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TO: GEORGE KASIMOS – STOP FEMA NOW & HURRICANE SANDY VICTIMS – George after reviewing your list of complaints and problems with “RREM”, FEMA, etc. I realized my own letter would need to be addressed. Thus on 11/28/14 a letter to President Obama, U.S. Military General Odierno for the U.S. Military was provided to my government contracts. I, Cheryl Kennedy am an employee Whistleblower whom filed a complaint against the “RREM” Grant Program on 11/11/13. I am a long time rights activist and corruption freedom fighter whose been held as an American Hostage for over ten years after discovery of a U.S. Court corruption fraud scam by an attorney with a judge involved in my divorce. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was subpoenaed to a civil trial against that attorney whom I have a fraud ruling against due to immense corruption. A U.S. Marshall was assigned to me once President Obama came into office in 2009. Cover-ups by media have aided an American Holocaust terrorizing American families. U.S. Courts hold millions of Americans Hostage for years on end. I learned more than I ever cared to know about the heinous criminal acts, plus frauds within the State and Federal Government that plague and violate the rights of all Americans lives. Specific points are provided from a shortened version of my original letter, plus the RIGHT OF ENTRY “ROE” is an addition.


The lacking funds received by Hurricane Sandy victims from FEMA’s, “NFIP” National Flood Insurance Program or from homeowners insurance plus the FORCED infringement to ELEVATE homes was the precursor to intentionally cause either two events to occur. 1.) New Jersey residents would need to apply for Grants as under the program to seek assistance, especially for elevation or rebuilding from the “RREM” Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation & Mitigation Grant 2.) Force New Jersey residents into U.S. Courts to file claims against insurance companies, adjusters, etc.

These two events were to intentionally defraud and injure Hurricane Sandy victims greater. Repulsive! This does not even account for the families that walked away from their private properties due to bank mortgages or loans, etc., due to the added expense of renting. A similar renting or mortgage problem exists for many Sandy victims. SBA and all loans should be forgiven and any banks holding paid out insurance funds should provide them directly to the insured injured Sandy victim. These events are a continuation of the banking foreclosure debacle to steal homes and land plus to destroy family’s lives. Some families are now being dropped out of the “RREM” Grant Program because they didn’t have flood insurance. Having Flood Insurance was NEVER A REQUIREMENT TO APPLY TO THE RREM GRANT PROGRAM – FRAUD AND NON-DISCLOSURE prior to application. The criminal acts in the “RREM” Grant program are mind-boggling and plentiful. FEMA recently seeking refunds is another fraud.

The State of New Jersey, DCA’s and the Federal Government plus any other entity named within or involved but are unknown are in violation of the 4th Amendment and/or committed criminal trespass, fraud or rights violations against the Hurricane Sandy victims. Immeasurable amounts of rights violations occurred when a Sandy victim signed the “RREM” Grant Award to also include any other signed grants or grants signed by other disaster victims.

Thousands of Hurricane Sandy victim families and other disaster victims in similar programs in other states signed away their rights due to stress, duress, plus intentional trauma to further victimize these victims by fraudulent government operations. Thus the following matters from the “RREM” Grant Awards or other grant documentation listed below are hereby abated, thus null and void, rescinded, revoked and repudiated immediately 11/28/14 in accordance with this Immediate Permanent Estoppel and Stay with Lawful U.S. Military Generals in affect as under the U.S. Constitution, this will also include any and all grants in any disaster program in the United States with similar rights violations.

1.ANY AND ALL LIENS placed on Hurricane Sandy victim’s homes or land, thus their private properties.

2.ANY AND ALL DEED RESTRICTIONS one such Deed Restriction placed on Hurricane Sandy victim’s private properties was that they must maintain flood insurance for the life of their ownership and it must be transferred to other owners. Due to the crimes perpetrated by FEMA and many other countless criminals named within this letter NO Hurricane Sandy victim could ever agree to such unknown terms or fees when FEMA plus the State and Federal Government defrauded them.

3.ANY AND ALL STATEMENTS WHERE RIGHTS WERE SIGNED AWAY in Grant Award documentation to the U.S. Courts, attorney fees or any other statements where Sandy victims signed away their rights which can harm them further such as to their private properties, assets and/or physical persons

4.ANY AND ALL RIGHT OF ENTRY “ROE” SIGNED DOCUMENTS ARE TERMINATED already the government has shown their lacking response to take action to halt their own terrorism to the Hurricane Sandy victims, nevertheless U.S. Court corruption victims. The “ROE” document can allow greater harm to private properties, assets or to physical person(s). Since limited construction does already exist bilateral or written agreements must be agreed prior to entrance onto private property by contractors, inspectors, government employees, agents or any other entity involved with the private property owner to protect them and their rights.

Terms will also apply to any and all U.S. Court cases where any disaster victim filed a lawsuit(s). An Immediate Permanent Estoppel and Stay are hereby filed with Lawful U.S. Military Generals in affect as under the U.S. Constitution, for any and all Sandy or other disaster victims whom sued on any docket of any U.S. Court effective this day 11/28/14 and all disaster victims will be paid their requested settlements due to the crimes perpetrated against them in accordance with this Immediate Permanent Estoppel and Stay with Lawful U.S. Military Generals in affect as under the U.S. Constitution.

All Sandy “RREM” Grant applicants or other grant applicants are entitled to settlements including those applicants the Christie Administration is trying to remove unlawfully from the grant process. Any and all applicants harmed in other disaster programs should also be provided settlements.

NO THIRD PARTY GOVERNMENT AGENTS – Get out of the home stealing and fraudulent rebuilding business. Americans can contract freely without government infringement that includes medical, etc. If adequate insurance funds where paid out and there was no elevation infringement this horror and harm would not have occurred. U.S. Military you failed to protect all Americans from the crooks, corporations, fraudulent stooge politicians and mass inhumane genocidal terrorism destroying American family’s lives and this American Republic! Clean Up Your Own Act & Take Authority For Once U.S. Military! You better get LAWFUL real fast! This email letter is sent to the parties from my original complaint on 11/11/13 named within and it will be provided to varied Hurricane Sandy victims. U.S. Military General Odierno you can deliver it directly to Christie, Cuomo, Jindal and your other crooks! WHERE ARE ARRESTS?


Cheryl Kennedy, Rights Activist, Corruption Freedom Fighter & Whistleblower



This article was originally released on March 9, 2014 at The U.S. Independent.

An ABC News article by Shushannah Walshe titled Christie to Obama: “What The Hell Are We Paying You For?” “Christie’s signature tough talking style was on full display when he took on Obama asking, “Mr. President, what the hell are we paying you for?” “Leadership,” Christie said, “is not about standing on the sidelines and spit-balling.” That statement was bellowed from a treasonous predator hypocrite.

Predator Governor Chris Christie’s continual spewing of his own fraud and lies without his arrest are part of the serious problems plaguing this nation. Predator Governor Christie, why are you being paid plus all the turn a blind eye Satanists in D.C. that DO NOT represent the American people at all? Parading around with your money grubbing lobbyists and phony baloney beggar crooked U.S. Political Satanist spiel is one the greatest circus acts of all time. Never in my life have I witnessed so many crooks under one tent as at CPAC and in the U.S. Congress, plus other PAC fund raising events. Money is at the root of all evil and this is pure evil.

The Democrat/Republican line of BULL is a broken shambles of Inhumane Injustice harming millions and millions of families by thieves in suits, dresses and robes. How many crooked Attorney’s exist in this mix of criminals? In addition, the U.S. Government has been subverted by Britain, The Vatican, Zionists and countless mafias. Bar Associations are major organized crime racketeering operatives. It’s all a racket, with rampages of criminals running loose in every community and in U.S. Court Gulags.

NO Titles of Nobility are supposed to exist in any governmental office. Noted from Wikipedia, Article I, Section 9, Clause 8:
No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state.”

D.C. has serious problems and President Obama picked up a nightmare from the crooked Bush and Clinton Administrations. NO MORE BUSHES & NO MORE CLINTONS!

The one highlight at CPAC was Wayne LaPierre of the NRA who defended the 2nd Amendment. The NRA must stop living in denial about the dire situation that exists in the U.S. Government. Lobbyists and Super Pac’s along with Citizen United must go! There is NO need to license any guns and registration is only about government infringement on rights. Meanwhile Wayne LaPierre you just sat with many Satanists and criminals while at CPAC, face reality and facts. The IRS is a fraud as well as all the money laundered taxation. Ask Governor Chris Christie’s experts about monetization or money laundering schemes? But then this topic could apply to many State Government operations due to the fraudulent Federal Reserve.

Blow hard Governor Chris Christie is such a treasonous predator and the media still cover-ups the true story of his intent to harm Sandy victims. It is revolting and pure evil. Governor Christie and his crooked attorney buddy Commissioner Richard Constable III intentionally set–up the Hurricane Sandy victims to violate their 4th Amendment rights by having them sign their rights away while under duress in Grant Awards. I am an employee whistleblower on Governor Chris Christies fraudulent “RREM” Grant Program. The office was a shambles of chaos and intentional trauma to abuse the Sandy victims and contracted employees. Two corporations Hammerman and Gainer and URS Corp. have been ousted but every operative must go. Governor Christie CANNOT administer this program because of the massive amount of criminal acts which are nauseating. Christie loves to blame everyone else, except his own repulsive self.

Why is Governor Chris Christie still on New Jersey’s payroll with such obvious crimes? One of my employers Atrium Staffing whom placed me on unpaid leave still takes a HOSTILE stance even after the ousting of Hammerman & Gainer. Atrium Staffing rather defraud NJ Unemployment plus violate my rights and the rights of other contracted employees to verbal contracts. We all have a right to work without violating other Americans rights. President Obama, we command our verbally contracted wages. Who are any of you U.S. Politicians to infringe upon our wages, plus why is any U.S. Politician violating my American property rights for years on end plus other Americans rights? Governor Christie rather defraud NJ Unemployment too, so why is he still on New Jersey’s payroll? The Department of Labor rather keep criminals on the payroll and disregards ethical workers, many are robbed of jobs.

NAFTA under the Clinton Administration contributed to tremendous job destruction plus aided foreign terrorism in our nation. Also the Bush & Clinton Administration contributed to the banking/foreclosure debacle, plus how many other criminal acts? Parading beggar Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush around is a disgrace to American’s intelligence, along with phony poll propaganda by U.S. media sources that conceal news for their own beggar profits. Media cover-ups have aided an American Holocaust.

Did Wolff and Samson create the Grant Award documentation or was it Governor Christie and Commissioner Constable? Crooked predator attorneys created these documents. It’s not rocket science to review these facts, President Obama. The State of New Jersey under Governor Chris Christie and The Department of Community Affairs under Commissioner Richard Constable III could harm and benefit greatly from this documentation? I’m not even touching upon all the other criminal acts by the group of crooked corporations or Federal Government contractors or agencies hired for this project.

Similar corporations were involved under Governor Bobby Jindal and other Governors in the Road Home Project from Hurricane Katrina and Rita. How many homes were stolen and families harmed? Governor Christie was prepared to do the same thing. Many treasonous vipers must be arrested.

Every Governor in every State has been involved with stealing millions and millions of homes in the fraudulent foreclosures with the banks and crooked courts. Let’s look seriously at the theft and harm by these Satanists who DO NOT represent any American due to having NO Jurisdiction of the U.S. Court system. Rampant election fraud exists. U.S. Court Gulags are torture houses harming millions and millions of families. Americans command their FREEDOM from this tyranny. The lives of countless Americans are being destroyed so Satanist beggars can raise campaign finance funds. Genocidal rampant terrorism exists throughout society due to the Satanists who’ve destroyed this American Republic with intent to ravage the American People.



Breitbart News reported a story on January 17, 2014, that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told Susan Arbetter of the Capitol Pressroom that “extreme conservatives should leave the state.” He said that “extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay” have no place in the State of New York.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s statement to the Capitol Pressroom reporter reveals if Cuomo does not agree with your belief or opinions, you better get out the state. Really, Americans are FREE to make their own choices and decisions. New Yorkers do not need be told to get out of the State just because Cuomo believes he owns the State of New York. Cuomo does employ and support a bunch of criminals, that’s a fact. Governor Andrew Cuomo has shown himself to be nothing but a rights violating aiding and abetting criminal himself, a rotten apple at the helm of The Empire State of New York.

Since New York is the topic of conversation, I will share some other important information. It is wonderful Mayor Michael Bloomberg the billionaire Nazi who overstayed his welcome in the government of New York City has finally left office. Bloomberg was a control freak with a belief he had the right to decide what New Yorkers should purchase. NO SODA FOR YOU!

In addition, Bloomberg and the New York Police Department (NYPD) run by Commissioner Ray Kelly violated 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights with the program “Stop and Frisk,” which racially profiled many blacks, Latinos and other minorities. Americans have a right to be secure from search and seizure to their persons, homes, papers and effects. The 4th Amendment was greatly violated in the fraudulent foreclosure scams in the banking debacle too. Unfortunately a mafia based Brooklyn judge ruled in favor to extend Mayor Bloomberg’s term limits another four years, guess the fix was in. New Yorkers got the billionaire Nazi stuck on the ballot again. But their vote paid to watch and reveal how American’s rights and law violations occur with eyes wide open and NO one takes authority for these criminal acts.

New Yorkers and all Americans in many ways have paid the price from tyrannical government corruption. The Federal Reserve and the financial banking and securities industry crooks of New York have sucked the financial assets right out of many Americans pockets with this foreclosure banking debacle. How many homes and land were stolen, probably close to twenty million properties? That is a huge number with many families harmed. Meanwhile your State and County governments stole these assets along with many other crooks. JP Morgan Chase and the back offices of many banks have crooks on their payrolls, is your money safe? Our American Republic needs a U.S. Treasury and an American based currency not the monetized garbage paper printed by the Federal Reserve.

Governor Andrew Cuomo titled his corruption unit the Moreland Commission. Funny, how this commission was created long after many foreclosures occurred. Moreland, Moreland, how much Moreland does Governor Andrew Cuomo need to steal? Who had jurisdiction to take authority to halt the crimes by New York bankers, Governor Andrew Cuomo? Did Cuomo take authority or any jurisdiction, NO!

In the late 1990’s Governor Andrew Cuomo was employed by the Clinton Administration for the Housing & Urban Development, as HUD Secretary. In essence Cuomo participated in the creation of the banking debacle. Governor Andrew Cuomo had to whittle his way back in to be Governor in the State of New York to aid and abet the New York banking cartels, criminals and mafia so the foreclosures could continue , continue and continue. Spitzer and Paterson were ousted as Governors and Cuomo slithered in after being an Attorney General who had NO jurisdiction to arrest crooked government employees but the banks he did have jurisdiction for then. Governor Andrew Cuomo did nothing to curtail corruption neither while he was Attorney General nor when he had jurisdiction as Governor.

As a native New Yorker, from my own experiences dealing in an extremely corrupted New York Supreme Court system, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s offices revealed only a corrupt den of thieves. The U.S. Court system in New York was a shambles of crooks and corruption the same as I experienced in the State of California. The same crooks sit day after day in their same positions many years later that is a problem.

The New York Public Service Commission is a very crooked enterprise selling electrical companies overseas with crooked Senator Charles Schumer at the helm. They are funneled consumer electrical fees noted on your electric bill when paid. This has the alleged smell of some serious money laundering schemes by an illegitimate commission. I wonder how many electrical companies have been sold overseas from each state, terrorism thrives. Even the crooked New York judges won’t approve these electrical companies’ sales. That is beyond bad, it’s rotten. Review your own electrical company and learn about their operations. Electrical companies collude with the crooked bankers to steal homes too. So what does turn a blind eye Cuomo do, NOTHING?

No New Yorker needs Governor Andrew Cuomo’s own personal demands on the 2nd Amendment with his corrupt NY Safe Act either. In fact all New Yorkers gun rights are infringed upon especially handguns by the crooks running the State of New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo is fully aware of the criminals whom operate on his payroll and he prefers to violate 2nd Amendment rights. Cuomo and his Moreland attitude should be shuffled off to Buffalo or better yet these crooks should be shipped off to Guantanamo Bay? With sly suave smooth criminal operator Governor Andrew Cuomo in office the right to bear arms must stand as under the 2nd Amendment. Cuomo has got to go!

Oh, I almost forgot, Commissioner Ray Kelly was now hired by crooked JP Morgan Chase. My top crook of the year award honors predator CEO Jaime Dimon of JP Morgan Chase a few years. New York bankers and Federal Reserve racketeers shipped express, right behind you Governor Andrew Cuomo.


President Obama and U.S. Military General Odierno have shown their true colors as they continue to defraud, aid criminal acts and terrorism that harm the lives of the American people. The entire U.S. Military failed in the protection of the American people and this American Republic for many years. It is questionable what foreign entities or corporations were behind the war in Iraq and Afghanistan that operated under the guise as American.

There are countless criminals that operate within the Federal, State and County governmental offices paid as employees to rob and harm families. The Department of Labor pays these criminals. In the U.S. Courts they want to harm or kill you so it is easier to steal your assets, your child, an elderly family member or you. Fraud and crime does kill and there is no assistance anywhere to be found when government crooks prey upon you. Why has your American job been sold overseas while you are on unemployment? Meanwhile, crooks run the country and get a paycheck. When you understand the severity of this sham and the American Holocaust aided by the U.S. Media you will never pay any tax dollar again.

Crooked treasonous predator Governor Chris Christie was sworn in for his second term in office on January 21, 2014 along with Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. Both of them have defrauded all Hurricane Sandy victims and all New Jersey residents which is an absolute repulsive disgrace. The allowance of these known felons to be inaugurated reflects that President Obama and U.S. Military General Odierno have aided Governor Chris Christie’s election fraud and reflects their own lacking regard to all humanity and the lives of all Americans. Governor Chris Christie’s inauguration was unlawful as was President Barack Obama’s 2012 election. Begging for dollars to promote fraudulent elections while Americans are robbed of their dollars has been President Obama’s best response to the serious problems plaguing this American Republic. But then for years all elections were subverted and fraudulent under the Defacto Government, especially since NO member of the U.S. Congress represents any American. Frankly even if Governor Chris Christie’s oath was now taken under the American Republic it was unlawful. When anyone is under investigation in any governmental position they should be removed from that position with pay, pending the results of the investigation and if there will be indictments.

The Hurricane Sandy victims, whom Governor Christie and his administration preyed upon to violate their 4th Amendment Rights to sign their rights away is easy to prove in grant documentation. This major crime by Governor Chris Christie and his operation will be shared publicly. Once again, President Obama and U.S. Military General Odierno show they lack protections for these victims since this crime is easy to prove. Lie all they will, they are an irresponsible joke when it comes to halting their own governmental criminal operations. This is similar to the response in the foreclosure scams. Criminal acts are not difficult to review and halt. Instead a cover-up to aid the crimes of their own crooked U.S. Governmental fraudulent contractors and agencies especially URS Corp. and the Housing and Urban Development, HUD seems the best answer. The U.S. Government needs to get out of the home building and stealing business pronto, that’s right President Obama.

President Obama did pick up a horrific nightmare from the Bush and Clinton Administration. The selling out of our American nation began much earlier with the implementation of the Federal Reserve and countless other government corporate operations that are not American. Though I do believe President Obama is turning this nation around to be American, his duality and lacking authority is a constant. I did see an American flag with NO yellow fringe in the White House, a good sign. But after five years in office the same fraudulent charades by President Obama continue. Let’s become a truthful leader for this American Republic, Mr. President. President Obama presently does not abide by the U.S. Constitution or any rights whatsoever. Neither does any U.S. Military General or the U.S. Congress which violate the rights and laws for all Americans. Arrest your crooks and change your operations or get out!

A most serious problem is how NO authority in any governmental office takes action to halt crimes when crooked governmental employees are in the midst of committing crimes. This results in major harm to an American’s life, it’s a crisis and tragedy. Crisis intervention management must be implemented to halt these crimes. President Obama if your children were being kidnapped, stolen and harmed wouldn’t you want assistance? Oh, I forgot President Obama that you have security. That is why American’s have the right to defend themselves as under the 2nd Amendment. Perhaps Americans should just shoot your crooked governmental employees so criminal acts would be halted faster since NO authority implements JUSTICE under the Obama Administration. The person protecting themselves would look like the bad guy then, but self-defense appears to be needed for fraud and other crimes. How many homes and lives would have been saved instead of stolen? Living in the Wild West is unacceptable President Obama while injustice reigns with NO arrests of your crooks on the payroll.

President Obama and U.S. Military General Odierno and the failed U.S. Military better learn to take authority for the problems that harm our society. I’ve witnessed many children and adults be intentionally harmed and no one receives any assistance. I’ve sustained my own massive harm and am held hostage by governmental crooks with heinous violations to my Constitutional Rights for years from lacking authority. The barbaric tyranny and grave injustice of holding many Americans hostage in crooked U.S. Courts while sadistic governmental crooks get a free ride year after year must end. Many Americans deserve settlements as a redress of grievances as under the 1st Amendment.

The response from the Obama Administration to an American family in crisis due to their crooked governmental employees, predators who victimize victims has been that of masturbatory overtures. The Hurricane Sandy victims and New Jersey residents just received that same overture response with the allowance of a felon to be sworn into office, that of crooked treasonous predator Governor Chris Christie and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. Many countless other crooks deserve to be arrested from within the programs plus throughout Federal, State and County governmental offices and U.S. Courts with change to all operations.

Countless and countless American families have been victimized by the demented sadistic psychopaths running this nation and world. President Obama and the U.S. Military Generals better become honorable real fast to the American people. Your failed protection for American families by aiding terrorism from governmental felons and predators on the payroll will not be tolerated. Keep giving money to crooks President Obama, your duality charade needs to come to an end once and for all.


My first encounter with Governor Andrew Cuomo was in 2008 when he was in the position of New York’s Attorney General. I have letters from Cuomo’s office that state he has no jurisdiction to address issues with New York corrupt courts, crooked county employees or crooked attorneys, similar to my experience with the State of California. An inside racket of corrupt Bar Associations running the whole show.

What’s interesting during that time Governor Elliott Spitzer was taken out of office over his prostitution scandal, who was really behind that? Governor David Paterson then filled the shoes of Governor Spitzer as a replacement. Governor Paterson was weak for the position and little did he know an attorney firm that he hired to assist him was more than likely aiding his demise with the farce baseball ticket scandal with New York mafia involved. The fix was in as Governor Cuomo’s plans were now hatched so he could protect the banking cartels, etc. The aiding and abetting sly suave Attorney General Cuomo waited with bated breath to slither into the position as the next Governor of the Empire State of New York. Due to the cover-ups and crimes taking place in the State of New York Governor Cuomo committed election fraud.

Governor Andrew Cuomo now had more jurisdiction for the State of New York but did he take any true jurisdiction or authority, NO. Governor Cuomo colluded and aided and abetted the fraud of countless foreclosures so the State and County operations could blatantly steal the homes and land of New York residents and homes throughout the country, violations of the 4th Amendment. Cuomo sued Ken Lewis of Bank of America, a bank that operated in New York but its headquarters is in North Carolina for fraud. I don’t believe charges were filed on any other banker especially NO banker whose bank was headquartered in the State of New York. There are probably 15 to 20 million homes or more stolen from these frauds. All New Yorkers land deeds are allodial which means they do not have to be registered with crooked county clerks office plus NO property tax should be paid. Rent wars happened may years earlier in the State of New York’s history. If Cuomo did sue other bankers please let me know readers.

Governor Andrew Cuomo sat back never taking any authority against Mayor Michael Bloomberg or Commissioner Ray Kelly of the NYPD with the Stop and Frisk Program, which are other unlawful acts of search and seizure under the 4th Amendment along with racial profiling and discrimination.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has countless crooks running rampant through his own corrupt government offices who then sought to infringe upon 2nd Amendment gun rights with his NY Safe Act. NO ONE IS SAFE ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY WITH THE CRIMINALS RUNNING THIS GOVERNMENT! That is why Americans have a right to defend themselves and have a right to bear arms to defend themselves from governmental tyranny which does exist.

Now $17 Billion is being provided to Governor Andrew Cuomo noted this day in the news by Vice President Biden. Why wasn’t it authorized by President Obama to assist Hurricane Sandy victims and projects? President Obama is fully aware of Governor Chris Christie’s frauds. How much will be stolen, money laundered and mismanaged by Governor Cuomo? This reflects President Obama refusal to give up the duality. This is not to say funds are not needed but $17 Billion appears to be too much.

During the Clinton Administration in the late 1990’s Cuomo was HUD Secretary, for The Housing and Urban Development Program. During this time Cuomo became involved with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the subprime mortgage industry which would later become a disaster and is perhaps the truest reason as to why Governor Cuomo needed to collude plus aid and abet the bankersters fraud crimes many years later. HUD should be scrapped in entirety because the U.S. Government should not be in the home building business which is communist. The same as the U.S. Government and bankers stealing homes and land of American families.

Since I worked and uncovered corruption in the a Hurricane Sandy Victims grant program run by crooked Governor Chris Christie where many major crimes and billions of dollars are funneled off to crooked corporations or U.S. Government contractors or agencies, there is no question the same will happen with that $17 Billion. I was informed by a URS Corp. representative that Governor Cuomo was involved due to his HUD Background in the planning of what was transpiring in the corruption of the home building segment at Same crooks different day.

Governor Cuomo also aided and abetted major crimes with the sales of New York electrical companies to foreign corporations by the New York Public Service Commission. A bogus Commission developed to steal funds from all energy consumers in the State of New York, with good ole crooked Senator Charles Schumer very involved besides others.

Americans why are you paying any tax dollars to these crooks? Wake Up to the Crooks running this country, your county and state. Oh and how can I forget Chris Cuomo a reporter at CNN, Governor Cuomo’s brother who works for a crooked propaganda media corporation too! TREASON & SEDITION APPLY!


Nathan Koppel of the Wall Street Journal and Robert Levy of the Cato Institute, you remember me as do the Koch Brothers. That’s right, guess who? Koppel pass this on to the Koch Brothers since they seem to be in bed with your cover-up media news agency.

I seek your comments on the crooked treasonous swine Ex-Governor Chris Christie. Do you support predators whom violate Constitutional Americans Rights? Christie is so intent on stealing from Hurricane Sandy victims. Robert Levy, I thought you considered yourself an expert on Constitutional Rights. Frankly sir, you don’t deserve that title, your too much of a coward as is the Cato Institute. I hope you are not looking for a piece of Christie’s crooked actions? So why do you support this glutton and greedy swine Christie? This treasonous predator has been so busy stealing homes and land in fraudulent foreclosures, he set out to do the same thing to Hurricane Sandy victims. Nevertheless he is a Human Trafficker stealing children, the elderly or whomever to aid and abet countless crimes through crooked U.S. Courts and this country just like so many other crooked U.S. Politicians. Crooks are a dime a dozen in this fraudulent NATION! Let’s not forget the failed U.S. Military.

So nice reconnecting, gentleman. We have one thing in common the memories of President Obama’s own fraud in the 2012 elections. Why do you waste money on fraudulent elections, believe me NO funds will pay for these elected crooked stooges ever again.


I look forward to hearing from you. LOL!

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The U.S. Military and President Obama have so far only blatantly lacked regard to all Hurricane Sandy Victims and Employees, many varied crimes exist.

THE WWW.RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER.ORG Program in Grant Award Documents has Home and Land Owners selling their Constitutional American Rights & Property Rights to crooked swine Ex-Governor Christie for the State of New Jersey & Dept. of Community Affairs besides other crimes of Federal Government and State of New Jersey treasonous terrorist agencies or contractors. URS Corp. is a crooked military contractor that has direct ties to crooked Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum.

Atrium Staffing and their other terrorist employer operatives have committed grand larceny and other crimes to steal from the Federal Government as have all parties from funds contributed to this program by the Housing and Urban Development, HUD.

As a contracted employee I was placed on unpaid leave after speaking out against crimes on 11/11/13. I WILL NOT QUIT, I’ve had my own rights violated by Atrium Staffing and the other “EMP”. I DID NOT SEE IN MY JOB DESCRIPTION THAT I MUST AID & ABET IN CRIMES TO VIOLATE OTHER AMERICANS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. But these “EMP” employers believe I must since they have taken a Hostile stance against me plus they insist other employees commit criminal acts.

Many hired Housing Advisors were given one year verbal commitments, that was an agreement for my employment. I have sought to be paid the balance of those funds due me NOW but Atrium and the “EMP” prefer to not talk with me, HOSTILE. Now a settlement must be included for this abuse to my person and other employees. Fraud and government waste also employ these three employers “EMP” in this corrupt program.. How much are each of these parties being paid to hire just one employee for each hour of work to violate the Constitutional Rights of these American families? In addition, I learned other employees that were fired or laid off whom had this one year verbal contract were not paid their verbal contract. Instead these employees had to go on unemployment which is further fraud by these three employers and Ex-Governor Christie.

Do I need to go on unemployment Atrium Staffing and the other crooked employers, “EMP”? I expect the remaining one year verbal contract be wired to me NOW, today due to your retaliation as a Hostile Work Employer. I can’t help it Atrium Staffing and the other “EMP” you prefer to be crooks and terrorists. Rot in the cesspool of hell you crooked lowlifes live in.

The following charges also apply: The first exception is that the employer’s actions are illegal either because the employer discriminated against or retaliated against the employee. Discrimination and retaliation in the workplace is generally protected against by these State statutes: The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (“LAD”), N.J.S.A. 10:5-1 et seq., the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (“CEPA”), N.J.S.A. 34:19-1 et. seq., the New Jersey Family Leave Act (“FLA”), N.J.S.A. 34:11B-9 and the Workers’ Compensation Law, N.J.S.A. 34:15-39.1.

I will also file for protections as a Whistleblower against this crooked program.

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Today I saw a news story titled IS RACISM OVER? RNC Clarifies tweet. Written By Dylan Stableford of Yahoo News.

“The Republican National Committee has clarified a tweet that erroneously declared racism over.” Rosa Parks and her bus boycott mentioned from many years ago too. But believe me racism is not over by any means, so I will discuss White & American Racism, a hidden topic instead of the normal black, latino or other minority racism.

I just had to laugh at such a ludicrous statement by the RNC, which stands for The Republican National Committee “RNC”. The “RNC” whose counterpart the Republican Governors Association, “RGA” just enlisted crooked predator Governor Chris Christie to the helm. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana stepped down to let this gluttonous, greedy treasonous lowlife takeover. Isn’t it ironic or better yet coincidence, but then nothing is coincidence, that Jindal was in office many years after Hurricane Katrina occurred and now Christie is in office when Hurricane Sandy occurred.

I wonder how many assets, homes and land, plus individuals were stolen during Hurricane Katrina? Governor Christie already has begun his RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER Grant Programs with that same agenda to prey upon Hurricane Sandy victims. U.S. Politicians are the greatest predators besides, bankers, judges, attorneys, sheriffs, media reps., realtors the list goes on and on. These are the modern day criminals of this nation and society.

Warren Buffet’s, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services within the last month moved big time into the New Jersey area, buying out local realtors. I allege is Buffet hopping on the stealing of homes and land bandwagon? Buffets company probably had already done so since its been operating in other states during the foreclosure debacle. Americans have been under siege by these countless crooks and predators thus resulting in one of the largest land grabs this century in the stealing of millions of homes and land in the fraudulent foreclosures.

White & American families are the largest of targets as is the destruction of their inheritance. The Clinton Administrations heavily involved with this corruption along with the Bush Administrations. A depletion and destruction of the middle class to impoverish and make Americans homeless and jobless. Emotional trauma has become the weapon of choice.

Having assisted Hurricane Sandy victims, I was informed by some white Americans they would get no assistance from Catholic Charities or the American Red Cross. In fact these Americans were told if they were immigrants or minorities they would get assistance. When complaints were made to crooked Senator Menendez the typical response came back, “I Got NO Jurisdiction.” No U.S. Politician in the U.S. has jurisdiction for anything, just pass the buck crooks and stooges.

When I view corruption throughout U.S. Courts, many white or American families are victimized. The first black President does not even adhere to American Rights, but then again NO ONE does. This American Republic is in dire straits which means D.C. you’ve got serious problems. It is the same bobble heads different day, just continual lacking authority and inaction. Since I am an American and I’ve dealt with so many crooks and predators running this fraudulent nation, let me state RACISM, FRAUD & CORRUPTION are alive and well to harm all Americans. This corruption does not discriminate, it is racism to all.

My views on Democrat or Republican basically means it’s all BULLSHIT. Not one stooge in the U.S. Congress represents any American in this nation. The same with the countless turn a blind eye crooked Governors. There is NO prosecution of U.S. Court Corruption criminals because their crooked racketeering Bar Associations have no allegiance to any American. Wonder how many Governors are attorneys or foreign? This subverted crooked U.S. Government is a direct result of a failed U.S. Military.

Whites and Americans are targeted along with all minorities. What’s questionable is how many white family homes were stolen to be given to crooks or immigrants? Predators come in all sizes, shapes and titles. INJUSTICE REIGNS! The new movie American Hustle is about to premier believe you me, all U.S. Politicians are a great treasonous sham. NO AMERICAN IS SAFE FROM THE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY THAT EXIST!


Once again today the U.S. Government reveals they rather keep their bullshit corrupt government operating than stop harming the American people.  The U.S. Military just another subverted disgrace in this shambles of a broken country.

In the news today was mention of raising the debt ceiling to September 2013 based upon gains of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to keep the same crooked game going.  These gains are reflections of the U.S. Governments own involvement in the stealing of Americans homes in the fraudulent foreclosure schemes.  These funds are bogus worthless funds too.  But President Obama and whomever really runs the government show their duality of a  crooked government is more important than your life or mine.  Keep the same crooks going and going and going with the Energizer bunny and they hope no one notices. If President Obama whose been defrauding the American people does not default on all Federal debt immediately by May 19, 2013 he must be removed from office.  We need new American based money with a new U.S. Treasury instead of a crook kiss butt President.

The American people have been paying the price for years and years on end and President Obama doesn’t appear to want the sham to stop.  That is it in a nutshell President Obama with prolonging the inevitable.   Rip the band aid off the wound President Obama so this country can HEAL.  Frankly if the American people need to come in to oust you crooked losers, so be it.  Will Americans need to bear arms to take this country back as American?  Peaceful solutions the best solutions.

By May 19, 2013 this crooked U.S. Government better be shut down, it’s a cesspool from hell aiding an American Holocaust. Countless governmental employee crooks and other corporate crooks are running rampant through this country many need to be arrested.  The U.S. Military is seriously responsible for the treason and sedition that exists within the U.S. Congress plus within their own offices.  The U.S. Government is the greatest terrorist organization worldwide with unlawful infringement onto other world nations, this must stop.  Is their anyone running the United States?  This country has been run into the ground by foreign subversion. It better be taken back pronto President Obama as an American country.  Crooks and illegals get a free ride in the United States.   Meanwhile they want to kill and harm Americans and destroy families with genocide and poverty.  Whoever in their right minds keeps crooks running a country  except a bunch of morons running the United States.  Crooks seem to win out over the American people everyday and that better halt right now President Obama.  You picked up a nightmare President Obama from the Bush and Clinton years, but you better step to the plate with TRUTH.  JUSTICE, RIGHTS & FREEDOMS MUST BE RESTORED OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS.

Americans are tortured and robbed daily, children and the elderly stolen daily besides countless other crimes.  There still is no legitimate U.S. Government when crooks are in their positions.  President Obama has one week to show authority.  If not his jury trial will commence immediately thereafter along with other crooked treasonous imposter fraudulent malfeasance and sedition by U.S. Politicians and some U.S. Generals too.  Proper authorities better get in here, this will come to an end NOW!

Raising the debt ceiling or using bogus funds from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to continue this charade will end.  YOU BETTER DEFAULT ON ALL DEBT OF THE CROOKED FEDERAL RESERVE or your out President Obama!  Do jury trials need to commence?  The American people deserve better!  All campaign finance must come to an end with fair elections instead of fraudulent elections.


After watching the U.S. Media coverage in the aftermath of the tragic bombings from the Boston Marathon tremendous rights violations have occurred.  The full force escapade in searching for now one young man possibly involved with the explosions is overblown.  Are they even the real bombers? Military, tanks and countless police, etc.  What is truly happening during Martial Law?  The searches of American homes are total rights violations.  If individuals were in their homes they would know if someone broke in to hideout, there are no need for searches.  If someone harbored a fugitive it would not be hard to tell.  This young man could be states away by now.

I view these searches by the U.S. Military, police or whomever as an invasion of privacy along with search and seizure violations to the 4TH Amendment.  This  American rights violation is absolutely unnecessary.  All Americans can deny any search.  Americans can refuse for cause any search or seizure plus declare their own private property rights.  No party even if U.S. Military, police or anyone has a right to violate YOUR American rights.  They can be denied entrance into your home and told to get off your property, countless government criminals and predators exist.

The U.S. Media would never inform you of this.  President Obama and Attorney General Holder are being notified to halt these American Rights Violations immediately.  These Nazism, Communist, Terroristic approaches to communities will not stand. You should arrest the countless criminals  harbored within your own corrupt U.S. Courts, U.S. Congress and offices plus oust the subverted foreign government operating within the United States.  The reason 2nd Amendment Rights exist is due to tyrannical governments.  These violations to the 4TH Amendment will not be condoned and I hope the NRA will also take a stand for these Americans Rights.

The following paragraph about the Fourth Amendment is copied from Wikipedia.

“The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”[1]  


This message is being provided to the tragic Sandy Hook, Newtown victim families to better understand the contagion effect in death by suicide. It will also be provided to President Obama and the NRA.

I am a crisis interventionist grief counselor also involved personally as a court crime victim turned whistleblower, rights activist and corruption freedom fighter against the U.S. Government. My story can be viewed on this blog and at  The U.S. Government is very responsible for tremendous harm to American families throughout the country. One reason is the U.S. Government has not been American for many, many years. President Obama picked up a nightmare from the Bush Administration. Changes are being made behind the scenes but still the cover-ups continue.  In February 2013 a few hundred victims from a group Lawless America came to Washington D.C. to give Congressional testimonies against the U.S. Courts.  President Obama nor any member of the U.S. Congress would attend.  That is a pathetic outrage and reveals the U.S. is still not an American government

There has been a systematic breakdown in society overall to impoverish, rob and harm children, adults and families especially in these tyrannical U.S. Courts throughout the country. Emotional trauma has become a weapon of choice to harm millions and millions of Americans and people of World Nations. Destruction and the selling out of American jobs and businesses another part of this story besides countless frauds by all U.S. Government corporate infrastructures. This results in increased violence and crime in society perpetrated by most U.S. Government operations. The criminally insane are running this tyrannical foreign corporate U.S. Government. This is why 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms are mandatory to protect the American people. No changes are lawful by the U.S. Congress because these crooks do not represent the American people and many of these long-term politicians are crooks. States and county governments besides The Fed and bankers are involved with this rampant TREASON.

U.S. Media has allowed the creation of an American Holocaust due to their colluding with the U.S. Government. Propaganda media exists denying Freedom of the Press.

With that said one of the key aspects of mass trauma by gun violence, knife stabbings, explosions or any type of violence is the contagion effect of death by suicide. Suicide is a tragic death and when a suicide occurs it gives other individuals the idea that suicide is alright to do. The contagion effect is a copycat effect. This happened in the terrible tragic death by suicide of singer Mindy McCready whose boyfriend a short time prior committed death by suicide. People whom commit death by suicide are in terrible pain. I have assisted many survivors of suicide during times of despair and grief after a death by suicide of a loved one. It is very painful for survivors because of guilt plus beliefs they could have helped their loved one prior to their death. Once a death by suicide happens the odds of another suicide in the same family goes up. Death by suicide is literally the survivors loved one harming them which can be difficult to understand.

Mass trauma gun violence incidents or by other means already has a perpetrator who realizes they will die. They may die by their own hand or death by cop. They are in great pain and want to take out their pain on others. They have no regard to life at these junctures. They may want notoriety or to be sensationalized. Suicide in mass traumas do not need notoriety.  The U.S. Media and U.S. Government provides these perpetrators notoriety which then creates more of the same tragedies.  This has  even been witnessed since the tragic Sandy Hook, Newtown killings.  Stabbings were at a recent college incident and now bombs at the Boston Marathon plus many other crimes due to wanting to change gun laws.

To effect changes to mass trauma of gun violence or by other means the notoriety must be halted.  In my view the best way to handle this is the U.S. Media should not reveal who or whom the killer(s) are or their families.  The names should only be provided privately to the victim families and to certain U.S. Government officials.  This will change the effect of notoriety.  Right now the U.S. Media covers-up lots of harm to the American people, they should be halted from revealing these perpetrators information so these crimes can be diminished.  There is really no reason anyone has to even know this information so it can change these circumstances.  If a perpetrator survived that would be a different scenario.

Younger children and adolescents are bombarded with violence in video games, TV and movies.  Change should be incorporated into these areas.

Presently no changes can be made to the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans due to the foreign corruption that is both domestic and international terrorism operating within the U.S. Government.  I hope the Newtown victims families share this information with other gun violence or death by suicide advocates.  There are no protections overall by the U.S. Government, believe me.  I know children stolen by the U.S. Government and the families get no assistance. The harm to families is immeasurable.   Americans must protect themselves and protections with armed guards is the best protection at schools throughout the country as suggested by the NRA.