To Transparency International:

After reviewing your website the U.S. Government is one of the most fraudulent governments in the world. A big fat zero ranking, yes 0 not 73 is the truth of the U.S. Governments ranking. They do have honest service laws but nothing or no one adheres to honest services plus laws and rights are violated tremendously. After review of your segment on the U.S. Government I feel it is imperative I assist your offices with some truth to what exists in the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government and U.S. Media cover-up everything a major American Holocaust exists in this country to the American people. Trauma has become a weapon of choice in this form of genocide.

After viewing your segment on Whistleblowing and other aspects of corruption I see a true need to expand oversight of the United States Government at the Federal and State levels. In fact a team of individuals well versed on this subject should be part of a program for the United States.

Please explain how a program can be developed for the United States, so this country’s tyranny can be better tracked? My story and the cover-ups can be viewed at and a big whistleblowing event underway against Governor Chris Christie and many corporations to defraud myself as a worker and the rights of Hurricane Sandy victims can be viewed at

Thank you,

Happy New year!


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