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WAKE UP MORON TO THE TREASON IN GOVERNMENT! Response to FOX News attempt to remove guns.

Update 5/23/15:  I apologized to John so he’d better understand the moron comment, it was only used to get attention to this article due to the cover-ups in mainstream media and the ignorance in society.  He thanked me.

John Traphagan, I’m not sure if you are an American or not but FOX NEWS and all the mainstream media are subverted they do not report truthful news. I have this well documented and others equally are aware. They aided Obama’s fraudulent election and numerous others. NO U.S. POLITICAN REPRESENTS the American people at all because they do not have any jurisdiction to the U.S. Court system. I am a court corruption victim, the rampage of criminals and terrorists operating under this DEFACTO government within all government operations if off the charts. JUSTICE, RIGHTs & LAWS are denied an American Holocaust exists. A serious problem exists in college education in law whereby Constitutional Law is generally not practiced. Statutory Law, Roman Law, International Law, Admiralty Law etc. aid these serious crimes and offenses against Americans lives. Millions of Americans are held hostage in torture house court gulags. I know this because I’m a long term victim with many political morons involved. My story is on and a blog The 2nd Amendment is one of the few defenses against this tyranny and barbarism. This is the one defense that is saving this nation to restore our American Republic. The Vatican Bank, religion is a serious infiltrator besides Britain, Israel, numerous mafias, organized crime, etc. in our failed American nation. There is NO National Security, WAKE UP! Destroying families’ lives is the agenda to impoverish and kill. WAKE UP MORON to what it means to be an American otherwise you’re a big part of the problem.



This message is being provided to the tragic Sandy Hook, Newtown victim families to better understand the contagion effect in death by suicide. It will also be provided to President Obama and the NRA.

I am a crisis interventionist grief counselor also involved personally as a court crime victim turned whistleblower, rights activist and corruption freedom fighter against the U.S. Government. My story can be viewed on this blog and at  The U.S. Government is very responsible for tremendous harm to American families throughout the country. One reason is the U.S. Government has not been American for many, many years. President Obama picked up a nightmare from the Bush Administration. Changes are being made behind the scenes but still the cover-ups continue.  In February 2013 a few hundred victims from a group Lawless America came to Washington D.C. to give Congressional testimonies against the U.S. Courts.  President Obama nor any member of the U.S. Congress would attend.  That is a pathetic outrage and reveals the U.S. is still not an American government

There has been a systematic breakdown in society overall to impoverish, rob and harm children, adults and families especially in these tyrannical U.S. Courts throughout the country. Emotional trauma has become a weapon of choice to harm millions and millions of Americans and people of World Nations. Destruction and the selling out of American jobs and businesses another part of this story besides countless frauds by all U.S. Government corporate infrastructures. This results in increased violence and crime in society perpetrated by most U.S. Government operations. The criminally insane are running this tyrannical foreign corporate U.S. Government. This is why 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms are mandatory to protect the American people. No changes are lawful by the U.S. Congress because these crooks do not represent the American people and many of these long-term politicians are crooks. States and county governments besides The Fed and bankers are involved with this rampant TREASON.

U.S. Media has allowed the creation of an American Holocaust due to their colluding with the U.S. Government. Propaganda media exists denying Freedom of the Press.

With that said one of the key aspects of mass trauma by gun violence, knife stabbings, explosions or any type of violence is the contagion effect of death by suicide. Suicide is a tragic death and when a suicide occurs it gives other individuals the idea that suicide is alright to do. The contagion effect is a copycat effect. This happened in the terrible tragic death by suicide of singer Mindy McCready whose boyfriend a short time prior committed death by suicide. People whom commit death by suicide are in terrible pain. I have assisted many survivors of suicide during times of despair and grief after a death by suicide of a loved one. It is very painful for survivors because of guilt plus beliefs they could have helped their loved one prior to their death. Once a death by suicide happens the odds of another suicide in the same family goes up. Death by suicide is literally the survivors loved one harming them which can be difficult to understand.

Mass trauma gun violence incidents or by other means already has a perpetrator who realizes they will die. They may die by their own hand or death by cop. They are in great pain and want to take out their pain on others. They have no regard to life at these junctures. They may want notoriety or to be sensationalized. Suicide in mass traumas do not need notoriety.  The U.S. Media and U.S. Government provides these perpetrators notoriety which then creates more of the same tragedies.  This has  even been witnessed since the tragic Sandy Hook, Newtown killings.  Stabbings were at a recent college incident and now bombs at the Boston Marathon plus many other crimes due to wanting to change gun laws.

To effect changes to mass trauma of gun violence or by other means the notoriety must be halted.  In my view the best way to handle this is the U.S. Media should not reveal who or whom the killer(s) are or their families.  The names should only be provided privately to the victim families and to certain U.S. Government officials.  This will change the effect of notoriety.  Right now the U.S. Media covers-up lots of harm to the American people, they should be halted from revealing these perpetrators information so these crimes can be diminished.  There is really no reason anyone has to even know this information so it can change these circumstances.  If a perpetrator survived that would be a different scenario.

Younger children and adolescents are bombarded with violence in video games, TV and movies.  Change should be incorporated into these areas.

Presently no changes can be made to the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans due to the foreign corruption that is both domestic and international terrorism operating within the U.S. Government.  I hope the Newtown victims families share this information with other gun violence or death by suicide advocates.  There are no protections overall by the U.S. Government, believe me.  I know children stolen by the U.S. Government and the families get no assistance. The harm to families is immeasurable.   Americans must protect themselves and protections with armed guards is the best protection at schools throughout the country as suggested by the NRA.


Media throughout the United States covers-up U.S. Court and U.S. Governmental corruption. This corruption has created an American Holocaust and still President Obama can not come clean to address these serious heinous issues about this American Holocaust. The Washington Post will be the first media agency targeted against the heinous violation of Free Press to the American people. Kaplan a corporate business they own fosters educational programs, one such program ties into the medical community by bringing foreign doctors into the U.S. to work. More job loss to Americans. Education to prescribe medication for depression to patients may allegedly have some big pharmaceutical bucks behind them too. The Washington Post rather traumatize and victimize American families than admit what’s really going on with the crooks and terrorists operating within the U.S. Government.

This past week in Washington, D.C., NO member of the U.S. Congress showed their repulsive heads at the function of Lawless America, a group where hundreds of  court crime victims were in attendance. President Obama sent Bill Windsor of Lawless America a certificate to acknowledge his work and this group of victims attendance.  But President Obama had no guts to face these countless American victims face to face. Pathetic! Why not because countless crooks are still running Washington D.C., plus county and state offices throughout the country. The trauma and harm these victims sustained comes directly from U.S. Court and U.S. Governmental corruption.  Why and when will President Obama ever take true authority for this American country. The President should halt the allowance of sadistic, abuse of power, rights violating greed and power-hungry dissociative deranged members of the U.S. Congress to stay in office.  President Obama & Attorney General Holder I authorize immediate arrests of all long-term members of the U.S. Congress, anyone in office over four years.  I authorize immediate arrests of all members of the Senate Banking Committee, The Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

President Obama picked up a horror from the Bush Administration but after four years in office its time he come clean. The U.S. Judiciary has been a fraud for many years along with this whole U.S. Government run by criminally insane predators in bankers pockets. Since I am a Fraud on the Court crime victim in California and New York there are two Senators I seek be arrested NOW.  The American Holocaust that exists was aided and abetted by Senator Feinstein and Senator Schumer along with all long-term members of the U.S. Congress. I will discuss two top Senate criminals, they are  Treasonous American Terrorists too. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California and Senator Charles Schumer of New York. To have such tyranny and genocide that exists in the U.S. Government harming American families daily are acts of  internal governmental terrorism.

Senator Dianne Feinstein sat recently upon her throne for a hearing by the Senate Intelligence Agency in the appointment of John Brennan to the CIA. I believe the CIA should be done away with frankly. There really shows no intelligence by anyone in the U.S. Government to keep this 80-year-old nip tuck in office, plus her crimes of election fraud. So why are old people allowed because they sleep under their desks so rampant organized crime can truly run the country and world’s agendas. Great evil exists. Both Senators are so irresponsible and corrupt I seek their immediate arrests NOW. Old people should not be running the U.S. Government and age limits must be implemented, my suggestion is 65 years of age in any governmental office. The longevity of many corrupted politicians in D.C. only aided and abetted major terrorism and an inoperable U.S. Government.  Old people can be productive members of society but they should not be running a country.

Senator Feinstein  only assisted her own criminal agenda with that of her husband Richard C. Blum. I used to work for a hedge fund within the hedge fund of Richard C. Blum & Associates for five years in the 1990’s. Richard C. Blum used to pal around with ex-President Bill Clinton during this time. The Clinton Administration is far from innocent when it comes to the criminal acts and job losses through NAFTA that exist in this country. Richard C. Blum was disgusting in how he made women employees cry and after he came back from visits to China he would treat women as subservient.  More can be explored in business relationships with China too.  One day a black office manager collapsed on the floor, Blum was known for payoffs to employees to keep their mouths shut, he especially paid off many minorities. Richard C. Blum’s main investing style was to take a major corporate stake by filing 13 D’s in publicly traded companies so his firm could direct the management of the company for gain. Inside Trading in a sense. URS Corp. and Tutor Perini are some such companies where U.S. Government contracts benefitted Feinstein and Blum. Grubb & Ellis benefitted them from the fraudulent run up in real estate home prices due to countless bank frauds and poor mortgage lending practices by The Federal Reserve & U.S. Government plus they benefitted from the foreclosures. There are many other stories I could share but this crooked criminal Senator Dianne Feinstein allowed so much harm to the American people, she must be tried for TREASON DURING TIMES OF WAR besides other crimes.

Senator Charles Schumer has been another irresponsible U.S. Judiciary member and Senator same as Senator Feinstein. Organized crime has run New York Courts, Bar Associations and all Judicial Regulatory Agencies the same experience I encountered with California Courts, etc.   Senator Schumer created a major conflict of interest with President George W. Bush to aid a cover-up to 9-11 with his appointment of Attorney General Michael Mukasey whom had been a New York Judge. Judge Michael Mukasey presided over insurance claim lawsuits by Larry Silverstein, this insurance was just purchased before the World Trade Centers collapse along with that of WTC 7.   WTC 7 is a major segment of the conspiracy in that tragedy along with the destruction of U.S. Governmental offices located in WTC 7. Larry Silverstein has major organized crime ties to the Teleport on Staten Island, New York from an ownership stake plus with the New York/New Jersey Port Authority. Mukasey has major ties to ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani, where did that gold go? Schumer committed major TREASON DURING TIMES OF WAR besides other crimes.

So back to the Washington Post. For a few years now Bob Woodward at the Washington Post covered-up his knowledge of U.S. Court crimes in my case along with other victim families due to U.S. Governmental corruption as do most media in the country. Bob Woodward has been in an email marketing list of mine, but terminated himself from my list when Lawless America came to the Washington Posts offices this past week. Lawless America tried to meet with the Washington Post but it was denied. The Washington Post should be shut down for not reporting true news to the American people. Extensive liability exists to countless media companies not reporting true news in the United States of America. The U.S. Government makes big payoffs to media through election campaigns news, ads and probably other ways, this is a heinous disgrace harming countless American families and this country. This is colluding by the U.S. Government with major media at the expense to the lives of countless American’s.

President Obama better get the message this better come to an end NOW! Where are indictments? I hope President Obama reveals the truth at the State of the Union Address. It’s pretty pathetic when the President can’t admit the truth and allows continual harm to American victim families daily. All segments of U.S. Government operations should be shut down and criminals removed NOW!