As a continuum of the yesterday’s email seeking the Resignation and Arrest of Governor Christie let me take a stand for worker rights against Governor Christie and the countless crooked lowlifes running the RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER “RNJS” Program. These crooks are violating workers right plus add on the infringement to violate the rights of all Home and Land Owners “HLO” whom are Hurricane Sandy Victims. This is robo-signing similar to banks that have countless criminals still operating in their offices.
After taking my stance to Shutdown/Boycott the RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER Program on 11/11/13, Atrium Staffing whom contracted me as an employee for positions of Intake Analyst and Housing Advisor placed me on unpaid leave. When I became a Housing Advisor in July 2013, I and many other housing advisors were given one year verbal assignments. This one year verbal assignment was made to me by Shannon Mooney of Atrium Staffing. My payroll comes from HGI Global aka Hammerman & Gainer/Quadel and from Atrium Staffing.
There is NO where that states upon my employment in my job description that I am supposed to aid and abet felonies or rights violations to any “HLO” by helping the “HLO” sign their property rights or any other rights away that violate these “HLO” lives.
Governor Christie and crooks such as Commissioner Richard Constable III and many other crooks are violating my right to my pay and they are holding all Housing Advisors and other employees as hostages to keep carrying out their felonies and right violations to “HLO”. Many Housing Advisors want to their paid leave but the trauma, ignorance and foolishness by them or this office cannot continue. All “RNJS” offices must be shut down immediately. Governor Christie is caught red-handed with his chubby, money grubbing hand in the cookie jar trying to cover-up the fraud sham he has parlayed against all New Jersey residents and this nation, especially Hurricane Sandy victims and to these workers.
Yesterday I provided some felonies or serious problems at the “RNJS” offices plus both the foreign and domestic terrorism that exists in this criminal conspiracy. I am filing charges of Crimes against Humanity too besides colluding, aiding and abetting, abuse of power, obstruction of justice and treason against other parties involved.
I want to share some excerpts from the rights violating documentation used in the State of New Jersey, Department of Community Affairs Homeowner Grant Agreement for the Reconstruction, Rehabililtation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) Program. I now nullified and voided all Housing Advisors or any and all other signatures to abate all Grant Award Signing, Right of Entry or any other documentation that infringes upon these “HLO” rights and property rights because I am an American Rights Activist. Who ever heard that in order to get a grant you must sign your rights away but that is what is taking place in the “RNJS” Program. It took me some time to put all of it together since the “RNJS” offices are Hostile Work Environments but the Grant Award Signings gave it away plus other factors.
The State of New Jersey, plus all states along with county and the Federal Government have been involved with the crooked bankers in one of the biggest land grabs of this century. These crimes are aided and abetted from the crooked corrupt U.S. Court system of judges, attorneys and the countless criminals that operate within any and all governmental operations in this country. The “RJNS” Program is following suit and is truly just a continuation of these crimes.
At the Ocean office where I work approximately 40% or more of the Sandy victims have applied to grants, there are eight other office locations. Most of these Sandy victims are white retirees, many have disabilities or sickness and these issues have become exacerbated by the Hostile Work Environment created by Governor Christie and the management from within this “RREM” program. I believe the stress, duress, chaos and trauma of this office has been caused intentionally by the crooks running this program. Many of the Housing Advisors and other employees want to help the “HLO” but they been betrayed by the money grubbing monetization, money launderers and crooks operating from within the “RNJS” Program.
I allege Governor Christie is at the helm of this charade along with Commissioner Richard Constable III and many others. The magnitude of lost and or stolen scanned “HLO” information is insurmountable. After my letter yesterday, Glen Haber of the Ocean office locked two Intake Analysts into a room to scan. Both of these employees have been blackballed to stay in this area though many people scan documents and many codes used for scanning have been changed over and over. These scanners state they are not encrypted information and management continually allows these problems to occur.
Governor Christie your jig is up. It took time to implement a new electronic computerized Duplication of Benefits form “DOB” that had many glitches. This form has been redone over and over so many times that I believe this form is key to the monetization and money laundering schemes. The “HLO” provided bank statements and countless other information requested in the application process for this RREM Grant. A worker named Harshal Dalal is very involved with the breach of insurance information given to the RREM Project Managers URS Corp., Gilbane and CBI Shaw. Nowhere in any documentation does a homeowner sign anything that this information can be provided to these RREM contractors which furthers the fraud. A few weeks ago Harshal requested everyone to update “HLO” information into the electronic “DOB”. Harshal then wanted every Housing Advisor to print the electronic “DOB” and then print the “HLO” signature page from their last DOB form and then rescan this information into the “HLO” file. I updated information into the electronic “DOB” but would not do the rest of the project for any of the “HLO” that were assigned to me. After my letter of 11/11/13 to shutdown and boycott the office, there was tons of scanning to process these fraudulent “DOB’s”. Can you guess why?
Sorry for the lengthy letter but I want to express as much as possible about the “RNJS” scam. I now believe the $10,000.00 Resettlement Grant was created as smoke and mirrors to make the “HLO” and all employees believe there was legitimacy but there is NONE anywhere in the “RNJS” Grant programs.
In Exhibit 1 of the Homeowner Grant Agreement below are varied excerpts to be brief.
#8 – Governing Law & Jurisdiction – ——“The Grant Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State. The Homeowner hereby consent(S) to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of NJ and agrees that any lawsuits of any nature pertaining to this Grant Agreement shall be brought in that Court Only”
Note: The Superior Courts are corrupt beyond belief they are the biggest human traffickers too. Filled with dens of thieves, these courts are absolute charades to bleed anyone of their property, funds, family members, etc.
#16 – Indemnification: “The Homeowner shall assume all risk of and responsibility for any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, recoveries, judgments and expenses and costs and expenses in connection therewith for any and all damages sustained by reason of property loss, personal injury or any other losses which shall arise from or result directly or indirectly in regard to this Grant Agreement. Homeowner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the State and their respective members, agents, officers, employees and servants from all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, and costs whatsoever (including all costs, expenses, and reasonable counsel fees incurred in investigating or defending such losses and claims, etc.) “ plus more language thereafter.
Note: The crimes to the Sandy victims have already been immeasurable from within the “RNJS” plan. If any problem arises the State of New Jersey or any of their criminals from the “RNJS” Program can bankrupt and steal any newly built homes from the “HLO”. These crooks can also seek any of these “HLO” be unlawfully seized and thrown into nursing homes, psych wards, jails for further kickback schemes that are presently perpetrated through the corrupt U.S. Court system. Human trafficking! Many of the Sandy victims are very vulnerable to these predators.
#17 – Legal Action: “In the event that a lawsuit or other action of any kind is instituted by or behalf of the State against the Homeowner related to this Grant Agreement, the Homeowner agrees to pay such additional sums as a court may adjudge for reasonable attorney fees and to pay all costs and other fees incurred by or on behalf of the State for this lawsuit or other action.”
NOTE: These documents violate all rights and property rights of the “HLO”. The U.S. Court system is run by plenty of sociopathic crooks the same as the many U.S. Politicians running this country into the ground. These and other excerpts violate the “HLO” rights by kingpin crook New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
Governor Chris Christie has violated the rights of all contracted employees under HGI/Quadel and Atrium Staffing and other employees. Christie is holding the Atrium Staffing contracted employee’s hostage to commit more crimes and violate more “HLO” rights from within the “RNJS” Office. Many employees do not understand these documents, most everyone hates the place and they are clinging to paychecks. These contracted employees cannot continue to work under these hostile work conditions.
Governor Christie planned on bringing more “HLO” into the offices to get more of their financial information for his alleged monetization and money laundering schemes. The Grant Award signing documents violate the rights of every “HLO” plus there are violations to worker rights to aid and abet the crimes of “RNJS” by having any employee assist the “HLO” in signing their rights and property rights away. Thus why all the Grant Awards and other documents are null and void, thereby abated by me as an American Rights Activist to protect these “HLO”.
Governor Christie and HGI/Quadel or Atrium Staffing you do not have a leg to stand on. Everyone is out on paid leave and that includes me. You all better stop infringing on my rights as a worker and everyone else’s rights Governor Christie. I seek the “RNJS” doors be shut not to open again after today. Do you hear me President Obama and U.S. Military General Odeirno, because I’m very done with this crooked b.s. gentlemen as are many other Americans.
Resign you treasonous crooked lowlife Governor Christie I seek you are arrested and tried for TREASON. Your gluttony and greed truly got the better of you Christie; these infringements show your true character as a thug, goon and coward. I strip you of the title of Governor of New Jersey and nullify and void thereby abate your oath of office to the State of New Jersey this day 11/22/13. That crooked Commissioner Constable is tossed right out the door with you and he will be tried for TREASON along with many others. ‘”RNJS” is a middleman State of New Jersey operation imposing rights violations for their own thieving corrupt gain which is exhibited in their own crooked documentation and countless other felonies. Other acts of Government waste and fraud exist in the “RNJS” Program. NO State or Federal Government operation should be building or rebuilding homes it is a Communist approach to these serious problems. TRUTH TO POWER or better yet my pinkie has more power than any of YOU!
I have requested with President Obama that I take over operations but in a different format to assist the Sandy victims with settlements. An ordered already exists that all Atrium contracted employees will maintain computer access to all systems and all these employees will be reviewed to see if they will continue in their employment. Christie all HUD funds must be returned to the Federal Government. An order for you to Cease and Desist in all “RNJS” operations was made effective 11/21/13, Christie. GET OUT!
Hurricane Sandy and the other countless tragic natural disasters should be reviewed for acts of terrorism especially by the military weather altering technology called HARP or underwater explosions. The “RNJS” Program is an act of terrorism against the “HLO”, workers and all Americans.
May God Bless America! To Restoring Freedoms, Rights & Justice to all Americans!
Free the countless American Hostages!
Cheryl Kennedy
American Sovereign Rights Activist
Whistleblower & Corruption Freedom Fighter


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