Once again today the U.S. Government reveals they rather keep their bullshit corrupt government operating than stop harming the American people.  The U.S. Military just another subverted disgrace in this shambles of a broken country.

In the news today was mention of raising the debt ceiling to September 2013 based upon gains of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to keep the same crooked game going.  These gains are reflections of the U.S. Governments own involvement in the stealing of Americans homes in the fraudulent foreclosure schemes.  These funds are bogus worthless funds too.  But President Obama and whomever really runs the government show their duality of a  crooked government is more important than your life or mine.  Keep the same crooks going and going and going with the Energizer bunny and they hope no one notices. If President Obama whose been defrauding the American people does not default on all Federal debt immediately by May 19, 2013 he must be removed from office.  We need new American based money with a new U.S. Treasury instead of a crook kiss butt President.

The American people have been paying the price for years and years on end and President Obama doesn’t appear to want the sham to stop.  That is it in a nutshell President Obama with prolonging the inevitable.   Rip the band aid off the wound President Obama so this country can HEAL.  Frankly if the American people need to come in to oust you crooked losers, so be it.  Will Americans need to bear arms to take this country back as American?  Peaceful solutions the best solutions.

By May 19, 2013 this crooked U.S. Government better be shut down, it’s a cesspool from hell aiding an American Holocaust. Countless governmental employee crooks and other corporate crooks are running rampant through this country many need to be arrested.  The U.S. Military is seriously responsible for the treason and sedition that exists within the U.S. Congress plus within their own offices.  The U.S. Government is the greatest terrorist organization worldwide with unlawful infringement onto other world nations, this must stop.  Is their anyone running the United States?  This country has been run into the ground by foreign subversion. It better be taken back pronto President Obama as an American country.  Crooks and illegals get a free ride in the United States.   Meanwhile they want to kill and harm Americans and destroy families with genocide and poverty.  Whoever in their right minds keeps crooks running a country  except a bunch of morons running the United States.  Crooks seem to win out over the American people everyday and that better halt right now President Obama.  You picked up a nightmare President Obama from the Bush and Clinton years, but you better step to the plate with TRUTH.  JUSTICE, RIGHTS & FREEDOMS MUST BE RESTORED OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS.

Americans are tortured and robbed daily, children and the elderly stolen daily besides countless other crimes.  There still is no legitimate U.S. Government when crooks are in their positions.  President Obama has one week to show authority.  If not his jury trial will commence immediately thereafter along with other crooked treasonous imposter fraudulent malfeasance and sedition by U.S. Politicians and some U.S. Generals too.  Proper authorities better get in here, this will come to an end NOW!

Raising the debt ceiling or using bogus funds from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to continue this charade will end.  YOU BETTER DEFAULT ON ALL DEBT OF THE CROOKED FEDERAL RESERVE or your out President Obama!  Do jury trials need to commence?  The American people deserve better!  All campaign finance must come to an end with fair elections instead of fraudulent elections.


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