I just happened to read an article

Obama breaks promise—again—to commemorate Armenian ‘genocide’ by Olivier Knox, Yahoo News 4/24/2013.  The next three paragraphs are a segment from that article.

“Nations grow stronger by acknowledging and reckoning with painful elements of the past, thereby building a foundation for a more just and tolerant future,” Obama said in an implicit appeal to Turkey. “We appreciate this lesson in the United States, as we strive to reconcile some of the darkest moments in our own history. We recognize those courageous Armenians and Turks who have already taken this path, and encourage more to do so, with the backing of their governments, and mine.”

The chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America, Aram Hamparian, denounced Obama’s statement, accusing the president of bowing to Turkey’s “gag rule” on the issue.

“Our President’s complicity in Turkey’s denial of truth and its ongoing obstruction of justice will not derail our progress toward a truthful, fair, and comprehensive international resolution of Turkey’s still unpunished crime against the Armenian nation,” Hamparian said in a statement.”

After reading this article I decided to finally write my own article about Genocide.  Genocide is genocide! It should be called the appropriate term and I fully support the Armenian’s endeavor for Justice.

Genocide nowadays has become a underhanded weapon of choice by inflicting immense emotional trauma onto societies to harm and rob millions upon millions of people in the United States and World Nations.  Genocide by mass trauma is evident in all of the financial debacles throughout the world.  The greed and gain of bankers, Zionists, elitists, The IMF, The Federal Reserve and by broken shambles of governments especially the U.S. Congress.

The genocide in U.S. Courts and by the U.S. Government is off the charts and it is equally underhanded terrorism especially when no oversight or protections exist anywhere for the American people.  More than likely courts worldwide harbor tremendous genocide and terrorism.  Genocide and terrorism go hand in hand when many people are being intentionally harmed and rights are dishonored.  I am an American whose suffered three physical injuries from stress and duress of being a court crime victim being brutalized, harmed, robbed and impoverished for nine years now from in U.S. Court corruption scams with NO authority anywhere. These scenarios exist for many, many families where death and suicide also occur plus long-term health concerns from excessive stress and emotional trauma which makes these events forms of genocide and terrorism. Emotions and stress harm the physical body wake up President Obama and Attorney General Holder. Many U.S. Government officials  prefer inhumanity and sadism over humanity and authority.

Members of the U.S. Congress and all U.S. politicians own raising of election campaign funds or lobbyist kickbacks have been more important than honoring any Americans rights to their own property, funds, children,  elderly parents, rights, lives, freedoms or justice.  TREASON & SEDITION charges were filed by me against the U.S. Congress on 4/17/13. These events have gone on for years on end within a very subverted foreign corporate U.S. government structure.  Underhanded, uncivilized torture to millions, upon millions of Americans alone by causing immense trauma to families.  Every home was stolen in the foreclosure debacle forcing and causing stress, money loss, more homelessness and poverty plus fraud and grand larceny from U.S. Courts, county, states and the Federal governments. The beneficiaries of these crimes are criminals, politicians besides bankers, attorneys, judges, etc.  U.S. Media covers-up the heinous abuse by the U.S. Government to the American people, which who only aids genocide and terrorism by mass trauma to Americans.

Just the other day once again I sought the Justice Department provide proper authorities contact me to seek a rights agency handle settlements for other court crime victims some with children stolen by U.S. Court corruption along with the freeing of adults and children. But still no reply by the Justice Department. Meanwhile many of these court crime victims have been held hostage for years on end with continual harm going on year after year.  This shows only inhumane insanity and crimes against humanity by U.S. Government officials.  The mental health of turn a blind eye corrupt U.S. politicians needs serious review to have allowed these atrocities to get to such a level of massive treason and sedition.  Many U.S. politicians must be ousted.  Where are indictments and arrests?

Meanwhile terrorists get law assistance right away as with the Boston bomber suspect.  What is wrong with these scenarios?  In addition tremendous 4th Amendment Rights were violated in Boston communities to search and seizure during that crisis.   Why weren’t there bomb sniffing dogs or blood hounds searching for one lone suspect?  It was an overblown show of force by martial law violating more American rights once again.  The big question is how does the bomb or fire at the JFK Library tie in, something being covered-up no doubt? The U.S. Government is great with cover-ups but lacks TRUTH and JUSTICE.

President Obama may not want to admit it is genocide and terrorism but an American Holocaust exists.  A more obvious brutal scenario exists in the Armenian genocide.  Face facts President Obama!  Many Americans command TRUTH, FREEDOM & JUSTICE NOW!  I command a contact person to resolve all the parties cases provided the U.S. and CA Department of Justice over the last few years as under the 1st Amendment to redress grievances.  Take authority President Obama, take authority!  The same corrupt government operations or duality are far from true reality in the honoring of American Rights as under the U.S. Constitution.


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