I am an American Patriot and have fought for our Republic.  A battle of wits and words instead of actual war. Fearlessness, strategy and of course surprise attacks a definite. A warrior at heart once I understood how much the American people were under siege from U.S. Government corruption. The diversity of many people and their respective lands are vitally important but not when they infringe upon the laws and rights of the American people. I never truly understood this until my rights as an American were violated in so many heinous ways by the tyranny and barbarism that exists with no oversight in either the U.S. Court system or throughout the U.S. Government for years.  Many American families have been tragically victimized in society.  Emotional trauma has become a weapon of choice, a form of genocide and terrorism.  If you take a stand for all American Rights, Liberties, Freedoms and Justice plus you’re a Patriot too, give me a LIKE which is a show of hands!  Take Back Our American Country as a REPUBLIC!


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