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Due to terrible tragic circumstances that exist from corruption in the United States and World Nations prayers are advised for peaceful swift action to arrest countless treasonous criminals and restore TRUTH, FREEDOMS & JUSTICE!  May many abundant blessings be upon us to restore the United States as an American country and for all countries to honor the lives of the people living in their land. That good with prevail and stomp out the great evils that exist. May light shine upon this horrendous darkness.  May peace and happiness be upon us.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

Please say a pray in any religion that you practice!

5/21/13 – I was unaware that when this prayer was being written yesterday a terrible tornado tragedy occured in Oklahoma. My heart and prayers go out to all the families effected by this storm.



I have never seen people who are supposed to be authority’s for a country be such lying fraudsters and cowards.  The Obama Administration picked up a  horror from the Bush & Clinton Administrations plus prior administrations but it is still their lacking compassion and duty to the American people that deserves attention. President Obama thinks it’s a big joke that the U.S. Government does not adhere to the U.S. Constitution nor do most U.S. politicians.  The U.S. Government has been subverted by Britain and other foreign traitors for years committing tremendous crimes against humanity, harming and robbing millions upon millions of Americans daily.  President Obama better have this country restored as American NOW, this hell hole U.S. Government, a defacto government must be shut down with minimal operation.  President Obama’s fraud, election fraud and lies are about to be shoved down his throat along with Governor Jerry Browns and other U.S. politicians.

The corruption and crimes continue and continue just as todays injustice still reigns on even with finally a GUILTY plea by Dr. William Ayres in his own pedophile psychiatrist case at San Mateo Superior Court in Redwood City, California. There should be JUSTICE for all victims but this plea is tainted by due process age restriction discrimination to the U.S. Constitution for all victims along with corruption and fraud of that court.  California statutes limit age for certain victims which violates the U.S. Constitution.  More than likely these statutes were created to lessen liability for the Catholic Churches in pedophile cases.  The first jury trial of Dr. William Ayres resulted in a hung jury in 2009 but the case was always tainted due to San Mateo County’s own liability by promoting this pedophile to his victims as a county psychiatrist.   President Obama,  Governor Jerry Brown & Attorney General Eric Holder are covering up  corruption scams in that court, courts throughout this nation by their own continual allowance of violations to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Where are arrests?

Though some scandals recently emerged with the IRS, Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Media believe me these exposed scenarios are minor to the true crime, corruption and the American Holocaust taking place in this nation.  Due to this continual lack of regard to all Americans its time President Obama and Governor Jerry Brown be the first U.S. politicians on trial with a jury of Americans.  If no jails are assigned other means of justice must be carried out.  Attorney General Holder will be next in line.  I really hoped these political stooges would take authority for this nation but it is obvious they rather keep up the charade and harm to millions of Americans daily so the sham can continue.  IT IS COMING TO AN END RIGHT NOW TO THIS TREASON & SEDITION ALONG WITH VIOLATIONS TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS BY U.S. POLITICIANS!

I will not tolerate it any longer and neither should any American.  No U.S. politician represents the American people fully it is all a fraud as no one had any jurisdiction to the U.S. Courts. U.S. Courts are torture house renditions of gulags with no protections or assistance due to mass corruption and terrorism.  The U.S. Media, U.S. Politicians, many rights agencies and corporations have aided this American Holocaust.  Many especially long-term politicians are so corrupt, the whole Congress needs to be marched right out of here.  The U.S. Military has also been a subverted terroristic group harming world nations along with harm to the American people.

Senator Charles Schumer is right now brokering another deal to sell out a New York State Electric Co. Central Hudson to a Canadian firm Fortis Energy.  Schumer has been brokering many deals of American companies to foreigners, he has committed many crimes to the American people and this nation but President Obama just keeps allowing these crimes to go on and on.  What a treasonous disgrace.  All American electric utility companies should be on American shores it is questionable how many have been sold out to overseas corporations?

This nation must be restored to an American country NOW. President Obama is notified he better step to the plate NOW.  President Obama’s coward stance will only commence his own jury trial. If Americans need to bear arms in the fight to restore JUSTICE and TRUTH to this country, the time must commence.  Peaceful solutions the best solutions and the best solutions come from legitimacy and truth by President Obama, Governor Brown, Attorney General Eric Holder.  Criminals better be removed from this crooked government or jury trials must begin to commence for the treasonous cowards who refuse to do the job.  NRA members the 2nd Amendment must be defended and no treaty by the U.N.  is needed on this American country’s land.  No bank is secure with crooks at the helm, the American people need a new U.S. Treasury NOW! President Obama make us proud or you need to be ousted!

If you want to be involved with the jury trials of U.S. politicians please write me at


I hope this subverted broken crooked U.S. Government is about to crumble.  This Republic must be restored to the American people.  The Associated Press is one of top media companies that the U.S. Government uses when they release information to the public.  I find this whole situation amusing since I have documents that reveal the Associated Press colluding with the U.S. Government along with countless other propaganda U.S. media newspapers and news stations.  U.S. Court corruption is so covered-up its unbelievable and many have fault in these criminal conspiracies.  Attorney General Eric Holder’s recusal really makes me chuckle.

The IRS is a Puerto Rican Corporation which is just another fraudulent segment to this broken U.S. Government shambles. These corporations have no allegiance to Americans. The American people back in the 1930’s were led to believe they must pay taxes to the IRS.  There are ex-IRS employees that state there is no were written that any American individual must pay taxes in any IRS manual.  In fact illegal immigrants get a free ride on these taxes and they work.  The social security number has made all Americans enslaved and oppressed.   In fact I will never pay any tax to the U.S. Government again after witnessing up close and personal the horror, frauds and crimes perpetrated by the corruption and subversion of this American country.

Having been a Fraud on the Court crime victim forced into poverty plus to receive no assistance from any agency or politician in this country is an outrage. Only after to being so outspoken and vocal did the U.S. Government begin to pay attention to not only my court corruption problem but countless other victims problems too.  U.S. politicians are infringing upon my life daily and this is the norm for anyone who seeks assistance from a politician. I will never pay such crooks again.  In fact because I had to liquidate IRA’s as an asset for cash during my divorce fight and civil trial fight against a crooked attorney along with court corruption to intentionally destroy my self-employed businesses, HELL NO!  In fact I received so many notices from the crooked mail fraud IRS that they are so stupid they can’t understand I do not live at an address where they send mail too.  At some point I gave them a new address but they were too stupid to change the address.  I void and refuse and return to sender all their mail fraud.  Years ago I answered their fraud by nullifying and voiding it but they never get the message this money is not owed to them.   The IRS increases their bills too with phony charges to boot  as fees.  Another crooked operation in this corrupt subverted government. Bye, Bye, IRS!

I met a victim where the IRS created money laundering bogus accounts overseas.  To bad the money was not theirs just another criminal scenario by the IRS.  Money laundering is rampant throughout this crooked government.

The same problem existed with the California Franchise Tax Board after IRA withdrawals were made by me, but meanwhile I was robbed of everything.  Though I asked Governor Jerry Brown to handle that fraud some moron in that office put a state tax lien on my person.  They are all just so crooked.  No agency operates nor does any U.S. politician act legitimately.  A big, big problem especially when the rights and laws are violated of the American people as under the U.S. Constitution.

I hope this cesspool garbage fraudulent U.S. Government goes down now with many crooks arrested from within plus other arrests of corporate slime balls in banks, electric co’s, realtors, etc. stealing home in foreclosures.  May all debt be forgiven, no taxes to pay, etc.  Restore the Republic of the United States of America with JUSTICE. 


Whoever wanted to know that information, your right on.  Congresswoman Eshoo has covered up crime at San Mateo Superior Court for over twenty years.  Her husband and at some point her now ex-husband is an attorney in that community.  He was in private practice with Commissioner Richard Dubois now titled Judge. Governor Jerry Brown has a huge conflict of interest in promoting Dubois to a judge.  Both Governor Jerry Brown and ex-Governator Schwarzenegger were subpoenaed into San Mateo Superior Courts corruption along with corruption from the California State Bar, Commission on Judicial Performance and corruption from the Clerk of the Courts Office in the Supreme Court of California in San Francisco for my jury trial against crook Attorney Eileen Avila who defrauded me.   I exposed along with another victims advocate many cases of corruption by Commissioner Richard Dubois but that crook still harms families daily.  INJUSTICE!  Propaganda media also covers-up these scenarios covering up heinous crimes perpetrated from within the U.S. Government.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is a dissociative person who rather assault me further so her and Eshoo could run their own elections for campaign finance funds rather than support harmed victims in the community.   No U.S. Politician in the U.S. Congress completely represents the American people, it’s all a sham.  An honest service fraud exists where counties, states and the federal government rob the American people utilizing these turn a blind eye politicians.  The harm to American families is genocide and terrorism as this country has been run amouk with criminals in every segment of the U.S. Government to create an American Holocaust.  There is no assistance or protections for the American people anywhere.  President Obama, Attorney General Holder and the U.S. Military lack authority for the country. Their cover-ups and sham are over, take authority with the TRUTH and JUSTICE.


Once again today the U.S. Government reveals they rather keep their bullshit corrupt government operating than stop harming the American people.  The U.S. Military just another subverted disgrace in this shambles of a broken country.

In the news today was mention of raising the debt ceiling to September 2013 based upon gains of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to keep the same crooked game going.  These gains are reflections of the U.S. Governments own involvement in the stealing of Americans homes in the fraudulent foreclosure schemes.  These funds are bogus worthless funds too.  But President Obama and whomever really runs the government show their duality of a  crooked government is more important than your life or mine.  Keep the same crooks going and going and going with the Energizer bunny and they hope no one notices. If President Obama whose been defrauding the American people does not default on all Federal debt immediately by May 19, 2013 he must be removed from office.  We need new American based money with a new U.S. Treasury instead of a crook kiss butt President.

The American people have been paying the price for years and years on end and President Obama doesn’t appear to want the sham to stop.  That is it in a nutshell President Obama with prolonging the inevitable.   Rip the band aid off the wound President Obama so this country can HEAL.  Frankly if the American people need to come in to oust you crooked losers, so be it.  Will Americans need to bear arms to take this country back as American?  Peaceful solutions the best solutions.

By May 19, 2013 this crooked U.S. Government better be shut down, it’s a cesspool from hell aiding an American Holocaust. Countless governmental employee crooks and other corporate crooks are running rampant through this country many need to be arrested.  The U.S. Military is seriously responsible for the treason and sedition that exists within the U.S. Congress plus within their own offices.  The U.S. Government is the greatest terrorist organization worldwide with unlawful infringement onto other world nations, this must stop.  Is their anyone running the United States?  This country has been run into the ground by foreign subversion. It better be taken back pronto President Obama as an American country.  Crooks and illegals get a free ride in the United States.   Meanwhile they want to kill and harm Americans and destroy families with genocide and poverty.  Whoever in their right minds keeps crooks running a country  except a bunch of morons running the United States.  Crooks seem to win out over the American people everyday and that better halt right now President Obama.  You picked up a nightmare President Obama from the Bush and Clinton years, but you better step to the plate with TRUTH.  JUSTICE, RIGHTS & FREEDOMS MUST BE RESTORED OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS.

Americans are tortured and robbed daily, children and the elderly stolen daily besides countless other crimes.  There still is no legitimate U.S. Government when crooks are in their positions.  President Obama has one week to show authority.  If not his jury trial will commence immediately thereafter along with other crooked treasonous imposter fraudulent malfeasance and sedition by U.S. Politicians and some U.S. Generals too.  Proper authorities better get in here, this will come to an end NOW!

Raising the debt ceiling or using bogus funds from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to continue this charade will end.  YOU BETTER DEFAULT ON ALL DEBT OF THE CROOKED FEDERAL RESERVE or your out President Obama!  Do jury trials need to commence?  The American people deserve better!  All campaign finance must come to an end with fair elections instead of fraudulent elections.