I hope this subverted broken crooked U.S. Government is about to crumble.  This Republic must be restored to the American people.  The Associated Press is one of top media companies that the U.S. Government uses when they release information to the public.  I find this whole situation amusing since I have documents that reveal the Associated Press colluding with the U.S. Government along with countless other propaganda U.S. media newspapers and news stations.  U.S. Court corruption is so covered-up its unbelievable and many have fault in these criminal conspiracies.  Attorney General Eric Holder’s recusal really makes me chuckle.

The IRS is a Puerto Rican Corporation which is just another fraudulent segment to this broken U.S. Government shambles. These corporations have no allegiance to Americans. The American people back in the 1930’s were led to believe they must pay taxes to the IRS.  There are ex-IRS employees that state there is no were written that any American individual must pay taxes in any IRS manual.  In fact illegal immigrants get a free ride on these taxes and they work.  The social security number has made all Americans enslaved and oppressed.   In fact I will never pay any tax to the U.S. Government again after witnessing up close and personal the horror, frauds and crimes perpetrated by the corruption and subversion of this American country.

Having been a Fraud on the Court crime victim forced into poverty plus to receive no assistance from any agency or politician in this country is an outrage. Only after to being so outspoken and vocal did the U.S. Government begin to pay attention to not only my court corruption problem but countless other victims problems too.  U.S. politicians are infringing upon my life daily and this is the norm for anyone who seeks assistance from a politician. I will never pay such crooks again.  In fact because I had to liquidate IRA’s as an asset for cash during my divorce fight and civil trial fight against a crooked attorney along with court corruption to intentionally destroy my self-employed businesses, HELL NO!  In fact I received so many notices from the crooked mail fraud IRS that they are so stupid they can’t understand I do not live at an address where they send mail too.  At some point I gave them a new address but they were too stupid to change the address.  I void and refuse and return to sender all their mail fraud.  Years ago I answered their fraud by nullifying and voiding it but they never get the message this money is not owed to them.   The IRS increases their bills too with phony charges to boot  as fees.  Another crooked operation in this corrupt subverted government. Bye, Bye, IRS!

I met a victim where the IRS created money laundering bogus accounts overseas.  To bad the money was not theirs just another criminal scenario by the IRS.  Money laundering is rampant throughout this crooked government.

The same problem existed with the California Franchise Tax Board after IRA withdrawals were made by me, but meanwhile I was robbed of everything.  Though I asked Governor Jerry Brown to handle that fraud some moron in that office put a state tax lien on my person.  They are all just so crooked.  No agency operates nor does any U.S. politician act legitimately.  A big, big problem especially when the rights and laws are violated of the American people as under the U.S. Constitution.

I hope this cesspool garbage fraudulent U.S. Government goes down now with many crooks arrested from within plus other arrests of corporate slime balls in banks, electric co’s, realtors, etc. stealing home in foreclosures.  May all debt be forgiven, no taxes to pay, etc.  Restore the Republic of the United States of America with JUSTICE. 


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