My name is Cheryl Kennedy I was hired by Atrium Staffing who was hired by Quadel Consulting and HGI Global aka Hammerman and Gainer International.
The RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER Program was established to assist aid to Hurricane Sandy Victims instead a major governmental criminal conspiracy of both foreign and domestic terrorism exists. This matter has been taken to President Obama and to the U.S. Military, I am also a rights activist and they know who I am, please contact the President.

I filed an action on 11/11/13 against the organized crime and the rights violating intent to harm the Hurricane Sandy Victims and was placed on unpaid leave by my employers. I do not know any party from HGI or Quadel and only dealt with Atrium Staffing. My Rep. at Atrium Staffing is Shannon Mooney -732-590-0283 her email is I was placed on unpaid leave by Gillian Florentine who took a hostile stance with me. She is the Human Resources Director her phone # is 412-713-7206.
Kaitlin Mullady
was another rep. from Atrium Staffing involved. I WILL NOT QUIT and was hired with a one year verbal committment when my position a Housing Advisor began on 7/1/13. Prior to that I was an Intake Analyst. There are countless events that make these offices a Hostile Work Environment.

As a contracted employee I have every right to not violate any other Americans rights, but my employers have shown their own involvement in this criminal conspiracy. ALL RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER offices must be shut down. An employee was fired the other day for speaking out against this office and many contracted employees are clinging to paychecks, many traumatized by the Hostile Work Environment created from within this office. There is many documented media stories about the disgrace of this operation. Governor Christie is a treasonous lowlife and other crooks in the operation still seek contracted Housing Advisors carry out their crimes especially in the Grant Award signings. In these documents the Home and Land Owners are signing their rights away to the State of New Jersey and NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs. They are also trying to steal more financial information of other Home and Land Owners. The scenario is the equivalent of robo-signing and countless scanned documentation of these Home and Loan Owners has been lost or stolen, probably monetization and money laundering schemes. The crimes and frauds are endless. These employers are reckless and endanger the lives of all contracted employees at RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER. More and more this story is being leaked to media and to Sandy victims. There are nine office locations, I worked at the Ocean office, located at 750 Vassar Ave. Lakewood, NJ. The largest are the Ocean, Monmouth and Atlantic offices.

Ex- Crooked Governor Christie is holding the contracted employees hostage to continue his crime spree as are other management employees. This message is requested to be sent to crook Christie and crook Commissioner Richard Constable III in the NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs. Many criminal charges apply.

Atrium Staffing contracted with another staffing agency Lorelei and possibily others since a big issue had also arisen about paying other Housing Advisors $10.25 more an hour with Joule Staffing plus how many others? Advertising for the same position was also with Fouran Staffing. How much money are these three employers being paid? Not a dime has been given to Hurricane Sandy victims under the RREM Grant. The workers rights and productivity are also violated. These employers reflected to me they could care a less about violating any Hurricane Sandy victims rights so they can receive their own gain. They also violate the NEW JERSEY CONSCIENTIOUS EMPLOYEE PROTECTION ACT (CEPA).

I have every right to be paid my 1 year committment now plus unemployment benefits but instead the three Atrium Staffing employees named will no longer take my emails with intent to harm me. Settlements are now needed for myself and all employees. All Atrium contracted employees should get 1 year paid leave for the crimes of these offices including the woman just fired. In order to protect the Home and Land Owners already involved with this program, all contracted employees will maintain access to all computer systems this has been ordered in a STAY with President Obama and others. These computer systems can be accessed from home or elsewhere.

I EXPECT MY ONE YEAR PAY NOW. I need your assitance Dept. of Labor and so do many other RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER EMPLOYEES, along with thousands of Hurricane Sandy Victims.

I SEEK ALL OF THESE RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER OFFICES BE SHUT DOWN TODAY! This letter is emailed to the Lakewood Offices Manager – Denise Henry & Ass’t Manager – Glen Haber to provide to Atrium Staffing parties named.

Please contact me for more information. This letter will be publicized and provided to any party.
Thank you,
Cheryl Kennedy

71 Fifth Ave., 3rd Floor
New York, NY

1200 G. Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20005

Quadel Consulting
1200 G. St. NW Suite 700
Washington, D.C. 20005

This following chart I got off the Atrium Staffing website for my wages and they have entered a fraud as to my wages which reflects termination on 11/8/13.
16615 HGI / Quadel 09/16/13 09/22/13 $ .00 0.00
15722 HGI / Quadel 07/01/13 11/08/13 $ 19.00 690.25
15726 HGI / Quadel 06/03/13 06/30/13 $ 15.00 130.50


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