President Obama and Attorney General Holder have been alerted they must display this government has been taken back as a U.S. American Government effective 4/16/13.  President Obama lives in the world of duality which is a totally bogus world.  President Obama picked up a nightmare of not only U.S. Court and U.S. Governmental Corruption but a subverted foreign corporate government.  Though I am aware the Obama Administration had been taking action behind the scenes the same crooked U.S. Congress which does not represent the American people cannot come back to D.C.  Many need to be arrested in all levels of the U.S. Government.  U.S. Courts have been British/Vatican based tyranny that has created an American Holocaust which is covered-up by major media whom collude with the U.S. Government. No U.S. politician better be violating my American rights or any other Americans’ rights effective 4/16/13.

It will be five years in May when my Constitutional Right to a jury trial was violated of a fraudster attorney even with a subpoena of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger which turned into a major criminal conspiracy.  Many countless criminals are still operating in U.S. Courts throughout the country and in county and state governments.  My American rights and many other Americans rights under the U.S. Constitution have been violated for years on end.  I will not play the duality game with the Obama Administration any longer.  President Obama has been asked countless times to take authority for the country and these crooks which he has denied.  It’s not to say President Obama is not taking action behind the scenes but the chronic trying to keep the same criminal and treasonous foreign tyrannical government operations going cannot continue.  The duality by you Mr. President will not be tolerated.  This country must be taken back as an American country and government NOW.  Not next month, a few months down the road or next year, NOW!  You’ve had four years, Mr. President.

Shut down many operations immediately with limited operations, crooks must be removed from office.  The duality charade will end NOW, President Obama.  All campaign financing will cease and new American elections must commence with equality to all candidates with equal media coverage.  NO AD revenue since U.S. media colludes and is responsible for massive harm to the American people and the selling out of this American country.

I am alerting the NRA and other gun activists that any and all laws created under this rights violating subverted foreign corporate U.S. Government are null and void.  That means all American have a right to carry without permits or any handgun can be lawfully purchased in the State of New York or any other state where Americans have been denied these rights under the 2nd Amendment.  No permits are necessary or any background checks because all Americans have a Right to Bear Arms. Governor Cuomo’s NY Safe Act is null and void, their is nothing SAFE about Cuomo’s government offices, nor Governor Jerry Brown’s. The corrupt and criminally insane are running the U.S. Government so who are any of these criminals allowed to violate the rights of Americans under the 2nd Amendment.  They are not! Any new unlawful laws are null and void, this country is being taken back as American.  American’s have the right to defend themselves against tyrannical governments and this treasonous foreign corporate government fits the bill.  Many Sheriff’s offices must be replaced perhaps with U.S. Military since their own criminal acts of stealing or torching of homes is off the charts. The organized crime racketeering Bar Associations besides crooked attorneys , judges, etc.  another horror.

If President Obama or Attorney General Holder do not take action to defend the American people and show they are taking this country back as American by April 16, 2013 other action will need to commence.  Will People’s Militias need to remove crooked politicians and U.S. Government employees?  Pink slips will be issued to make a person aware they must step down immediately, if they do not, who knows what will happen.  Peaceful solutions the best solutions, but the PEOPLE will need to act if President Obama does not show his authority for this country is American immediately.  TREASON IS RAMPANT. I seek the newly raised funds for the Bush Library of  $500 million be seized because both Presidency’s are treasonous war criminals.  President Obama and Attorney General Holder I rather pat you on the back for a job well done. It is a big job but that means you need to do the job.



Thank you,

Cheryl Kennedy


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