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I just happened to read an article

Obama breaks promise—again—to commemorate Armenian ‘genocide’ by Olivier Knox, Yahoo News 4/24/2013.  The next three paragraphs are a segment from that article.

“Nations grow stronger by acknowledging and reckoning with painful elements of the past, thereby building a foundation for a more just and tolerant future,” Obama said in an implicit appeal to Turkey. “We appreciate this lesson in the United States, as we strive to reconcile some of the darkest moments in our own history. We recognize those courageous Armenians and Turks who have already taken this path, and encourage more to do so, with the backing of their governments, and mine.”

The chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America, Aram Hamparian, denounced Obama’s statement, accusing the president of bowing to Turkey’s “gag rule” on the issue.

“Our President’s complicity in Turkey’s denial of truth and its ongoing obstruction of justice will not derail our progress toward a truthful, fair, and comprehensive international resolution of Turkey’s still unpunished crime against the Armenian nation,” Hamparian said in a statement.”

After reading this article I decided to finally write my own article about Genocide.  Genocide is genocide! It should be called the appropriate term and I fully support the Armenian’s endeavor for Justice.

Genocide nowadays has become a underhanded weapon of choice by inflicting immense emotional trauma onto societies to harm and rob millions upon millions of people in the United States and World Nations.  Genocide by mass trauma is evident in all of the financial debacles throughout the world.  The greed and gain of bankers, Zionists, elitists, The IMF, The Federal Reserve and by broken shambles of governments especially the U.S. Congress.

The genocide in U.S. Courts and by the U.S. Government is off the charts and it is equally underhanded terrorism especially when no oversight or protections exist anywhere for the American people.  More than likely courts worldwide harbor tremendous genocide and terrorism.  Genocide and terrorism go hand in hand when many people are being intentionally harmed and rights are dishonored.  I am an American whose suffered three physical injuries from stress and duress of being a court crime victim being brutalized, harmed, robbed and impoverished for nine years now from in U.S. Court corruption scams with NO authority anywhere. These scenarios exist for many, many families where death and suicide also occur plus long-term health concerns from excessive stress and emotional trauma which makes these events forms of genocide and terrorism. Emotions and stress harm the physical body wake up President Obama and Attorney General Holder. Many U.S. Government officials  prefer inhumanity and sadism over humanity and authority.

Members of the U.S. Congress and all U.S. politicians own raising of election campaign funds or lobbyist kickbacks have been more important than honoring any Americans rights to their own property, funds, children,  elderly parents, rights, lives, freedoms or justice.  TREASON & SEDITION charges were filed by me against the U.S. Congress on 4/17/13. These events have gone on for years on end within a very subverted foreign corporate U.S. government structure.  Underhanded, uncivilized torture to millions, upon millions of Americans alone by causing immense trauma to families.  Every home was stolen in the foreclosure debacle forcing and causing stress, money loss, more homelessness and poverty plus fraud and grand larceny from U.S. Courts, county, states and the Federal governments. The beneficiaries of these crimes are criminals, politicians besides bankers, attorneys, judges, etc.  U.S. Media covers-up the heinous abuse by the U.S. Government to the American people, which who only aids genocide and terrorism by mass trauma to Americans.

Just the other day once again I sought the Justice Department provide proper authorities contact me to seek a rights agency handle settlements for other court crime victims some with children stolen by U.S. Court corruption along with the freeing of adults and children. But still no reply by the Justice Department. Meanwhile many of these court crime victims have been held hostage for years on end with continual harm going on year after year.  This shows only inhumane insanity and crimes against humanity by U.S. Government officials.  The mental health of turn a blind eye corrupt U.S. politicians needs serious review to have allowed these atrocities to get to such a level of massive treason and sedition.  Many U.S. politicians must be ousted.  Where are indictments and arrests?

Meanwhile terrorists get law assistance right away as with the Boston bomber suspect.  What is wrong with these scenarios?  In addition tremendous 4th Amendment Rights were violated in Boston communities to search and seizure during that crisis.   Why weren’t there bomb sniffing dogs or blood hounds searching for one lone suspect?  It was an overblown show of force by martial law violating more American rights once again.  The big question is how does the bomb or fire at the JFK Library tie in, something being covered-up no doubt? The U.S. Government is great with cover-ups but lacks TRUTH and JUSTICE.

President Obama may not want to admit it is genocide and terrorism but an American Holocaust exists.  A more obvious brutal scenario exists in the Armenian genocide.  Face facts President Obama!  Many Americans command TRUTH, FREEDOM & JUSTICE NOW!  I command a contact person to resolve all the parties cases provided the U.S. and CA Department of Justice over the last few years as under the 1st Amendment to redress grievances.  Take authority President Obama, take authority!  The same corrupt government operations or duality are far from true reality in the honoring of American Rights as under the U.S. Constitution.



After watching the U.S. Media coverage in the aftermath of the tragic bombings from the Boston Marathon tremendous rights violations have occurred.  The full force escapade in searching for now one young man possibly involved with the explosions is overblown.  Are they even the real bombers? Military, tanks and countless police, etc.  What is truly happening during Martial Law?  The searches of American homes are total rights violations.  If individuals were in their homes they would know if someone broke in to hideout, there are no need for searches.  If someone harbored a fugitive it would not be hard to tell.  This young man could be states away by now.

I view these searches by the U.S. Military, police or whomever as an invasion of privacy along with search and seizure violations to the 4TH Amendment.  This  American rights violation is absolutely unnecessary.  All Americans can deny any search.  Americans can refuse for cause any search or seizure plus declare their own private property rights.  No party even if U.S. Military, police or anyone has a right to violate YOUR American rights.  They can be denied entrance into your home and told to get off your property, countless government criminals and predators exist.

The U.S. Media would never inform you of this.  President Obama and Attorney General Holder are being notified to halt these American Rights Violations immediately.  These Nazism, Communist, Terroristic approaches to communities will not stand. You should arrest the countless criminals  harbored within your own corrupt U.S. Courts, U.S. Congress and offices plus oust the subverted foreign government operating within the United States.  The reason 2nd Amendment Rights exist is due to tyrannical governments.  These violations to the 4TH Amendment will not be condoned and I hope the NRA will also take a stand for these Americans Rights.

The following paragraph about the Fourth Amendment is copied from Wikipedia.

“The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”[1]  


This message is being provided to the tragic Sandy Hook, Newtown victim families to better understand the contagion effect in death by suicide. It will also be provided to President Obama and the NRA.

I am a crisis interventionist grief counselor also involved personally as a court crime victim turned whistleblower, rights activist and corruption freedom fighter against the U.S. Government. My story can be viewed on this blog and at  The U.S. Government is very responsible for tremendous harm to American families throughout the country. One reason is the U.S. Government has not been American for many, many years. President Obama picked up a nightmare from the Bush Administration. Changes are being made behind the scenes but still the cover-ups continue.  In February 2013 a few hundred victims from a group Lawless America came to Washington D.C. to give Congressional testimonies against the U.S. Courts.  President Obama nor any member of the U.S. Congress would attend.  That is a pathetic outrage and reveals the U.S. is still not an American government

There has been a systematic breakdown in society overall to impoverish, rob and harm children, adults and families especially in these tyrannical U.S. Courts throughout the country. Emotional trauma has become a weapon of choice to harm millions and millions of Americans and people of World Nations. Destruction and the selling out of American jobs and businesses another part of this story besides countless frauds by all U.S. Government corporate infrastructures. This results in increased violence and crime in society perpetrated by most U.S. Government operations. The criminally insane are running this tyrannical foreign corporate U.S. Government. This is why 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms are mandatory to protect the American people. No changes are lawful by the U.S. Congress because these crooks do not represent the American people and many of these long-term politicians are crooks. States and county governments besides The Fed and bankers are involved with this rampant TREASON.

U.S. Media has allowed the creation of an American Holocaust due to their colluding with the U.S. Government. Propaganda media exists denying Freedom of the Press.

With that said one of the key aspects of mass trauma by gun violence, knife stabbings, explosions or any type of violence is the contagion effect of death by suicide. Suicide is a tragic death and when a suicide occurs it gives other individuals the idea that suicide is alright to do. The contagion effect is a copycat effect. This happened in the terrible tragic death by suicide of singer Mindy McCready whose boyfriend a short time prior committed death by suicide. People whom commit death by suicide are in terrible pain. I have assisted many survivors of suicide during times of despair and grief after a death by suicide of a loved one. It is very painful for survivors because of guilt plus beliefs they could have helped their loved one prior to their death. Once a death by suicide happens the odds of another suicide in the same family goes up. Death by suicide is literally the survivors loved one harming them which can be difficult to understand.

Mass trauma gun violence incidents or by other means already has a perpetrator who realizes they will die. They may die by their own hand or death by cop. They are in great pain and want to take out their pain on others. They have no regard to life at these junctures. They may want notoriety or to be sensationalized. Suicide in mass traumas do not need notoriety.  The U.S. Media and U.S. Government provides these perpetrators notoriety which then creates more of the same tragedies.  This has  even been witnessed since the tragic Sandy Hook, Newtown killings.  Stabbings were at a recent college incident and now bombs at the Boston Marathon plus many other crimes due to wanting to change gun laws.

To effect changes to mass trauma of gun violence or by other means the notoriety must be halted.  In my view the best way to handle this is the U.S. Media should not reveal who or whom the killer(s) are or their families.  The names should only be provided privately to the victim families and to certain U.S. Government officials.  This will change the effect of notoriety.  Right now the U.S. Media covers-up lots of harm to the American people, they should be halted from revealing these perpetrators information so these crimes can be diminished.  There is really no reason anyone has to even know this information so it can change these circumstances.  If a perpetrator survived that would be a different scenario.

Younger children and adolescents are bombarded with violence in video games, TV and movies.  Change should be incorporated into these areas.

Presently no changes can be made to the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans due to the foreign corruption that is both domestic and international terrorism operating within the U.S. Government.  I hope the Newtown victims families share this information with other gun violence or death by suicide advocates.  There are no protections overall by the U.S. Government, believe me.  I know children stolen by the U.S. Government and the families get no assistance. The harm to families is immeasurable.   Americans must protect themselves and protections with armed guards is the best protection at schools throughout the country as suggested by the NRA.


My condolences go out to all those who died or were harmed at the Boston Marathon. It was a true blessing that those bombs exploded after many people had crossed the finish line to reduce the amount of casualties. Why this terrible event happened is hard say exactly.

When I view this tragic situation I see the chronic fraud that is still in existence by the U.S. Government. Patriots Day is perceived as an American event. The Boston Marathon though is an event with an international ensemble of runners. The Commonwealth State of Massachusetts is British. There are four obvious British States in the United States represented as Commonwealths and with Commonwealth Courts. The four states are Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky. It appears when the British took control back over the United States they made these states Commonwealths because they were states where key Founding Fathers of the Republic resided.  Commonwealth means it is the common wealth that is why Americans are being robbed and harmed especially in tyrannical courts throughout the nation by the British, the Vatican Bank, Bankers, Zionists and mafia. U.S. Media covers-up these crimes and colludes extensively with the U.S. Government.

This is also why in the State of New York and other states all court decisions especially related to gun control are null and void because this country is still not American.  Americans have a right to bear arms against tyrannical governments.  Governor Cuomo’s NY SAFE ACT is unlawful.  Registration of guns is similar to car registration a car can be seized if a person does not pay tickets.  NO GUNS WILL EVER BE REGISTERED!  No existing laws that are statutes need to be honored since they are under the corporate fiction of a treasonous foreign government, they are not the laws of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is tragic that President Obama used grieving families such as the Newtown victims to aid only the corrupt agenda of the foreign no-authority based U.S. Congress.  The U.S. Congress does not  truly represent the American people at all and they have no authority to make any changes to gun laws, 2nd Amendment Rights.

President Obama wants to keep up the duality charade but meanwhile thousands and thousands of criminals still operate within the U.S. Government.  Aspects of the police operate as international law and sheriffs offices are also corrupted.  Last week an issue arose over a mans gun permit, the situation was not about him, in the State of New York he had to come to the County Clerk’s Office. So many County Clerks are crooks as are their whole county operations. These county and state operations are involved with major money laundering schemes to steal the countless fraudulent foreclosures of homes throughout the nation.  I requested prior that President Obama take authority by today 4/16/13 to take this country back as American.  Where are indictments? The United States is an American country not foreign  British/Vatican based, etc.  Take this country back as American immediately, President Obama so we don’t see more tragedies like at the Boston Marathon.  Duality does not cut it President Obama.  Take authority Mr. President or the American people will need to come in and toss many of you crooks out of office ourselves!  Newtown victims will be alerted that no changes anywhere will be made to gun laws under the 2nd Amendment with the treason and American Holocaust that exists.  One of the biggest changes to help gun violence plus the genocide, terrorism and crimes against humanity due to political and governmental corruption is to halt all campaign finance money-raising and SuperPacs immediately.

On a special note to the NRA nullify and void any court orders violating 2nd Amendment rights by any U.S. Court judge.  There is overall no authority by any judge from within these crooked tyrannical British foreign courts when President Obama and Attorney General Holders still cover-up the crimes taking place in U.S. Courts throughout the country.  U.S. Courts overall violate all laws and rights of the American people under the U.S. Constitution. Many American hostages need to be freed. If Americans rights are violated as mine are along with countless other Americans then this country is still not American. Honor our American rights NOW and restore TRUTH, FREEDOM & JUSTICE, Mr. President!


Yes, I say 90%, yes it is 90%.  MSNBC and their broken record of telling what American’s want is HOGWASH on guns.  Countless U.S. Media companies are treasonous due to colluding in the American Holocaust of U.S. Court, U.S. Governmental & U.S. Political crimes and corruption throughout the country.  All U.S. Media companies collude extensively with the U.S. Government all for campaign finance ads and interviews, etc.  U.S. Media are aiding and abetting massive election fraud to the American people.

MSNBC is not alone!  All U.S. Media companies collude such as CNN, Fox News and even news sources such as Bloomberg News, The Huffington Post,  The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post the list goes on and on.  Many executives at these companies should be arrested for propaganda media and aiding and abetting tragic harm to destroy the lives of U.S. families.  These executives and some media personalities should be not only be fined but arrested for TREASON!

Yes, 90% is about an accurate number for all the countless Americans that have been robbed and harmed by the U.S. Government.  Around 100% for all the U.S. Court Corruption cases the U.S. Media shun with cover-ups.  American children are stolen and U.S. media companies will not even share any stories at all. There are many CPS/DFS U.S. Court adoption/foster care kickback schemes to steal children.  Parental rights are terminated in droves because the foreign tyrannical U.S. Government believes they have a right to human traffic children for even pedophile schemes.  Many Americans unlawfully jailed and arrested.  Families destroyed and robbed of all property in divorces.  Add in many tragic stories besides holding Americans for years as hostages in crooked corrupt U.S. Courts.  The types of crimes are unreal, massive genocide and trauma to society with many Americans being victimized.  The U.S. Government has intentionally been forcing many women and children into poverty, men too!  Did you ever hear any news media person say Americans stay in your homes during these fraudulent foreclosures?  If you know of someone please share it with me they need to be honored.  Americans businesses have been sold out to foreign businesses overseas.  Is your electric company even American?  Mine is not!  Your electric appliances are not even made in the U.S., almost none.  Americans have been sold down the foreign corruption river due to payoffs in U.S. Politics.

Thank your treasonous U.S. Media stations for all of this!  90% of Americans want charges on these crooked media lowlife executives that deny FREEDOM OF THE PRESS to the American people.  If all Americans  were aware they would definitely agree! TREASON IS TREASON!  U.S. MEDIA TERRORISM IS COMING OUT OF YOUR TV SETS!  AMERICANS SHUT YOUR TV SETS OFF ESPECIALLY BRITISH ACCENTS!


President Obama and Attorney General Holder have been alerted they must display this government has been taken back as a U.S. American Government effective 4/16/13.  President Obama lives in the world of duality which is a totally bogus world.  President Obama picked up a nightmare of not only U.S. Court and U.S. Governmental Corruption but a subverted foreign corporate government.  Though I am aware the Obama Administration had been taking action behind the scenes the same crooked U.S. Congress which does not represent the American people cannot come back to D.C.  Many need to be arrested in all levels of the U.S. Government.  U.S. Courts have been British/Vatican based tyranny that has created an American Holocaust which is covered-up by major media whom collude with the U.S. Government. No U.S. politician better be violating my American rights or any other Americans’ rights effective 4/16/13.

It will be five years in May when my Constitutional Right to a jury trial was violated of a fraudster attorney even with a subpoena of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger which turned into a major criminal conspiracy.  Many countless criminals are still operating in U.S. Courts throughout the country and in county and state governments.  My American rights and many other Americans rights under the U.S. Constitution have been violated for years on end.  I will not play the duality game with the Obama Administration any longer.  President Obama has been asked countless times to take authority for the country and these crooks which he has denied.  It’s not to say President Obama is not taking action behind the scenes but the chronic trying to keep the same criminal and treasonous foreign tyrannical government operations going cannot continue.  The duality by you Mr. President will not be tolerated.  This country must be taken back as an American country and government NOW.  Not next month, a few months down the road or next year, NOW!  You’ve had four years, Mr. President.

Shut down many operations immediately with limited operations, crooks must be removed from office.  The duality charade will end NOW, President Obama.  All campaign financing will cease and new American elections must commence with equality to all candidates with equal media coverage.  NO AD revenue since U.S. media colludes and is responsible for massive harm to the American people and the selling out of this American country.

I am alerting the NRA and other gun activists that any and all laws created under this rights violating subverted foreign corporate U.S. Government are null and void.  That means all American have a right to carry without permits or any handgun can be lawfully purchased in the State of New York or any other state where Americans have been denied these rights under the 2nd Amendment.  No permits are necessary or any background checks because all Americans have a Right to Bear Arms. Governor Cuomo’s NY Safe Act is null and void, their is nothing SAFE about Cuomo’s government offices, nor Governor Jerry Brown’s. The corrupt and criminally insane are running the U.S. Government so who are any of these criminals allowed to violate the rights of Americans under the 2nd Amendment.  They are not! Any new unlawful laws are null and void, this country is being taken back as American.  American’s have the right to defend themselves against tyrannical governments and this treasonous foreign corporate government fits the bill.  Many Sheriff’s offices must be replaced perhaps with U.S. Military since their own criminal acts of stealing or torching of homes is off the charts. The organized crime racketeering Bar Associations besides crooked attorneys , judges, etc.  another horror.

If President Obama or Attorney General Holder do not take action to defend the American people and show they are taking this country back as American by April 16, 2013 other action will need to commence.  Will People’s Militias need to remove crooked politicians and U.S. Government employees?  Pink slips will be issued to make a person aware they must step down immediately, if they do not, who knows what will happen.  Peaceful solutions the best solutions, but the PEOPLE will need to act if President Obama does not show his authority for this country is American immediately.  TREASON IS RAMPANT. I seek the newly raised funds for the Bush Library of  $500 million be seized because both Presidency’s are treasonous war criminals.  President Obama and Attorney General Holder I rather pat you on the back for a job well done. It is a big job but that means you need to do the job.



Thank you,

Cheryl Kennedy


It literally has been years since I myself have been caught up in playing the DUALITY charade with the Obama Administration. During the 2012 Presidential election playing the duality game was by far the hardest time because my own rights under the U.S. Constitution, Human Rights, Civil Rights and other rights were being violated along with the rights of many other court crime victims, plus others in society by the Obama Administration. Why? Because its appalling that President Obama still did not come clean before the election as to what truly exists in the U.S. Government. But all in all President Obama needed to be re-elected since I am aware he has been taking action behind the scenes against court and governmental corruption. Romney and his wife had no inkling of the horrors and the American Holocaust that exists in these subverted foreign tyrannical U.S. Governmental offices.

I’ve been too patient, but not anymore.  I am done with duality as the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger cover-up continues plus this deranged criminal conspiracy while crooks still sit in their U.S. Governmental employee positions. Does it take time to investigate criminal activity, yes, but NO AMERICAN should have their rights violated during any investigation especially when the crooks are U.S. Government employees. As far as duality goes, I am done with it, all gloves are off President Obama. Playing the duality game which President Obama has become very accustomed too is truly deranged insanity. Some common types of duality are good and bad or evil, right and wrong, light and dark, truth or lies,  justice and injustice, happy and sad the list can go on and on. Dealing with the U.S. Governments duality is dealing with extreme abuse of power, sadistic treatment, rights violations, inhumanity, inequality, bullying and a variety of other terms could apply. In essence court crime victims presently have to rely on the same crooked group of crooks to do the right thing.  An American Holocaust exists due to the cover-ups with media, rights groups and the turn a blind eye dissociative U.S. Congress.

President Obama and his administrations duality at this juncture needs to come to an end. In February 2013, President Obama nor no member of the U.S. Congress would meet with a few hundred court crime victims so how can you believe anything out of President Obama’s mouth when he wants to make unlawful changes to the 2nd Amendment. President Obama truly wants you to believe his own lies and frauds in seeking to help gun violence victims when he can not come clean for court crime victims. Duality is not Reality! You can’t play both sides of the coin. This inhumanity will come to an end. The truth must be revealed and JUSTICE must be implemented. No American should be violated for years on end and then you want to act humane in some other way. President Obama stop the duality charade and take authority for this broken shambles of a U.S. Government. Stop you own violations of duality to myself and countless other American crime victims.  Stop living in darkness President Obama, come out into the light. President Obama this U.S. Government is being taken back as American NOW! You have until April 16, 2013 to take authority against your countless amount of criminals President Obama and Attorney General Holder otherwise you will be sought to be removed from office and arrested.  Shut many aspects of this U.S. Government and all U.S. Courts plus State and County operations down now with minimal operation, your duality is going to end once and for all, President Obama.  Show your authority as American or get out!


Since I am a court crime victim held hostage for nine years now without my property, payment for my massive harm, unbelievable rights violations, physical injuries, destruction of self-employed businesses due to heinous corruption from in U.S. Courts and abuse of power by U.S. politicians, I must comment on President Obama’s injustices, fraud and his chronic begging for money.

Just the other day President Obama was in the San Francisco Bay Area to beg for money at a fundraiser making a sexist remark about Attorney General Kamala Harris a woman who also violates American rights. Attorney General Harris violates my rights and other victims rights daily along with Governor Jerry Brown. Just last week I asked to have a Rights Group contact Attorney General Harris about this abuse of power along with Attorney General Holder but still no response, still no justice while crooks harm others. U.S. politicians adhere to absolutely nothing except their own buck.  A false power by a bunch of rights violators and treasonous crooks.

One of the biggest problem with U.S. Politics and it was exhibited in the fraudulent election of President Obama in 2012 was his campaign finance begging for American dollars. The other day as I drove behind a vehicle with a Washington D.C. license plate on the bottom it stated TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! How true there has been NO representation of the American people at all for years. One reason why is NO U.S. politician had any jurisdiction to U.S. Courts, all a fraud. The Governors of the State have some jurisdiction but not the Attorney Generals. An honest service fraud exists to rob and harm American families while U.S. politicians turn a blind eye. Add in the immense organized crime and racketeering to allow this immense harm and corruption to exist intentionally due to a firewall of the Judicial Branch of Government.

Millions of homes were stolen in the foreclosure banking debacle, who now owns these stolen properties? Each and every family that lost a home lost sums of money and other property, some family members committed suicide, some died and many families lives were destroyed with many more now divorcing. How many were forced into poverty? This is genocide and terrorism. Was it China, Britain, the Vatican, Zionists, bankers and whomever else besides many attorneys and judges that stole these homes on the cheap? Let’s not forget the county and state governments kickbacks or money laundering schemes. President Obama I hope the proposed settlements are large and not miniscule reimbursement for these victims immense harm.  Same old crooked Federal Reserve too, nothing changes until crooks are removed from their positions. At least there is a start to redress the grievances asunder the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution for homeowners.

President Obama did pick up a nightmare from the Bush and Clinton Administration when taking office in 2008. But still President Obama lies daily to American families while he still takes no authority on the corruption from within the U.S. Government. A free ride for all of crooks, I never witnessed anything so repulsive as this immense corruption by County, States and Federal Government employees plus other crooks. No one has been in authority anywhere. The United States of America has been run as a country of criminals in every office, plus add in the subverted foreign tyrannical government. The U.S. Military and wars another shambles.

Any gun law changes made under the 2nd Amendment are a fraud by the Obama Administration even at the State level, since the states are even robbing Americans. Twice I had my 2nd Amendment Rights violated in this court corruption scheme. In the second violation I nullified and voided an order I had to agree to which violated my 2nd Amendment Rights due to an unlawful seizure of my person by a corrupt Judge Robert Foiles and Congresswoman Jackie Speier. This event was to cover up immense corruption by them and by Congresswoman Anna Eshoo to harm local residents at San Mateo Superior Court, all conflict of interest. I have a right to my property as do other Americans but those two crooked Congresswomen wanted to run me out of the county so they could raise campaign funds for their own 2012 elections. U.S. politicians are the biggest fraudsters, it’s all election fraud! I had to sign this bogus document in order to be freed. Attorney General Harris has been requested a few times to provide me a written notice that she terminated the agreement. All the American people do is contend with the same crooked corrupt enterprises.  The State of California is a broken State of immense corruption the same as New York from my experience in the court and political system. It appears nothing has changed since the same top crooks Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Charles Schumer are still in their positions besides many others.

NO BACKGROUND CHECKS are warranted and nothing should be mandated by crook Senator Schumer along with the countless fraudsters in the U.S. Judiciary and U.S. Congress to gun laws. President Obama’s continual irresponsible fraud and injustice should not be tolerated by the American people. If the American people truly realized the criminal activity from within the U.S. Government they will be outraged and no doubt may bear arms at the U.S. Congress. The Peoples Militia may need to be brought in here if President Obama does not take authority for this American country. TRUTH & JUSTICE MUST BE RESTORED! That is probably why the President is pushing this agenda, if you truly looked at gun violence it has nothing to do with the Sandy Hook incident. Dealing with the U.S. Government is dealing with the criminally insane and dens of sociopaths. ALL CAMPAIGN FINANCE FUNDING SHOULD BE HALTED AND ALL THOSE ASSETS SEIZED! When I don’t have my property, along with many other Americans, plus the amount of countless stolen children along with the elderly, many jailed unlawfully plus many other immense violations to our American lives then NO U.S. politician should be allowed to raise campaign finance money at all. It’s just more theft of funds by a bunch of crooks for redistribution of wealth.  President Obama should halt his own begging of your money for any campaign finance funding of election fraud when he still has not taken authority for the problems of this AMERICAN country. The election fraud must stop!

I realize behind the scenes the President may be taking authority but the lies, frauds and begging for dollars must stop! MSNBC and other media promoting gun legislation whom collude with the U.S. Government should be shut down and sued. Hardball Chris Matthew is a major colluder in my own case, BOYCOTTING MSNBC is warranted.  I wonder who the investors are in all U.S. media companies since propaganda media rules.  Chris Matthew’s shut up, put a sock in it about a Bush or Clinton in office ever again you treasonous lowlife.  Chris Matthew are you paid by the Vatican? Martin Bashir a British accent who doesn’t shut up either along with Piers Morgan. British go home if you don’t want to adhere to the laws and rights of the American people. I never hear any of you lowlifes at MSNBC take up issues on the injustices, frauds and victims of court and governmental corruption. NO FREE PRESS AT MSNBC, CNN or any other propaganda media station. Oh how can I forget Rev. Al Sharpton who’s another joke, far from a true American rights activist.

AMERICANS SHOULD STOP PAYING ALL DEBT & ALL TAXES TO THE CROOKS RUNNING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. President Obama and other politicians taking a 5% pay cut is a joke when millions of Americans have been impoverished and forced into homelessness.  NO changes should be made to social security, medicare, the 2nd Amendment or other pertinent segments of the U.S. Government when President Barack Obama continues to beg and defraud the American people daily with a crooked U.S. Congress and government.  My duality just came to an end, I hope your does too Mr. President!  Where are indictments?  Show me your authority Mr. President? If you have no authority Mr. President it’s time for your own arrest for crimes against humanity, obstruction of justice, rights violations, abuse of power and a host of other crimes?

President Obama if you need to bully and brow beat me any further along with other Americans who are crime victims, you better shut your hell hole crooked government down NOW! NO U.S. POLITICIAN BETTER VIOLATE ANY AMERICANS RIGHTS EVER AGAIN & YOU BETTER STOP RIGHT NOW! I COMMAND MY PROPERTY & THE PROPERTY OF OTHER AMERICANS PLUS THE FREEING OF A GROUP OF CHILDREN AND A FREEING OF AMERICANS HELD HOSTAGE IN CORRUPT COURTS.  President Obama if your children were being harmed and stolen, I bet you would have lots to say.  You better start taking authority for the crooks in your offices President Obama and stop the begging for money in campaign elections when many American’s 1st Amendment Rights need to be honored due to the American Holocaust and immense treason you have in your offices.

Get out of my life and the lives of other crime victims. We have a right to live freely and take your crooks with you.  All Americans have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without government intrusion.  DON’T TREAD ON ME OR ANY OTHER AMERICAN!  WE ARE NOT YOUR FRANCHISE, MAKE A NOTE OF IT!