First off, let me state The Asbury Park Press, owned by Gannett Co. colludes extensively in favor of Governor Chris Christie rather than protects New Jersey residents and Hurricane Sandy victims. I filed 1st Amendment Rights charges against the Asbury Park Press and seek arrests of Gannett executives. Their published article on February 20, 2014 written by Bob Jordan and Kirk Moore does not address the serious criminal conspiracy in the article titled “Feds: NO break for victims of sandy, HUD turns down N.J.’s request for waiver of rebuilding rules.”

I am an employee whistleblower from the RENEWJERSEY STRONGER “RREM” Grant Program, which means Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation & Mitigation. My statements are made in defense of the Hurricane Sandy victims, the article states, “The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development says it’s not possible to waive environmental reviews and other requirements for grant applicants under the states “RREM” Program.” Let me state many environmental home reviews were already made without any commitments or without the fraudulent Grant Award signed by a Sandy victim applicant. Many monies were being paid out for reviews of homes to the DEP. In fact, this information was not made available to the Housing Advisors until shortly before I was placed on unpaid leave. I definitely questioned two homes that failed the DEP inspections. One was a family in serious need of funds and I saw pictures of their dug up land and the other was a home were the Sandy applicant NEVER even provided one document to the program. I could discuss other issues on DEP inspections but will refrain.

The article states, “Christie’s Department of Community of Affairs, commissioner, Richard Constable, had asked HUD to reconsider its current policy governing the reimbursement of rehabilitation expenses.” Now I have to really laugh at the insanity and criminal conspiracy that exists since HUD used the back door crooked firm ICF International as part of the implementation of the reimbursement program. This statement alone equates collusion between the Federal Government HUD Operations under Secretary Shaun Donovan and Governor Chris Christie’s State of New Jersey operations. Meanwhile it states, “Ocean County builder Vincent Simonelli said, HUD rules and funding don’t reflect reality. DCA is being hamstrung by HUD, Simonelli said.” They are all nothing but crooks and this is a heinous charade.

Let me state a HUD representative was involved with the training with ICF International, her name escapes me, but her co-trainer was Jill Fitzpatrick. In fact, I never thought any aspect of HUD should be involved in the rebuilding of these homes based upon their guidelines, it made no sense. In fact, HUD used a guideline in calculations to quantify the Income and Assets of a Sandy victim, but they never cared about the Indebtedness of the Sandy victim. They wanted to steal the Sandy victim’s personal financial information for monetization and money laundering schemes. No wonder there was so much lost or stolen missing documentation. Plus they continually had Sandy victim’s whom are the home and land owners redo the same information over and over for the same schemes. These Sandy victims had already given their financial information to FEMA, some were told to give it to SBA, which are all Federal Government operations stealing the same information. Just criminally insane fraudsters run all these operations. American’s are deceived and preyed upon by the broken Defacto criminal U.S. Government and State Governments operations and criminal U.S. Politicians.

Also today, crooked treasonous predator Governor Chris Christie and his band of cabinet thugs are beginning a Town Hall meeting at a VFW in Fort Monmouth. He’s lied and defrauded himself at many of these meetings already. Christie is a chronic liar and fraud, a sick sick predator who’s just preyed upon thousands of victims, a repulsive sleaze. They just stole most of the $1.8 billion and screwed everyone over and now they want to discuss the $1.4 billion. Why give $1.4 billion to crooks, but then HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan is another crook that needs to be arrested. Same crooks different day and once again reveals the treasonous inoperable U.S. Military and the fraud of President Barack Obama. That’s NOT POWER, that’s INSANITY & INJUSTICE!

Then you got other deranged New Jersey Politicians running around with their garbage Sandy Bill of Rights, which is totally unnecessary, the Sandy victims have the BILL OF RIGHTS! Still U.S. Media sources overall covers-up this topic and they ramble on and on about “Bridgegate.” The American people have many enemies that’s the TRUTH!

The RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER Program should be shut down in an entirety. Each Sandy victim family should be given a settlement for perhaps $300,000.00, $500,000.00 or $1,000,000.00 each if they provided financial information to the program? Everyone else should receive the $150,000.00. These figures seem fair as a 1st Amendment Right to REDRESS THEIR GRIEVANCES. Plus add in the REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES of the employees hired by fraudulent criminal governmental conspiracy operations.

The best result is to get these crooked political predator lowlifes out of the lives of the American people, PRONTO! Every day it appears greater the American people will need to do the job.


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  1. Law Abiding Taxpayer Trying to Stay Educated on Goverment Programs | Reply

    This appears to just be a rant rather actual facts. Anyone can make accusations at such a high level yet there are no specific facts.

    You mention “I definitely questioned two homes that failed the DEP inspections” Understand you do not fail an environmental inspection, the inspection is per HUD requirements to receive government monies, it is there for the homeowners, public and taxpayers protection. Or would you rather the unfortunate families have a safe home built on top of something that will kill or deform their babies for the next however many years.

    You mention “This statement alone equates collusion between the Federal Government HUD Operations under Secretary Shaun Donovan and Governor Chris Christie’s State of New Jersey operations” Understand I am NOT a Christie supporter but you need to understand that what he did was try to help the NJ people that spent money before HUD’s required environmental inspection, get reimbursed for as much of their money as possible. Remember, no money is paid from HUD until confirmation that all HUD requirements have been met, so if a homeowner is paid by the state and HUD rejects the request, state has to pay for this.

    You mention “In fact, HUD used a guideline in calculations to quantify the Income and Assets of a Sandy victim, but they never cared about the Indebtedness of the Sandy victim.” As a taxpayer I am glad HUD didn’t, people need to learn to take care of themselves and not have taxpayers, that do without themselves, pay for others mistakes.

    You mention “They just stole most of the $1.8 billion and screwed everyone over and now they want to discuss the $1.4 billion.” That’s funny, It isn’t in a bank account to steal from, HUD reimburses the state, on a individual applicant basis, once all HUD requirements have been met, then the state receives the money to provide to the homeowner. HUD has a very extensive auditing process to ensure they do not pay if HUD requirements have not been met. Also, as a taxpayer paying for disaster relief to all American’s, I am outraged that you think everyone in NJ should receive up to $1m, I received nothing, rightfully so because I am fortunate enough to have insurance, a job, and not eligible based off my income. Why do you think you are so special compared to all other American’s?

    Again, I am NOT a Christie supporter, I am a taxpayer and sympathetic to everyone that had loss in any disaster. But I really think Americans should educate themselves to how government grants or any government program works before spouting ridiculous outrageous accusations without specific truths. I understand peoples frustration for the time it takes for PERMANENT HOUSING versus a much faster response following a disaster for SAVING IMMEDIATE LIFE. Your misunderstanding doesn’t make anything criminal, speak on the facts and help educate all.

    1. Hello,

      If you signed a Grant Award the most serious problems are in #8, #16 & #17. You must ask why the Christie Admin and all the corporations involved with that program needed you all to sign your rights away to them. You are all under duress and the chaos created in the offices was intentional to cause you all more trauma and duress to sign your rights away, I have a great deal of compassion for all Sandy victims, if I didn’t I would not have spoken up, employees seriously violated too. You were all duped, its tragic. It is terrorism with an intent to continue a segment of the foreclosures to harm you all even greater through the court system. If Christie had integrity he’d resign, but the charade by him and his staff continues until authorities admit the truth and take authority. Your not getting that locally with the news or Fair Share Housing. Best to All!

  2. While I’m not sure if the author hit the nail totally on the head, something definitely smells bad with these grants. I’ve applied for them & am very close to just taking my chances without their money. While our insurance did cover our damages (maybe I’m one of the few who is able to say that), my husband & I applied for the grants in order to raise the house if necessary. (Thanks to Stop FEMA Now though, the tides might be a-changin’ there. No pun intended.) From the beginning, something didn’t seem right. At our first meeting with the RREM people, our behinds hadn’t even warmed the seats before we had pamphlets regarding lead paint shoved at us. I won’t go into what a mess of a nightmare the whole procedure is, but the bottom line was that the cost for preparing the house – between asbestos shingles & so-called lead paint – would be nearly 100k. Funny thing too, the guy who did the lead testing – who originally said while he was here that there was none – reported lead in places that he hadn’t even been near, like “dust” on an outside window sill. (Not to mention that even if he had, God only knows what kind of “dust” we got after the storm – the water went through a gas station before it got to us, for Pete’s sake. The crap on my floors was an inch thick.) That being said, the total cost amounted to something just under what all of the grants would provide (we’d have to bring somewhere around 20k “to the table”), but what they seem to be pushing us to do is have our house demolished & have a new HUD home built. Not only would my mortgage company have something to say about that, so would their inspector & the adjuster from NFIP. I live in an old Victorian that’s built like a rock & didn’t even need to have the floors replaced. The latest inspection had us at 90% repaired & we’re ending up with money enough to not just repair, but upgrade. To fudge their numbers, RREM tells us they can claim we’re at only 30% repaired &, for whatever reason, they’re not counting the insurance money we have already received out of the mortgage escrow, although we were told at the beginning it would be deducted from the grant allowance, which actually makes sense because it’s double-dipping. In other words, it sure looks like they’re trying to make money for the companies involved at the expense of, oh, my home. Like I said, I’m not sure if this is actually pointing fingers in the right direction, but according to my experience, this is a highly likely scenario, as the first commentator seems to think.

    1. Hello, Tragically the RREM Grant program was created to harm the Sandy victims in others ways by Christie, The HUD Secretary Donovan and many others. Their own gain is definitely at the root of this sham. The whole program should be shut down and all who applied should receive a settlement. Best wishes in your rebuilding and future.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts
    and I will be waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

    1. Thanks, I haven’t been writing much lately. If your a Sandy victim along with the rest you all deserve settlements. The crimes immeasurable! Ferzan who stepped down just another crooked ex U.S. Attorney, like Christie and Constable!

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