Yes, I say 90%, yes it is 90%.  MSNBC and their broken record of telling what American’s want is HOGWASH on guns.  Countless U.S. Media companies are treasonous due to colluding in the American Holocaust of U.S. Court, U.S. Governmental & U.S. Political crimes and corruption throughout the country.  All U.S. Media companies collude extensively with the U.S. Government all for campaign finance ads and interviews, etc.  U.S. Media are aiding and abetting massive election fraud to the American people.

MSNBC is not alone!  All U.S. Media companies collude such as CNN, Fox News and even news sources such as Bloomberg News, The Huffington Post,  The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post the list goes on and on.  Many executives at these companies should be arrested for propaganda media and aiding and abetting tragic harm to destroy the lives of U.S. families.  These executives and some media personalities should be not only be fined but arrested for TREASON!

Yes, 90% is about an accurate number for all the countless Americans that have been robbed and harmed by the U.S. Government.  Around 100% for all the U.S. Court Corruption cases the U.S. Media shun with cover-ups.  American children are stolen and U.S. media companies will not even share any stories at all. There are many CPS/DFS U.S. Court adoption/foster care kickback schemes to steal children.  Parental rights are terminated in droves because the foreign tyrannical U.S. Government believes they have a right to human traffic children for even pedophile schemes.  Many Americans unlawfully jailed and arrested.  Families destroyed and robbed of all property in divorces.  Add in many tragic stories besides holding Americans for years as hostages in crooked corrupt U.S. Courts.  The types of crimes are unreal, massive genocide and trauma to society with many Americans being victimized.  The U.S. Government has intentionally been forcing many women and children into poverty, men too!  Did you ever hear any news media person say Americans stay in your homes during these fraudulent foreclosures?  If you know of someone please share it with me they need to be honored.  Americans businesses have been sold out to foreign businesses overseas.  Is your electric company even American?  Mine is not!  Your electric appliances are not even made in the U.S., almost none.  Americans have been sold down the foreign corruption river due to payoffs in U.S. Politics.

Thank your treasonous U.S. Media stations for all of this!  90% of Americans want charges on these crooked media lowlife executives that deny FREEDOM OF THE PRESS to the American people.  If all Americans  were aware they would definitely agree! TREASON IS TREASON!  U.S. MEDIA TERRORISM IS COMING OUT OF YOUR TV SETS!  AMERICANS SHUT YOUR TV SETS OFF ESPECIALLY BRITISH ACCENTS!


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