Special Assignment Prinicipal Cheryl B. Shrewsbury has colluded in a major corrupt divorce proceeding and civil case criminal conspiracy against Attorney Eileen Avila.   CIV – 461990 San Mateo Superior Court

I file criminal charges against Cheryl B. Shrewsbury and seek she be removed from her position as principal immediately in the San Mateo-Foster City School District.  Cheryl Shrewsbury has intentionally chosen to collude in this criminal conspiracy she is unfit to represent children in the community.  It is questionable if any human trafficking charges or other harms to children should apply from within San Mateo County.  She has aided and abetted her felony accomplice daughter Attorney Shannon O. Shrewsbury, whom became a felony accomplice as the girlfriend of my husband in 2006.  Criminal charges have already been filed against Shannon O. Shrewsbury.  The corruption in this case led to the subpoena of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on April 1, 2008 and later Attorney General Jerry Brown. I received a fraud ruling against Attorney Eileen Avila for her Fraud on the Court crime by Judge Marie Weiner in April 2008 which corrupted many in San Mateo Superior Court & Government.  Kickback schemes and collusion with the San Mateo Board of Supervisors or other entities appears evident plus the California State Bar Association colluded extensively in this crime.

My jury trial was violated in May 2008 by Judge Robert Foiles and Judge John Schwartz.  Judge John Schwartz appeared to take a payoff from Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker for First Mercury Ins. Co. Numerous crimes exist in these matters.

Commissioner Richard Dubois was involved with the initial crime in our divorce which benefited my husband in an elaborate fraud scheme.  Our marital status only was terminated fraudulently by Commissioner Susan Jakubowski on 8/27/07 and she defrauded United Airlines.  San Mateo County, San Mateo Superior Court and the State of California are so corrupt besides other courts along with the California State Legislature and Assembly.  I’ve exposed other crimes of Commissioner Richard Dubois in San Mateo County with another advocate.    Commissioner Richard Dubois now titled Judge at one time was in a law practice with crooked Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s husband, her arrest is sought along with crooked Congresswoman Jackie Speier and other crooked California politicians and individuals.  I seek the arrest of District Attorney James Fox, County Attorney Timothy Fox, County Attorney Michael Murphy and others.

This divorce fraud crime was two years in the making before Shannon O. Shrewsbury became a harmful crook and felony accomplice in this matter, she has continually interfered in the conclusion of our divorce.   It is unknown if Cheryl Shrewsbury’s husband Verne Shrewsbury another teacher in crooked San Mateo County was notified by his wife or daughter and if he colluded in this matter too?

This press release will be discussed publicly and publicized.

Cheryl Shrewsbury should be removed as prinicpal immediately. I seek a hearing to remove her and I will provide further testimony. What Cheryl Shrewsbury teaches children would be better taught to the irresponsbile morons, goons, predators and fraudsters running San Mateo County Superior Court, County and the State of California.  Three year olds have more brains then the crooks named within this press release.  Obviously Cheryl Shrewsbury does not practice what she preaches and I file domestic violence charges against her and her daughter for interference in my marriage.

Jerry Hill, your office better contact me with a time to provide testimony.  If Governor Jerry Brown continues to defraud San Mateo County and residents in the State of California its time to oust him. My rights better be honored immediately. It’s long overdue to arrest many crooks in San Mateo County terrorizing the community.

Cheryl Kennedy
All Rights Reserved


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