is not over home mortgages and it is not a mortgage complaint as it is continuous crimes by JP Morgan Chase and other corporations along with county and state governments since 2008 throughout the nation besides my issue alone.  The S.E.C. passing off jurisdiction to another agency is not relevant by re-delegating delegated authority to an agency created at the end of 2011.
My actual mortgage was written off by JP Morgan Chase and sold to a debt collector in 2007.  Serious accounting irregularities still seem to exist to this day.  These banks take countless over and over write-offs, steal homes and are involved with insurance scams to torch homes. There has been chronic colluding, criminal conspiracy and crimes that the S.E.C. has allowed by numerous banks.  These matters also include crooked politicians,  corrupted courts, money laundering schemes, identity theft of my person plus countless colluding with other businesses by JP Morgan Chase.  There are frauds and countless criminal acts by JP Morgan Chase and the S.E.C has continued to allow insiders to sell their companies publicly traded securities to benefit insiders from these criminal acts.
The S.E.C. is now notified by this email they are included in my lawsuit in the District of Columbia in D.C. for organized crime and racketeering in these crimes with the banks and other charges.  In addition the S.E.C. colluded and aided and abetted other crimes with First Mercury Insurance Co. now owned by Fairfax Financial Holding by not halting those companies stocks in 2010 filed under a different claim number in my own court corruption case.  My claim against the S.E.C. is undisclosed.  If the S.E.C. does not halt the stock of JP Morgan Chase on Monday morning 3/25/13 to cease all crimes by JP Morgan Chase immediately my claim will go to undisclosed.
If the S.E.C. obstructs justice in this matter I seek all decision makers who do not HALT JP Morgan Chase be  brought up on a host of criminal charges along with OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.  I hope Ms. Walters is smarter than Ms. Schapiro.
President Obama and Attorney General Holder better address these crimes immediately instead of letting crook CEO Jaime Dimon, ex-CFO Cavanagh and new CFO Braunstein plus other JP Morgan Chase employees to keep committing criminal acts.  I do not care if this stock is halted a day, a week, a month or how long, but the crimes by JP Morgan Chase will be addressed before that stock trades publicly again.
Thank you,
Cheryl Kennedy

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