Well finally this blog is up and running, it’s only taken a year but it made it.  I’ve been a behind the scenes writer the last few years mainly on corruption problems within the U.S. Government. Boy, that alone has been an event I could never have fathomed.  My name is Cheryl Kennedy I am a court crime victim turned whistleblower, corruption freedom fighter and rights activist.  Prior to that I worked on Wall Street for nearly twenty years and do healing work as a Hypnotherapist, Acupressurist and Reiki Master. I am a trauma expert from my work as a grief counselor, crisis interventionist and dealing with the underworld from within the U.S. Government.  This blog will touch upon many types of topics. Hope you enjoy!

My story can be viewed at www.corruptionamericanstyle.com and through these blog entries.

NOTIFICATION: Due to the magnitude of these events, no further responses will be made from this blog and no emails will be read. Any party whom chooses to harass, make false allegations, slander, hack or violate my rights to privacy please be advised that NO COMMENT will be rendered and charges may apply if applicable. NO U.S. mainstream media sources should contact me for a story since many of these firms aided an American Holocaust with codes of silence and collusion. My future dealings are only with parties whom I contact directly. Please respect my and other victim families rights to privacy. Thank you! RESTORE AMERICA!

I am an employee whistleblower on Governor Chris Christie’s RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER http://www.renewjerseystronger.org Hurricane Sandy Victims Grant Program. Please view the actual fraudulent Grant Award documentation under News at my corruption website above. The Grant Award documentation can allow the State of Jersey and Department of Community Affairs to benefit in U.S. Court dealings. If any litigation occurred some direct results could be the forcing of families into bankruptcy or impoverishment, unlawful seizures of an actual Sandy victim to become a ward of The State and/or the stealing of newly rebuilt homes. Sandy victims, you signed your rights away in section 8, 16 & 17 of the Grant Award to the State of New Jersey and Department of Community Affairs. Governor Chris Christie must be arrested along with others who choose to intentionally and repulsively harm the Hurricane Sandy victims.

All Rights Reserved.


8 responses

  1. Cheryl, I don’t know if you remember me but my name is Pat Marcinak. You were my housing manager for RREM. I was wondering how I could get in touch with you with many questions I have about how my grant is being handled. I can be reached at the email address below.

    1. Hi Pat, Yes of course. Your email did not come over but I will contact you.

  2. Hi Cheryl, I’m glad you remember me. I have a lot of questions for you but the most pressing one is can I change my mind about using using a rrem contractor and use my own without losing my award which is what I have been told.

  3. Request information regarding Judge George Miriam of the San Mateo County Superior Court. thank you.

    1. Hi, I am sorry to hear you’ve had a corrupt situation with Judge George Miriam. I consider him crooked in every sense of the term. The whole county court system is an old boys network and its very corrupt. Best to you in your fight for JUSTICE

    2. Hi I wrote back he is a crooks not sure if you got it!

  4. Hi Cheryl, Could I talk or email you? I am trying to make sense of what happened to me in Family Court under Dubois

    1. Hi Daniel, I’m sorry to hear your were harmed by Dubois. He’s a deranged crook as are many operating at San Mateo Superior. He and many others should have been arrested years ago. Instead they harm and create more victims. In 2012, we learned that Dubois used to be in a private law practice with crooked 20+ year Congresswoman Eshoo’s husband. Thus why my matter was covered-up and I believe why the crimes were aided by the Bar besides others. Crooked Courts are out of control all throughout the Country. They all must be shutdown! I don’t generally get involved with others peoples cases anymore because I still have crimes occurring to harm me plus the victims are endless. I did note to my gov’t contacts that a new Dubois victim contacted me where are arrests? This has to end once and for all. If you want to share your story please write me at corruptionamericanstyle@yahoo.com but FYI that is really all the assistance I can give, note to me if you’d like me to forward your story to supposed authorities. The whole gov’t is a shambles. There is no real support for victims but continue to fight back with complaints to document your claims or a lawsuit, etc. I pray he and others are ousted NOW! Wishing you many blessings.

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