Dr. Ben Carson adds a new freshness to the usual crew of political colluders.  A man that makes common sense the norm instead of concealing inhumanity with a bunch of colluding U.S. Media muzzleheads. As Dr. Carson expressed one day it is WE THE PEOPLE who should be running the U.S. Government not the other way around, to which I most certainly agree.  If the American people truly understood the inoperable shambles and corruption from within the U.S. Government harming, robbing and violating Americans rights and laws under the U.S. Constitution many more would be outraged.  But that’s what happens when the U.S. Government and U.S. Media collude for their own gain with NO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

President Obama’s juggling of the Bozo Brigade U.S. Congress is the Greatest Show On Earth!  A third grade politically treasonous show of stooges who do not even truly represent the American people.  Step right up to witness the greatest bunch of fraudsters.  For all the money stolen by banks, courts, counties and states in the U.S.A. plus overseas there should be NO POVERTY anywhere in the world.  But then the U.S. Government forces impoverishment, homeless and tremendous trauma onto the American people.  All proposed gun law changes are unlawful due to this tyranny and barbarism.  Americans have a right to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment and pink slips need to come down on many U.S. Government stooges and crooks.

Dr. Ben Carson recently spoke about the breakdown of the family and family values.  Dr. Carson truly needs to understand how WE THE PEOPLE have been thrown under the bus and how the U.S. subverted criminal Government has intentionally destroyed the lives of millions and millions of  families. These criminal acts are absolutely an outrage and are acts of genocide and terrorism by U.S. Government employees.  Politically correct in my view is to haul out many from within this Bozo Brigade U.S. Congress and countless other crooks running the U.S. Government.  Where are indictments?  A society that can’t reveal the truth and exhibits INJUSTICE is a country on the verge of collapse.

President Obama get some guts and authority!  President Obama’s use of Ex- President Clinton as a Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist act has to come to an end.  If you truly review the Clinton Administration stats they are almost as poor as the Bush Administration in creating the present debacle.  President Obama has to stop juggling the Bozo Brigade and better start cracking the whip as a lion tamer. Roar Obama, roar!

I am a court crime victim and corruption freedom fighter in a U.S. Government criminal conspiracy and cover-up which grew to deranged proportions after my April 1, 2008 subpoena of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to a violated jury trial where I believe a payoff was made to a judge.  The five-year anniversary is right around the corner of that subpoena and instead of criminals being arrested I still pay the price daily with my American rights being violated by a bunch of questionable politicians who can’t get their act together.  President Obama put down the game of Tiddly Winks and Attorney General Holder put down the bologna sandwich.  Governor Clown Brown’s lips better start flapping right along with your own Mr. President and Holder’s.

The Greatest Show On Earth better free countless American children, adults and families being harmed from this U.S. Government American Holocaust.  This lying fraud show better come to an end.  Crack That Whip!  Whip It Good!  Redress the grievances of countless American’s as under the 1st Amendment.  Free the American Hostages, now that will be one show under the Big Top of the three ring circus in Washington D.C.!  Is this writing politically correct, you betcha!


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