President Obama and the stooge U.S. Congress vote is hereby abated, nullified and voided due to their own treason to this nation with the reopening of the U.S. Government. The same illegitimate crooks in D.C. cannot continue with their fraudulent elections like last nights Booker/Lonegan election. No U.S. Politician represents the American people due to no oversight or jurisdiction of the Judicial Branch of Government by any of these fraudsters.

American’s it is time to Bear Arms in a Second American Revolution because the recent events still show no lawful authority other than the same crooks running this American nation on lies, fraud and corruption. Countless U.S. Military Generals deserve to be arrested right along side of President Obama to continue this mass treason and terrorism against this American country and the American people. This is a call for the American people to Bear Arms and restore this American Republic. A Declaration of Peace is declared by November 1, 2013 otherwise Americans we must prepare to rise up against these cartels, criminals and fraudsters.

Peaceful solutions the best solution but the powers that be only show they rather keep harming the American people for their own greed. These traitors must be removed from power. We need a U.S. based Treasury dollar not the Federal Reserve note to aid the banking cartels and foreign treason that is in existence. The debt ceiling was only raised to allow these criminal enterprises continued operations. News Media executives from television and newspapers also deserve arrest for their cover-ups and the propaganda media used to harm countless American families for their own gain from election campaign finance funds.

Does a Second American Revolution need to commence to stop the American Holocaust and Welfare Nation created by these crooks? Americans must be prepared to Bear Arms as under the 2nd Amendment if no one takes authority imminently!

To World Peace in All Nations!


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