I have not written this blog for many months to see if the Obama Administration could ever get their act together to finally restore American Freedoms, Rights and Liberties to this American country and the American people. The continual chronic allowance to keep the same crooks operating in their positions for years on end is deplorable.

The U.S. Military has been a failure at protecting the American people. The rampage of genocidal terrorism and criminals operating from within U.S. Government are dishonorable treason. NO U.S. Politician in office truly represents the American people from this defacto U.S. Government. What a sham! Where is a new U.S.Treasury? Why is this country still not restored to American? Shut down this hell-hole crooked U.S. Government of barbaric American rights and freedoms violating tyranny! Restore this American Republic.

Is anyone in a position of authority or do the American people need to take charge, President Obama? I personally nullify and void the recent bill passed on September 20, 2013 by the House of crooked fraudulent Representatives Continuing Resolution (H.J. Res.59) to keep this government running to December 15th in 2013. That bill is hereby abated by my executive order as an American. The Federal Reserve needs to be ousted NOW along with many other government crooks. HALT the raising of the debt ceiling to keep these crooked banksters, The IMF, Britain, the Vatican and countless other crooks operating in this American country. HALT campaign finance and more election fraud coming up in the Senate election in New Jersey of Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan and all elections meaning all Governors too. HALT this American Republic from further harm by aiding this American Holocaust of crimes against humanity and trauma to American families from U.S. Governmental corruption and conspiracy.

I just learned about a website from the blog The Unmasking of Maine…And Beyond. A Freedom Index of Congressional officials can be viewed at The New American.

President Obama you did pick up a big nightmare. I rather pat you on the back for a job well done but this hell-hole U.S. Government cannot continue operating it better be shut down NOW! Maybe some dishonorable U.S. Generals better get honorable real fast! This cannot continue any longer, do you understand? Let me state you better stop violating my Constitutional Rights and countless other Americans rights RIGHT NOW!


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