Many years ago I was a Board Member for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for a town in California. On 11/11/13, I took a stance against the corruption in the fraudulent http://www.renewjerseystronger.org Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation & Mitigation “RREM” Grant under that program and sited a disabled woman and a World War II Veteran in my email letter.

This email letter went to many employees at the Lakewood Office and upper management; it also was requested to be distributed to all other contracted employees of Atrium Staffing. Immense rights violations still occurred to this disabled woman on 11/12/13 by Governor Christie and his crew of crooked thugs with usage of their Grant Award Documentation in signings. These desperate crooks still violated this disabled woman’s rights and violated the (ADA). The Veterans Association too!

Predator Governor Christie, Commissioner Richard Constable III of the Department of Community Affairs “DCA”, Denise Henry the office manager of the Lakewood Office, Chip Larkin and many others including a Housing Advisor who is a crooked attorney or was she used as a pawn to violate the rights of this disabled woman. Even a rep. of Atrium Staffing whose brother works at “RNJS” caused a conflict of interest to replace me as this woman’s Housing Advisor, when I stated NO one should ever sign any grant awards due to the nature of the crimes. These Grant Award documents have the potential to bankrupt, steal the assets, steal the actual person through guardianship and steal the home and land, the real property of Hurricane Sandy victims by the State of New Jersey and the “DCA” by violating the 4th Amendment under the U.S. Constitution. Governor Christie does not care. Money is all this predator viper thinks about similar to the last Governor Corzine, another crook. The criminal acts are immense.

The employers of the Housing Advisors and other contracted employees also violated this disabled woman’s rights that of Atrium Staffing, HGI Global aka Hammerman & Gainer and Quadel Consulting. These crooked employers placed me on unpaid leave, when I refused to violate these American’s rights. Recently I learned Atrium Staffing rather an injunction be filed to halt their crimes against Hurricane Sandy Victims and they rather the injunction include that if any contracted employee were to work that employees own assets could be seized. Is that what’s necessary Atrium Staffing? Huge lawsuits can be filed against you by the contracted employees and Hurricane Sandy victims; you are hostile and pathetic Atrium Staffing. All your assets should be seized. Hammerman & Gainer are foreign terrorists that will be halted from ever operating in this country again and Quadel Consulting will be out of business with many arrested there too.

Crooks are crooks and predator Governor Christie shows his own true predator colors. Some other crooked businesses or government contractors are ICF International, URS Corp., Gilbane, CBI-Shaw, Housing & Urban Development – HUD, http://www.gapfundinginitiative.org, Christie’s wife’s criminal acts tied into these events. In fact, NO government municipality or government agency can insist any home and land owner elevate their home, just other rights infringements by these crooks to Hurricane Sandy victims.

It was requested that Atrium Staffing and the crooked employers halt these crimes against the Hurricane Sandy victims and place all contracted employees on paid leave, myself included. But instead Atrium Staffing has only been Hostile with me and they rather defraud New Jersey unemployment than pay out remaining 1 year verbal salary commitments to contracted employees whom then would be entitled to unemployment benefits after the paid salary allotted time period. Government waste and fraud paid all three of these crooked employers authorized by crooked Governor Christie. Atrium Staffing and the other crooked employers are HOSTILE employers providing services to crooks in a HOSTILE work environment. They have shown no remorse or intent to rectify their crimes so they can continue their crime spree. Think again!

In addition, another predator move by Governor Christie has been the cutbacks he has done to the ADA to the State of New Jersey’s disabled community. Though I could speak about a few things like the schools, I am going to focus on diapers. The disabled can be provided diapers as part of their claims, an expensive but needed necessity for a families care of a disabled person. Governor Christie has cut back so much and limited the providing of diapers to one business. These diapers are so cheap and flimsy they leak it shows the true lacking regard to the disabled community, but then Governor Christie lacks regard to all human life. Governor Christie is a human predator preying upon the weak and vulnerable these are crimes against humanity.

Asbury Park Press today 12/22/13 you shared a news story about a gentlemen released from New Jersey Guardianship, a true blessing for him but not what happened to his assets which should be refunded by the State. The human trafficking crimes to steal children, the elderly and unlawful jailing are rampant throughout New Jersey crooked courts by NJ DYFUS, NJ Guardianship, etc. An American Holocaust exists throughout this country. Every person or company named in this article is a crooked predator, especially when news is covered-up Asbury Park Press, but press releases to the community reveal all.

Governor Christie you defrauded New Jersey residents this 2013 election by committing heinous crimes against Hurricane Sandy victims. You will not be initiated back into the Governor’s seat in 2014. It’s time the Lt. Governor temporarily steps in. Does your wife need to go to jail too for the conflict of interest you created to commingle funds or will you accept yours and her fate? Perhaps your children can be thrown into the corrupt foster care system. RESIGN, I seek your arrest Governor Chris Christie! Better yet, your next career at the State of Jersey’s Trenton State penitentiary can be that of a diaper model. NO CLUB FED FOR YOU! New Jersey residents need a true blessing with many of your arrests and a shutdown of all RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER offices this holiday season. Your nothing but a predator and coward, Ex-Governor Christie.

P.S. – EX-Governor Christie, The Koch Brothers are no doubt running for the hills along with the Republicans!

Happy Holidays!


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