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To Rachel Alintoff, Kelly Rutherford and all Protestors at the Monmouth County Courthouse Rally 10/21/13 in Freehold, New Jersey.

I am sorry that I will not be attendance today but commend you fight against deplorable Judicial Corruption. As an outspoken court crime victim myself turned activist, I understand and sympathize with your loss and plight. Judge Paul Escandon is a prime example of a rogue crooked sociopath predator allowed to operate in Monmouth County Superior Courthouse. U.S. Courts throughout our country are filled with crooked judges, attorneys, District Attorneys and other county employees. These individuals are blatant gang members in robes, dresses and suits who destroy the lives of American families for their own gain. Children, the elderly and countless American families have tragically paid the price by being traumatized, victimized and held as hostages for years on end while they are robbed of their family members, property and lives. Sadly many die yearly from these scenarios and families are torn apart.

Mass corruption exists in U.S. Courts throughout our broken American shambles of a country. The crimes taking place in U.S. Courts are disgraceful along with the cover-ups by turn a blind eye dissociative U.S. Politicians whom do not even fully represent the American people. No member of the U.S. Congress, nor does the Attorney General in any State Government have any jurisdiction for the Judicial Branch of Government. The only person whom does have some say is the Governor. Election fraud exists in every State even in the recent Cory Booker/Lonegan election. There are NO Honest Services anywhere in any State or within the Federal Government, only fraud exists. Foreign criminal enterprises are also heavily imbedded within the structure of our subverted failed U.S. Government.

Governor Chris Christie’s offices only aid and abet this immense corruption as do all Governor offices in every state. Everyone must question why any taxes should be paid to these blatant deranged criminals? Governor Christie’s office is no exception to the broken shambles of corruption that exists in The State of New Jersey, at all County levels plus within the Federal Government.

Harmed American families get no assistance at all, there is a WAR AGAINST AMERICANS! Corruption of this magnitude is a form of terrorism and genocide along with crimes against humanity perpetrated by predators running gulag charade U.S. Courts. Immense Constitutional and all American rights and law violations exist, these scenarios are a tragic covered-up American Holocaust. American families are under siege by rampant organized crime with no protections anywhere. The best protection is to stay out of U.S. Courts and stop paying fraudulent bank debt and all taxes.

Governor Chris Christie rather hide his head as do all Governors on the topic of Judicial Corruption. If Governor Chris Christie truly looked at RENEWJERSEYSTRONGER, the Hurricane Sandy Grant Program he would find only more corruption.

Governor Chris Christie is right about one thing President Barack Obama lacks leadership in restoring Justice to our American Country. May Judge Paul Escandon be IMPEACHED and ARRESTED along with countless other criminals operating under the guise of law or as a crooked fraudster in any office of Government.

To Fighting The Good Fight! I wish you and your families Justice and many future blessings!

God Bless America!

Cheryl Kennedy
Corruption Freedom Fighter & Rights Activist



I have not written this blog for many months to see if the Obama Administration could ever get their act together to finally restore American Freedoms, Rights and Liberties to this American country and the American people. The continual chronic allowance to keep the same crooks operating in their positions for years on end is deplorable.

The U.S. Military has been a failure at protecting the American people. The rampage of genocidal terrorism and criminals operating from within U.S. Government are dishonorable treason. NO U.S. Politician in office truly represents the American people from this defacto U.S. Government. What a sham! Where is a new U.S.Treasury? Why is this country still not restored to American? Shut down this hell-hole crooked U.S. Government of barbaric American rights and freedoms violating tyranny! Restore this American Republic.

Is anyone in a position of authority or do the American people need to take charge, President Obama? I personally nullify and void the recent bill passed on September 20, 2013 by the House of crooked fraudulent Representatives Continuing Resolution (H.J. Res.59) to keep this government running to December 15th in 2013. That bill is hereby abated by my executive order as an American. The Federal Reserve needs to be ousted NOW along with many other government crooks. HALT the raising of the debt ceiling to keep these crooked banksters, The IMF, Britain, the Vatican and countless other crooks operating in this American country. HALT campaign finance and more election fraud coming up in the Senate election in New Jersey of Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan and all elections meaning all Governors too. HALT this American Republic from further harm by aiding this American Holocaust of crimes against humanity and trauma to American families from U.S. Governmental corruption and conspiracy.

I just learned about a website from the blog The Unmasking of Maine…And Beyond. A Freedom Index of Congressional officials can be viewed at The New American.

President Obama you did pick up a big nightmare. I rather pat you on the back for a job well done but this hell-hole U.S. Government cannot continue operating it better be shut down NOW! Maybe some dishonorable U.S. Generals better get honorable real fast! This cannot continue any longer, do you understand? Let me state you better stop violating my Constitutional Rights and countless other Americans rights RIGHT NOW!