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After seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light, it took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to write. While Schwarzenegger donned his pathetic goofy wig and ping-pong paddle, my mind flashed back to my strange Karma with this man. The U.S. Military revealed their own presence with fly-bys of the Meadowlands, now better known as Met-Life Stadium. The lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner rang out across the fans and through millions of television sets. Meanwhile the sham continues as to the tragedy that wrecked havoc on our American Republic. May the DEFAULT and many blessings come to the American people shortly.

Football, is a favorite American past time for sports lovers. Though I’m a past Giants fan, I had no true regard as to whom should win the game. But the Seattle Sea Hawks, did get my vote just to honor their mascot the HAWK! I love the HAWK! The hawk in Shamanic terms means to be fearless. I view the hawk as one of my own spiritual animal guides, plus I’m a bird lover. There is nothing to Fear! Americans need to be aware that the DEFAULT of the U.S. Governments debt obligations are GREAT NEWS, it is not to be feared. All Americans debt should be forgiven too! DEFAULT! DEFAULT!

My first encounters with Schwarzenegger occurred while he was the Governor of California. During that time, I volunteered as a Crisis Interventionist and Grief Counselor at the Centre for Living with Dying in Santa Clara, CA. I was well versed in trauma and couldn’t believe the trauma these crooks intentionally caused me. My two self-employed businesses were destroyed while fighting back, which included the shutdown of my holistic healing private practice. EMPOWER YOURSELF, was one of my themes. Well, I had to step to the plate and EMPOWER MYSELF. Fight back! My complaints to Governor Schwarzenegger and other U.S. Politicians from that time frame seem so long ago. Years have gone by, literally. Justice delayed is Justice denied!

Never could I fathom my unusual Karma with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, after I subpoenaed him to a jury trial at San Mateo Superior Court, in Redwood City, CA. This subpoena was due to cover-ups even by the State Bar of California and the Clerk of the Court in the San Francisco Supreme Court whom slapped the wrist of an attorney whom intentionally defrauded me. My case is considered a Fraud on the Court, when the officers of the courts are the criminals in essence. Criminal conspiracy’s are the new norm, with many Americans dealing with this type of organized crime.

I did receive a fraud ruling against the attorney who defrauded me in my divorce, but a judge was also involved with the initial scam. Predators and sociopaths are a dime a dozen in U.S. Courts throughout the country. My Constitutional Right to a jury trial was even violated with the subpoena of Governor Schwarzenegger in 2008. My case was then assigned to a bench trial, I left demanding a jury. I believe without a shadow of a doubt a payoff was made by the attorneys defense counsel to the appointed judge whom later entered a fraudulent judgment. Just wonderful! A California Deputy Attorney General became assigned to me after that. Due to the corruption Attorney General Jerry Brown was even subpoenaed, he is now the present Governor of California. This matter has been covered-up by the U.S. Government along with countless others.

My written complaints along with the phrase “I’m Back” would be uttered to the movie actor Governor. I’d state this corruption is about good and evil, right and wrong similar to many of the Governor’s movies. When Schwarzenegger, the Governator left office, Governor Brown’s election fraud took over. I was like really! The cover-ups continued, the same exists with President Obama’s 2012 election.

Meanwhile, my fighting back never stopped. I’ve spoken directly with U.S. Government officials on many topics especially after President Obama assigned a U.S. Marshall to me. The American people have sustained tremendous harm from Judicial, Political and Governmental corruption. Though I do give flack to President Obama, I also believe Obama is doing the right thing to halt the nightmare and serious problems he picked up from the Bush Administrations and Clinton Administrations. The U.S. Military must become HONORABLE!

Never in my life when I ponder back to my original stint with Schwarzenegger, could I ever imagine the broken shambles plus the foreign subversion that existed within the U.S. Government. This was not an adventure to Disney Land, but most definitely Psycho Land. Criminals run amok in all governmental operations with tremendous harm to destroy the American family. An American Holocaust exists!

I’ve assisted many victims over the years and met many other victims. In search of a new job, I found myself hired in Governor Chris Christie’s Hurricane Sandy Grant Programs at The harm perpetrated to defraud the Hurricane Sandy victims repulses me from within that program. Along with the violations to workers rights. As an employee whistle-blower on this program, I was easily equipped to take action against this group of corporate and governmental criminals. Life has a way of taking you into unchartered territory with lessons to learn along the way. All I have to say are WHERE ARE ARRESTS? I AM SO DONE! DEFAULT! DEFAULT!

It’s been a long, long journey to hell and back, karma can be a bitch. But as an American, I would never have done anything differently. Life has been very hard at times, witnessing others being harmed has equally been very tragic. Innocent children being human trafficked or kidnapped the worse. As well as the elderly or other individuals unlawfully seized or jailed. No one gets any assistance overall.

But I’ve also been blessed along the way. My greatest blessing was meeting my sponsor who introduced me to Nichiren Buddhism. There is no question my perseverance and fight for JUSTICE was assisted by my chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! To Absolute Victory! To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! God Bless America! To Truth, Freedom and Restoring this American Republic to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! To World Peace!



This article is written as a response to a story on February 3, 2014. Written by Terence P. Jeffrey he states, “Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence last week that the intelligence that Edward Snowden stole from the U.S. government potentially puts the lives of U.S. troops at risk. In his own opening statement to the committee, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said the consequences of Snowden’s act include “putting the lives of members or assets of the intelligence community at risk, as well as our armed forces, diplomats, and our citizens.”

Intelligence, don’t make me laugh. I’ve never witnessed such deranged lunatics run a country into the ground, as those whom run the U.S. Government. Let me state as a victim turned rights activist, corruption freedom fighter and whistleblower whose fought corruption in the U.S. Government for eight years and has been held hostage ten years, Intelligence does not exist! Where is Intelligence, where is it? Is Intelligence playing hide and seek along with HUMANITY?

Terrorism and criminals are easy to find just look in your local State and County Governors and other political offices, U.S. Court Systems or Bar Associations for starters. Better yet all members of the U.S. Congress do not fully represent the American people at all because they have NO Jurisdiction to the U.S. Court system. Even your State Attorney Generals have NO Jurisdiction to arrest crooked attorneys or judges operating in the State. NO Intelligence, believe me, just dens of thieves!

Though I am not well-versed in all of Edward Snowden’s actions in exposing the NSA, it’s tragic he had to flee to Russia to do so. Why is that? The propaganda mainstream cover-up media in the U.S., they do not report truthful news plus they collude extensively with U.S. Government politicians for campaign finance contributions. An American Holocaust was created by many irresponsible, turn a blind-eye and paid off treasonous buffoons?

Recently, Attorney General Eric Holder stated he was open to Edward Snowden’s return to the U.S. but with espionage charges. U.S. Governmental officials which includes U.S. Military Generals, President Obama, Attorney General Holder plus the countless stooges from within the U.S. Congress must step to the plate with Truth, Authority and JUSTICE. Perhaps then Intelligence will overcome Tyranny!

Intelligence would be resignations. Intelligence would be to take responsibility for their own frauds, criminal acts and accept their arrests. Intelligence would be to admit their own faults as to the harm the American people have sustained by their lack of Intelligence.

In late 2009, I cited that a National Security Breach existed that violated the rights of the American people. Edward Snowden exposed the terrible violations of the NSA spying on the American people. Privacy rights along with all American rights as under the U.S. Constitution, plus laws are violated. The immense corruption that has operated unlawfully and illegitimately from within the U.S. Government is not Intelligent at all. Do you consider foreign and domestic terrorism, Intelligent? It is tragic!

The Bush Administration falsely created the Iraq war and then the Afghanistan war. For what? The world banking system, oil and poppy’s? The U.S. Military failed in their protection of our American nation and all American people while they fought wars. Who do you think contributed the greatest harm to not just U.S. Military troops, but all Americans? How many Americans and those overseas have been killed, maimed and will live with emotional trauma for years to come?

Edward Snowden warned Americans of the seriousness of the U.S. Governments NSA operations. Meanwhile other whistleblowers along with I get covered-up and violated. Attorney General Holder, your statement about espionage charges are the equivalent of “The Pot Calling The Kettle Black.” Look in the mirror! No racism intended. Snowden should be able to freely come back to the U.S. without any charges, perhaps he is even a hero!

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and James Clapper of whatever your supposed titles are in the Intelligence Agency, I guess your not that Intelligent. You just gave testimony to a bogus Senate Select Committee on Intelligence with a major crooked terrorist California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Sorry gentleman, but if you need me to inform you of the facts to understand your lacking Intelligence just ask?



Today I saw a news story titled IS RACISM OVER? RNC Clarifies tweet. Written By Dylan Stableford of Yahoo News.

“The Republican National Committee has clarified a tweet that erroneously declared racism over.” Rosa Parks and her bus boycott mentioned from many years ago too. But believe me racism is not over by any means, so I will discuss White & American Racism, a hidden topic instead of the normal black, latino or other minority racism.

I just had to laugh at such a ludicrous statement by the RNC, which stands for The Republican National Committee “RNC”. The “RNC” whose counterpart the Republican Governors Association, “RGA” just enlisted crooked predator Governor Chris Christie to the helm. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana stepped down to let this gluttonous, greedy treasonous lowlife takeover. Isn’t it ironic or better yet coincidence, but then nothing is coincidence, that Jindal was in office many years after Hurricane Katrina occurred and now Christie is in office when Hurricane Sandy occurred.

I wonder how many assets, homes and land, plus individuals were stolen during Hurricane Katrina? Governor Christie already has begun his RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER Grant Programs with that same agenda to prey upon Hurricane Sandy victims. U.S. Politicians are the greatest predators besides, bankers, judges, attorneys, sheriffs, media reps., realtors the list goes on and on. These are the modern day criminals of this nation and society.

Warren Buffet’s, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services within the last month moved big time into the New Jersey area, buying out local realtors. I allege is Buffet hopping on the stealing of homes and land bandwagon? Buffets company probably had already done so since its been operating in other states during the foreclosure debacle. Americans have been under siege by these countless crooks and predators thus resulting in one of the largest land grabs this century in the stealing of millions of homes and land in the fraudulent foreclosures.

White & American families are the largest of targets as is the destruction of their inheritance. The Clinton Administrations heavily involved with this corruption along with the Bush Administrations. A depletion and destruction of the middle class to impoverish and make Americans homeless and jobless. Emotional trauma has become the weapon of choice.

Having assisted Hurricane Sandy victims, I was informed by some white Americans they would get no assistance from Catholic Charities or the American Red Cross. In fact these Americans were told if they were immigrants or minorities they would get assistance. When complaints were made to crooked Senator Menendez the typical response came back, “I Got NO Jurisdiction.” No U.S. Politician in the U.S. has jurisdiction for anything, just pass the buck crooks and stooges.

When I view corruption throughout U.S. Courts, many white or American families are victimized. The first black President does not even adhere to American Rights, but then again NO ONE does. This American Republic is in dire straits which means D.C. you’ve got serious problems. It is the same bobble heads different day, just continual lacking authority and inaction. Since I am an American and I’ve dealt with so many crooks and predators running this fraudulent nation, let me state RACISM, FRAUD & CORRUPTION are alive and well to harm all Americans. This corruption does not discriminate, it is racism to all.

My views on Democrat or Republican basically means it’s all BULLSHIT. Not one stooge in the U.S. Congress represents any American in this nation. The same with the countless turn a blind eye crooked Governors. There is NO prosecution of U.S. Court Corruption criminals because their crooked racketeering Bar Associations have no allegiance to any American. Wonder how many Governors are attorneys or foreign? This subverted crooked U.S. Government is a direct result of a failed U.S. Military.

Whites and Americans are targeted along with all minorities. What’s questionable is how many white family homes were stolen to be given to crooks or immigrants? Predators come in all sizes, shapes and titles. INJUSTICE REIGNS! The new movie American Hustle is about to premier believe you me, all U.S. Politicians are a great treasonous sham. NO AMERICAN IS SAFE FROM THE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY THAT EXIST!


After watching the U.S. Media coverage in the aftermath of the tragic bombings from the Boston Marathon tremendous rights violations have occurred.  The full force escapade in searching for now one young man possibly involved with the explosions is overblown.  Are they even the real bombers? Military, tanks and countless police, etc.  What is truly happening during Martial Law?  The searches of American homes are total rights violations.  If individuals were in their homes they would know if someone broke in to hideout, there are no need for searches.  If someone harbored a fugitive it would not be hard to tell.  This young man could be states away by now.

I view these searches by the U.S. Military, police or whomever as an invasion of privacy along with search and seizure violations to the 4TH Amendment.  This  American rights violation is absolutely unnecessary.  All Americans can deny any search.  Americans can refuse for cause any search or seizure plus declare their own private property rights.  No party even if U.S. Military, police or anyone has a right to violate YOUR American rights.  They can be denied entrance into your home and told to get off your property, countless government criminals and predators exist.

The U.S. Media would never inform you of this.  President Obama and Attorney General Holder are being notified to halt these American Rights Violations immediately.  These Nazism, Communist, Terroristic approaches to communities will not stand. You should arrest the countless criminals  harbored within your own corrupt U.S. Courts, U.S. Congress and offices plus oust the subverted foreign government operating within the United States.  The reason 2nd Amendment Rights exist is due to tyrannical governments.  These violations to the 4TH Amendment will not be condoned and I hope the NRA will also take a stand for these Americans Rights.

The following paragraph about the Fourth Amendment is copied from Wikipedia.

“The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”[1]