Activist, Cheryl Kennedy knows only to well how much many media newspapers and television stations cover-up the crime and corruption of local courts and governmental agencies. Many New Jersey residents and Americans throughout this nation can vouch for these facts.

In fact the Asbury Park press came out on 11/25/13 with a news story Christie Has To Position Himself which shows either kickback schemes plus a crime of aiding and abetting thus colluding with the Christie’s Administration with intent to harm Hurricane Sandy residents, not protect them.

Governor Christie will never be President and neither will a Bush or Clinton ever hold any elected office again for their crimes against the American people.

The Grant Award Signing documentation used in the program has already been provided to a few hundred New Jersey residents. Kennedy has been an employed Housing Advisor and finally got a grasp of what was taking place in the crooked RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER offices. What are you trying to cover-up Asbury Park Press or CNN?

If Activist Cheryl Kennedy is not allowed to do a story with both the Asbury Park Press and with Anderson Cooper of CNN, Kennedy seeks both media agencies be reviewed for criminal activity and will press charges of treason on executives from both corporations. Hurricane Sandy residents have a right to protection and to this knowledge. Instead the Asbury Park Press has shown a cover-up to aid the crimes of Kingpin Treasonous Swine Governor Christie, Commissioner Richard Constable III and countless other crooks. I guess the Asbury Park Press should be added in as a co-conspirator? What about you CNN? Just more 1st Amendment Violations of FREE SPEECH!

President Obama’s own lies and fraud to the American people will no longer be tolerated or the failed U.S. Military’s lacking defense of this American Republic.

Cheryl Kennedy

American Rights Activist

Whistleblower and Corruption Freedom Fighter

“An Injustice Anywhere Is An Injustice Everywhere” – Martin Luther King Jr.


2 responses

  1. A life is of no value or concern to New Jersey officials. (New Hampshire and Maine in the same category.) I thought Gov. Christie’s response to my correspondence would have yielded positive results. No dice! Why does he not have his Bureau of Vital Statistics, Medical and Mortuary departments and Attorney General’s Office investigated? Why bother with Vital Statistics when they are fraudulent! The NJ USAG’s office is repeating “history” within his administration.

  2. Ever segment is fraudulent from my encounter with the State of New Jersey, State of New York and State of California plus all segments of the Federal Government. These crooked lowlifes definitely have no regard to anyones life as their crooked pockets are all that matters. TREASON is pretty much all that exists anywhere and everywhere. May God Bless America! To Fighting the Good Fight!

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