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This message is being provided to the tragic Sandy Hook, Newtown victim families to better understand the contagion effect in death by suicide. It will also be provided to President Obama and the NRA.

I am a crisis interventionist grief counselor also involved personally as a court crime victim turned whistleblower, rights activist and corruption freedom fighter against the U.S. Government. My story can be viewed on this blog and at  The U.S. Government is very responsible for tremendous harm to American families throughout the country. One reason is the U.S. Government has not been American for many, many years. President Obama picked up a nightmare from the Bush Administration. Changes are being made behind the scenes but still the cover-ups continue.  In February 2013 a few hundred victims from a group Lawless America came to Washington D.C. to give Congressional testimonies against the U.S. Courts.  President Obama nor any member of the U.S. Congress would attend.  That is a pathetic outrage and reveals the U.S. is still not an American government

There has been a systematic breakdown in society overall to impoverish, rob and harm children, adults and families especially in these tyrannical U.S. Courts throughout the country. Emotional trauma has become a weapon of choice to harm millions and millions of Americans and people of World Nations. Destruction and the selling out of American jobs and businesses another part of this story besides countless frauds by all U.S. Government corporate infrastructures. This results in increased violence and crime in society perpetrated by most U.S. Government operations. The criminally insane are running this tyrannical foreign corporate U.S. Government. This is why 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms are mandatory to protect the American people. No changes are lawful by the U.S. Congress because these crooks do not represent the American people and many of these long-term politicians are crooks. States and county governments besides The Fed and bankers are involved with this rampant TREASON.

U.S. Media has allowed the creation of an American Holocaust due to their colluding with the U.S. Government. Propaganda media exists denying Freedom of the Press.

With that said one of the key aspects of mass trauma by gun violence, knife stabbings, explosions or any type of violence is the contagion effect of death by suicide. Suicide is a tragic death and when a suicide occurs it gives other individuals the idea that suicide is alright to do. The contagion effect is a copycat effect. This happened in the terrible tragic death by suicide of singer Mindy McCready whose boyfriend a short time prior committed death by suicide. People whom commit death by suicide are in terrible pain. I have assisted many survivors of suicide during times of despair and grief after a death by suicide of a loved one. It is very painful for survivors because of guilt plus beliefs they could have helped their loved one prior to their death. Once a death by suicide happens the odds of another suicide in the same family goes up. Death by suicide is literally the survivors loved one harming them which can be difficult to understand.

Mass trauma gun violence incidents or by other means already has a perpetrator who realizes they will die. They may die by their own hand or death by cop. They are in great pain and want to take out their pain on others. They have no regard to life at these junctures. They may want notoriety or to be sensationalized. Suicide in mass traumas do not need notoriety.  The U.S. Media and U.S. Government provides these perpetrators notoriety which then creates more of the same tragedies.  This has  even been witnessed since the tragic Sandy Hook, Newtown killings.  Stabbings were at a recent college incident and now bombs at the Boston Marathon plus many other crimes due to wanting to change gun laws.

To effect changes to mass trauma of gun violence or by other means the notoriety must be halted.  In my view the best way to handle this is the U.S. Media should not reveal who or whom the killer(s) are or their families.  The names should only be provided privately to the victim families and to certain U.S. Government officials.  This will change the effect of notoriety.  Right now the U.S. Media covers-up lots of harm to the American people, they should be halted from revealing these perpetrators information so these crimes can be diminished.  There is really no reason anyone has to even know this information so it can change these circumstances.  If a perpetrator survived that would be a different scenario.

Younger children and adolescents are bombarded with violence in video games, TV and movies.  Change should be incorporated into these areas.

Presently no changes can be made to the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans due to the foreign corruption that is both domestic and international terrorism operating within the U.S. Government.  I hope the Newtown victims families share this information with other gun violence or death by suicide advocates.  There are no protections overall by the U.S. Government, believe me.  I know children stolen by the U.S. Government and the families get no assistance. The harm to families is immeasurable.   Americans must protect themselves and protections with armed guards is the best protection at schools throughout the country as suggested by the NRA.



My condolences go out to all those who died or were harmed at the Boston Marathon. It was a true blessing that those bombs exploded after many people had crossed the finish line to reduce the amount of casualties. Why this terrible event happened is hard say exactly.

When I view this tragic situation I see the chronic fraud that is still in existence by the U.S. Government. Patriots Day is perceived as an American event. The Boston Marathon though is an event with an international ensemble of runners. The Commonwealth State of Massachusetts is British. There are four obvious British States in the United States represented as Commonwealths and with Commonwealth Courts. The four states are Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky. It appears when the British took control back over the United States they made these states Commonwealths because they were states where key Founding Fathers of the Republic resided.  Commonwealth means it is the common wealth that is why Americans are being robbed and harmed especially in tyrannical courts throughout the nation by the British, the Vatican Bank, Bankers, Zionists and mafia. U.S. Media covers-up these crimes and colludes extensively with the U.S. Government.

This is also why in the State of New York and other states all court decisions especially related to gun control are null and void because this country is still not American.  Americans have a right to bear arms against tyrannical governments.  Governor Cuomo’s NY SAFE ACT is unlawful.  Registration of guns is similar to car registration a car can be seized if a person does not pay tickets.  NO GUNS WILL EVER BE REGISTERED!  No existing laws that are statutes need to be honored since they are under the corporate fiction of a treasonous foreign government, they are not the laws of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is tragic that President Obama used grieving families such as the Newtown victims to aid only the corrupt agenda of the foreign no-authority based U.S. Congress.  The U.S. Congress does not  truly represent the American people at all and they have no authority to make any changes to gun laws, 2nd Amendment Rights.

President Obama wants to keep up the duality charade but meanwhile thousands and thousands of criminals still operate within the U.S. Government.  Aspects of the police operate as international law and sheriffs offices are also corrupted.  Last week an issue arose over a mans gun permit, the situation was not about him, in the State of New York he had to come to the County Clerk’s Office. So many County Clerks are crooks as are their whole county operations. These county and state operations are involved with major money laundering schemes to steal the countless fraudulent foreclosures of homes throughout the nation.  I requested prior that President Obama take authority by today 4/16/13 to take this country back as American.  Where are indictments? The United States is an American country not foreign  British/Vatican based, etc.  Take this country back as American immediately, President Obama so we don’t see more tragedies like at the Boston Marathon.  Duality does not cut it President Obama.  Take authority Mr. President or the American people will need to come in and toss many of you crooks out of office ourselves!  Newtown victims will be alerted that no changes anywhere will be made to gun laws under the 2nd Amendment with the treason and American Holocaust that exists.  One of the biggest changes to help gun violence plus the genocide, terrorism and crimes against humanity due to political and governmental corruption is to halt all campaign finance money-raising and SuperPacs immediately.

On a special note to the NRA nullify and void any court orders violating 2nd Amendment rights by any U.S. Court judge.  There is overall no authority by any judge from within these crooked tyrannical British foreign courts when President Obama and Attorney General Holders still cover-up the crimes taking place in U.S. Courts throughout the country.  U.S. Courts overall violate all laws and rights of the American people under the U.S. Constitution. Many American hostages need to be freed. If Americans rights are violated as mine are along with countless other Americans then this country is still not American. Honor our American rights NOW and restore TRUTH, FREEDOM & JUSTICE, Mr. President!