To the New Jersey Department of Labor:

This message is being provided to Federal Authorities related to the Program known as “RNJS” due the crimes taking place in the program. My employers along with Governor Chris Christie show they rather defraud NJ unemployment then pay out the remainder of my 1 year verbal employment contract and continue their crime spree. This 1 year verbal contract was made to me by Atrium Staffing employee Shannon Mooney and it was made to many Housing Advisor contracted employees.

I have a right to not violate any other Americans rights but these parties reflect how they are nothing but predators and crooks. They are HOSTILE employers and Governor Christie is so gluttonous he holds all employees as hostages to continue to carry out these crimes. GQ Magazine is getting the lowdown that Governor Chris Christie should be named CROOK of the YEAR in 2013 and Not BOSS of the YEAR in 2013. His frauds are tremendous and it is imperative Lt. Governor Guadagno take over the reigns since only the mismanagement of funds, government fraud and waste contribute to the continuation of operations. If Lt. Governor Guadagno does not step in immediately the U.S. Military must seize the states operations. Governor Chris Christie charges also include aiding and abetting by the Asbury Park Press whom aided in your election fraud against Barbara Buono, whose being contacted. These circumstances are not hard to prove as the Grant Award Documentation reflect all, plus many other crimes exist. These events to sign Home and land owners 4th Amendment Rights away to the State of New Jersey and Dept. of Community Affairs by causing extreme duress and intentional trauma just from within the “RNJS” program, is not only a huge fraud it is blatant grand larceny.

In addition New Jersey Dept. of Labor, please make sure this message is provided by your offices to Lt. Governor Guadagno, Harold J. Wirths Commissioner of the Dept. of Labor and your offices of Secretary of State related to Blue Sky laws and registration of corporate or governmental contracted entities allowed to operate or work in the State of New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie and Commissioner Richard Constable III of the Dept. of Community Affairs should accept their fate instead of increasing the breakdown of the State of NJ’s government operations to create a larger criminal conspiracy of both foreign and domestic terrorism. They chose to be crooks accept their fate.

Since my employers along with Governor Chris Christie rather defraud me and Hurricane Sandy Victims I seek the following: New Jersey Dept. of Labor I believe your offices have their own jurisdiction to halt these operations.

I file an immediate INJUNCTION to Halt all operations for all grant programs. I file an INJUNCTION to Halt all salaries of Governor Chris Christie, Commissioner Richard Constable III and all parties whom work for the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs whom are involved with the “RNJS” Program or any party from any other segment from the State of New Jersey. I seek an employee Steve Smith be authorized to confirm with your offices Dept. of Labor who works in this Dept. in this program. I file an immediate INJUNCTION to halt all salaries to any other party known or unknown to fund this program, especially to my three employers named.

All contracted employees of Atrium Staffing or Lorelei should be provided their remaining 1 year verbal contract before needing to go onto NJ Unemployment which includes myself.

I file an immediate INJUNCTION to Halt corporations, government contractors or agencies from operating in the State of New Jersey and thus abate thereby nullify and void any Blue Sky Law documentation or registration by these firms to operate in the State of New Jersey, this includes any unknown parties operating under the “RNJS” Program. This is for my employers Atrium Staffing, HGI Global aka Hammerman and Gainer & Quadel Consulting. In addition other criminal operatives ICF International, URS Corp., Gilbane, CBI-Shaw. My authority stands as I am an American being harmed from these predators and crooks.

If addition CEASE & DESIST orders are made Immediate. If any party does not cease and desist I file an INJUNCTION to freeze all named corporate, firms or agencies assets and to seize private assets of individuals aiding and abetting and colluding in the crimes against Hurricane Sandy Victims. The following parties are named: Governor Chris Christie, Commissioner Richard Constable III and his lackey plus all related parties from the Dept. of Community Affairs including Glen Haber. Some parties employers are unknown but I include: Denise Henry, Leah Buonpane, Annette Gunn, Harshal Dalal, Charles “Chip” Larkin, Lon Anderson, Donna Gunther, Joan Greer who has resigned, Matt Lyon. ALL Management exec’s and their legal counsel and the legal counsel plus those whom drafted the “RNJS” Grant documentation for the State of New Jersey and Dept. of Community Affairs plus from the following businesses Atrium Staffing rep. Shannon Mooney and her brother James Mooney who works in the Lakewood Office of “RNJS”, Gillian Florentine, Kaitlin Mullady, plus those at HGI-Global aka Hammerman & Gainer, Quadel Consulting, ICF International and their rep. Kevin Roddy, URS Corp. – Martin Koffel, Gilbane, CBI-Shaw plus any other firms exec’s unknown to me.

Step down Governor Christie and the same for you Commissioner Richard Constable III. RESIGN, I seek your arrest for Breach of Contract and even defrauding me to my wage. You are HOSTILE employers and the “RNJS” Program is HOSTILE.

In addtion a serious problem exists in the Hurricane Sandy Home Buyer Program with no division of church and state when individuals applying for this grant have an intake with Faith Fellowship Church with issues tied to the Attorney General’s Office.

Governor Chris Christie also has serious conflicts of interest with the funds his wife raised in the to commingle grant funds, home and land owners funds and non-profit funds. Very serious.

I also file an Immediate Injunction with Obstruction of Justice, Abuse of Power and Depraved Indifference, Grand Larceny, Fraud charges against Governor Chris Christie and Commissioner Richard Constable III.

Lt. Governor Guadagno and all in the Dept. of Labor are irresponsibile to all New Jersey residents plus all Hurricane Sandy Victims if this criminal conspiracy continues another moment.

This information is provided to other parties.

Thank you,

Cheryl Kennedy


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  1. Try him under the Patriot Act. Google Governor Chris Christie “Domestic Terroris”

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