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Fair Share Housing revealed in an Asbury Park Press article they are not a true advocate for Hurricane Sandy Victims. Instead they are one of those let’s pretend we’re fighting for your rights agencies that is really part of the criminal conspiracy. Fair Share Housing appears to be part of the opposition to control both sides of this whole sham for Governor Chris Christie. This was reflected in an article on February 8, 2014, written by Bob Jordan titled, “Sandy Victims Given More Time To Appeal.” In the article, Attorney Kevin Walsh of Fair Share Housing firm’s stance was to defend the Christie Administration and not defend the Sandy victim’s rights.

Attorneys are the biggest crooks operating throughout the United States. Bar Associations are British, mafia based subverted operations, operations with no allegiance to Americans. Very few attorneys practice Constitutional Law or Common Law, but there are always a few true Americans. Kevin Walsh is an Attorney as is Adam Gordon for Fair Share Housing. Recently, I commended Attorney Adam Gordon in getting info about a Federal Probe noted in the press, but the info was given to the Fed’s way before. I am aware Attorney Adam Gordon is out of the office for a while, he did not comment in this article and he would be wise to get a new job fast. I now seek the arrest and disbarment of Attorney Kevin Walsh and shutdown of Fair Share Housings offices. Any crook that aids and abets anyone ever signing their rights away in the bogus Grant Award Documentation needs to be arrested. Kevin Walsh of Fair Share Housing just aided this criminal conspiracy by his comments in this article to the Asbury Park Press? Walsh just appeared on the MSNBC Show All In with Chris Hayes, which I have yet to view. Did MSNBC ask about the Grant Award Documentation? Attorney Adam Gordon will you do the same, I am aware you have some relationship with Cato Institute?

A few months ago, the Asbury Park Press published an article when a home and land owner named Charles Appleby came to their offices after he signed his rights away in the bogus RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER Grant Award documentation. The Asbury Park Press chose to cover-up the documentation facts, plus they regularly cover-up immense criminal activity that occurs in New Jersey Courts daily. Their intent has been to aid and abet the perpetrated crimes by crooked Governor Chris Christie and Commissioner Richard Constable to only allow further harm to Hurricane Sandy Victims. Both of these men are criminally insane predator viper attorneys. The rampant corruption that exists within the State of New Jersey’s operations is aided by propaganda media to dumb down New Jersey residents. It happens throughout the whole United States too!

The Asbury Park Press along with other media have refused to do any story with myself, a major whistle-blower, any other victims, contracted employees or even a local mayor. Why the need to cover-up the truth Asbury Park Press, the same goes for Fair Share Housing and other media? The true intent is to continue further harm to New Jersey Sandy victims whom are New Jersey residents. The Asbury Park Press took no active approach to protect these victims at all, even with my pleas to do so. Nevertheless protect the public at large with truthful news and information. The severity of this terrorism is no joke. The biggest question to ask is, WHY or to aid WHOM?

Also, The Asbury Park Press ran a small ad for the Sandy Homebuyer Program that had an application intake process on the RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER website. The ad ran by the Asbury Park Press noted Faith Fellowship Church was acting as counselors to promote the Sandy Homebuyer Grant Program. This Sandy Homebuyer Program was not administered under RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER and there was NO notation anywhere on the RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER website that Faith Fellowship Church was involved at all. But guess who must have cut private deals, good ole Commissioner Richard Constable III, he is also the Chairman of the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency. That housing website was noted in the Sandy Homebuyer Grant Program information on the RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER website, the ex-Attorney General was also on that Board. I had to laugh after just viewing that housing website, now they will have open hearings on other funds that should be HALTED in ever being given to them by HUD. Guess the first $1.8 billion was eaten by swine Christie and his merry band of hoodlum money laundering terrorist porkers for dinner.

This was another major breach of trust since NO DIVISION OF CHURCH & STATE existed by the Christie Administration. I learned about Faith Fellowship Church’s involvement from parties that applied to this grant prior. This Sandy Homebuyer Grant had over 6000 applications which sought to give $50,000.00 to first-time home buyers. Why not provide funds to the Sandy victims instead? The true intent was to steal more Americans personal financial information just as what occurred in all RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER Grant Programs. All Sandy victims were deceived by treasonous predators Governor Chris Christie and Commissioner Richard Constable III and others. Is Constable, a real name or British alias?

In essence any attorney who reviews the Grant Documentation knows the truth of the harm perpetrated by the crooked Christie Administration to have the Sandy victims sign their rights away. Anyone who aids these 4th Amendment Rights violations is as criminal as those promoting the violations against the Sandy victims whom are under duress. So the Asbury Park Press and Fair Share Housing signed on as other ignorant crooks who want to aid and abet those crimes. It’s far from, rocket science.

The State of New Jersey CANNOT administer any of these Grant Programs due to all the crimes perpetrated against the Hurricane Sandy victims. In fact similar crooks and crimes exist from the Road Home Grant Programs for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The internal programs implemented by Hammerman & Gainer should be seized by the Fed’s with the victim’s application information so new management can be brought in to disburse funds to the victims.

NO firm, Quadel Consulting, Atrium Staffing, URS Corp, Gilbane, CB&I Shaw, Quadrix Solutions, ICF International and that includes any State of New Jersey operations should receive any further funds from this criminal conspiracy of terrorism. Treasonous swine Christie still rambled on about 15 to 20 Billion the other day. He can count pigs and dream of all those funds while he sits in a cell the rest of his life. I discovered another two corporations involved with the grant programs not yet publicized. Asbury Park Press, the only firms the Sandy victims ever were aware of were URS Corp., Gilbane & CB&I Shaw because they were the “RREM” Project Managers. The Sandy victims were completely unaware of Hammerman & Gainer, the reasons you stated in your article are excuses, lies and more fraud to readers about the “RREM” Project Managers. Let me note URS Corp. is heavily in bed with crooked Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum.

NO contracted employee who chose to continue violating the rights of these American victim families to cling to their own paycheck should stay on as staff. All workers have rights to not violate other Americans rights and not be employed by crooked operations to aid crime. At this juncture NO one should assist these crooks, everyone must cease and desist. Do you understand this U.S. Military? Everyone must have their contracted salaries paid this week and everyone must be ousted. STOP THE TERRORISM & CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY’S! SHUTDOWN RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER WITH ARRESTS!

Asbury Park Press, who is the Federal authority you mention in your story whom is not noted? More garbage spewed from a crooked garbage American traitor rag newspaper and corporation. I seek the arrest of head executives at Gannett Company for their intent to defraud Hurricane Sandy victims and aid crooked Governor Christie’s Administrations with charges of terrorism and criminal conspiracy. The whole New Jersey Government is a shambles. Many crooks must be arrested NOW for these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!



To Rachel Alintoff, Kelly Rutherford and all Protestors at the Monmouth County Courthouse Rally 10/21/13 in Freehold, New Jersey.

I am sorry that I will not be attendance today but commend you fight against deplorable Judicial Corruption. As an outspoken court crime victim myself turned activist, I understand and sympathize with your loss and plight. Judge Paul Escandon is a prime example of a rogue crooked sociopath predator allowed to operate in Monmouth County Superior Courthouse. U.S. Courts throughout our country are filled with crooked judges, attorneys, District Attorneys and other county employees. These individuals are blatant gang members in robes, dresses and suits who destroy the lives of American families for their own gain. Children, the elderly and countless American families have tragically paid the price by being traumatized, victimized and held as hostages for years on end while they are robbed of their family members, property and lives. Sadly many die yearly from these scenarios and families are torn apart.

Mass corruption exists in U.S. Courts throughout our broken American shambles of a country. The crimes taking place in U.S. Courts are disgraceful along with the cover-ups by turn a blind eye dissociative U.S. Politicians whom do not even fully represent the American people. No member of the U.S. Congress, nor does the Attorney General in any State Government have any jurisdiction for the Judicial Branch of Government. The only person whom does have some say is the Governor. Election fraud exists in every State even in the recent Cory Booker/Lonegan election. There are NO Honest Services anywhere in any State or within the Federal Government, only fraud exists. Foreign criminal enterprises are also heavily imbedded within the structure of our subverted failed U.S. Government.

Governor Chris Christie’s offices only aid and abet this immense corruption as do all Governor offices in every state. Everyone must question why any taxes should be paid to these blatant deranged criminals? Governor Christie’s office is no exception to the broken shambles of corruption that exists in The State of New Jersey, at all County levels plus within the Federal Government.

Harmed American families get no assistance at all, there is a WAR AGAINST AMERICANS! Corruption of this magnitude is a form of terrorism and genocide along with crimes against humanity perpetrated by predators running gulag charade U.S. Courts. Immense Constitutional and all American rights and law violations exist, these scenarios are a tragic covered-up American Holocaust. American families are under siege by rampant organized crime with no protections anywhere. The best protection is to stay out of U.S. Courts and stop paying fraudulent bank debt and all taxes.

Governor Chris Christie rather hide his head as do all Governors on the topic of Judicial Corruption. If Governor Chris Christie truly looked at RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER, the Hurricane Sandy Grant Program he would find only more corruption.

Governor Chris Christie is right about one thing President Barack Obama lacks leadership in restoring Justice to our American Country. May Judge Paul Escandon be IMPEACHED and ARRESTED along with countless other criminals operating under the guise of law or as a crooked fraudster in any office of Government.

To Fighting The Good Fight! I wish you and your families Justice and many future blessings!

God Bless America!

Cheryl Kennedy
Corruption Freedom Fighter & Rights Activist


President Obama and the stooge U.S. Congress vote is hereby abated, nullified and voided due to their own treason to this nation with the reopening of the U.S. Government. The same illegitimate crooks in D.C. cannot continue with their fraudulent elections like last nights Booker/Lonegan election. No U.S. Politician represents the American people due to no oversight or jurisdiction of the Judicial Branch of Government by any of these fraudsters.

American’s it is time to Bear Arms in a Second American Revolution because the recent events still show no lawful authority other than the same crooks running this American nation on lies, fraud and corruption. Countless U.S. Military Generals deserve to be arrested right along side of President Obama to continue this mass treason and terrorism against this American country and the American people. This is a call for the American people to Bear Arms and restore this American Republic. A Declaration of Peace is declared by November 1, 2013 otherwise Americans we must prepare to rise up against these cartels, criminals and fraudsters.

Peaceful solutions the best solution but the powers that be only show they rather keep harming the American people for their own greed. These traitors must be removed from power. We need a U.S. based Treasury dollar not the Federal Reserve note to aid the banking cartels and foreign treason that is in existence. The debt ceiling was only raised to allow these criminal enterprises continued operations. News Media executives from television and newspapers also deserve arrest for their cover-ups and the propaganda media used to harm countless American families for their own gain from election campaign finance funds.

Does a Second American Revolution need to commence to stop the American Holocaust and Welfare Nation created by these crooks? Americans must be prepared to Bear Arms as under the 2nd Amendment if no one takes authority imminently!

To World Peace in All Nations!